//The Finding Our Feet Project: FINISHED//

Almost a month ago now, Victoria (hermionefowl) from Addlepates and Booknerds, Eve (appletaile) from Twist in the Taile and I launched the Finding Our Feet Project with the aim of uniting the teens and young people of the blogosphere by creating a video comprising of short messages of advice/support for other teens, with the theme of finding our place (or ‘feet’) in the world.

Why you might ask? Well,  being a teenager is hard and we face many struggles throughout our teenage years, not only due to the process of growing up it’s self but with the added pressure and expectations kindly (haha…NO) provided by our parents, schools and just society in general. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are not alone. We hope that the end product – a YouTube video – will serve as a reminder that no matter where you are in the world, the teen blogosphere is always here to support you.

So, we asked you to send in short video clips of you walking and a message of advice/support that you’d like to share with other young people and like the amazing people you are, you did! Victoria, Eve and myself are very happy to say that after weeks of editing and organising, the Finding Our Feet Project video is now finished!

I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in the project and of course to my wonderful editors, brainstormers, advisers and friends Victoria and Eve for helping make the project more than I could have ever imagined. ❤

The video is up on my YouTube channel – Em Is Lost – for you all to watch and it will stay there forever. We hope that the video will represent all that we wanted it to and will remind you that you are not alone, not ever. So, without further or do, here is the finished video. 🙂

//I Love – by Victoria//

Hi everyone, Victoria here from Addlepates and Book Nerds! This is a post to say thank you to my wonderful Em for doing a guest post on my blog. Yeah, it was ages ago, I’m very unorganised…

I asked bloggers to come and talk about things they love on my blog, so I thought I’d do the same for them. Other than reading, which is the obvious, I love making YouTube videos. I started my channel very recently, but I’ve found myself addicted to making all the new things. I have so many pages lying all over the place with ideas for my next videos – some are scripted, some are bullet point lists, some just vaguely say “midnight”, and I expect future me to know what I’m on about.


My favourite part of the process is editing. Sure, filming is okay. I’m still getting used to the idea of sitting and talking to myself for long periods of time, and I ramble a lot if I don’t have a solid plan. Editing, though, means I get to cut all that waffle out. I make myself look very coherent and casual, which is not at all how I come across in the rough copy. I don’t do much editing in terms of lighting and filters etc, but it’s handy to know that when the sun is flickering through and ruining my great shot, I can get rid of it when I sit down at my computer. Adding music is always the final step for me, and it’s such a great feeling when I finally get to it. Once I’ve added the music, I feel like the whole video is pulled together. Plus, I MADE A THING! It’s not the same feeling you get when you write a blog post, because so much more work goes into it. Also, it’s so new for me, it’s a much bigger achievement.3n2XiLYa.jpg

Another great thing about my channel is that I can be completely me. Blogging is a lot more controlled, and at least in my case, I talk about things instead of myself. On my channel I make a mistake, laugh at myself, and let everyone else laugh at me too. I could never do that on my blog! I’m being me, and every subscriber I get is subscribing because they like me, not just because they like the books I review. To be a YouTuber you have to have so much self confidence, and while I don’t have that at all, every thumbs up makes it grow a little bit.

Do you have a channel? Or do you have a different creative outlet? Tell me all about it! You can find me on Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, Bookstagram, YouTube, and of course my blog!

//Finding Our Feet Project: 3 DAYS TO GO!!//

It’s come around so quickly – it’s now only 3 days until 31st July which is when we need your clips and messages in by!

I appreciate that summer can be a busy time of year for a lot of people so if you would like to participate but don’t think you can make the deadline, feel free to comment to contact us on Twitter (@em_is_lost99) and I’m sure we can arrange something. As you know we’d love as many people as possible to join in and we don’t want deadlines to prevent you from taking part.

So, if you would like to participate and haven’t yet, here’s a quick reminder as to how you can get involved:

Send a 10-20 second clip of your feet walking and a short message of advice that you think would be beneficial for all teens to hear to findingfeetproject@gmail.com.

If you’re wondering what the Finding Our Feet project actually IS, here is some more info!

What is the Finding Our Feet Project?

Finding our Feet is a project created by me with the help of Victoria (hermionefowl) from Addlepates and Booknerds and Eve (appletaile) from Twist in the Taile. It is a project that aims to unite the teens/young people of the blogosphere by creating a video comprising of short messages of advice/support for other teens with the theme of the struggles of growing up and finding our place in the world.

Why should I participate?

Well, that’s a very valid question. Being a teenager is hard. We face many hardships and struggles throughout our teenage years, not only from the process of growing up it’s self but with the added pressure and expectations kindly (haha…NO) provided by our parents, schools and just society in general.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are not alone. And that’s what this project aims to do. We hope that the end product – a YouTube video – will serve as a reminder that no matter where you are in the world, the teen blogosphere is always here to support you. But to do this we need YOUR help; the Finding Our Feet project will be made by, for you (Victoria, Eve and I will be editing and putting it all together for you) so why not get involved?

How can I get involved? (as mentioned above)

I’m glad you asked (ok so this post has already turned into me having a conversation with myself, sorry)! it’s actually very simple. All you need to do to get involved in this project is:

  1. Film a 10-20 second clip of your feet walking. (Sound will be edited out so don’t worry about that).
  2. Write a short message of advice/support to teens OR you can choose a quote you find particularly inspirational.
  3. Send both of these to findingfeetproject@gmail.com by 31st July.

For example, this could be my contribution:

Message: “never let other people tell you your dreams are impossible” (the message will be edited to appear on the screen whilst the video is playing).


  • You can use any type of camera you like, even your phones, as long as it has video-taking capability.
  • Please film your video in landscape mode instead of portrait.
  • Try to find the most unique/interesting place to walk as possible (for example you could walk through the sea, walk across sand or grass etc – be creative, just don’t do anything dangerous!!)
  • Send your video as an attachment in the email – you do not need to upload it to YouTube first, I just did so I could use it as an example.
  • Send your message in written form and we’ll display it with your video clip in the final video.

How is this all going to come together?

Well, what we are going to do is edit all your videos and messages together and produce one huge, supportive video for the whole teen blogosphere to access and enjoy. The final product will be uploaded on my YouTube channel – Em is Lost – at some point in August and obviously we’ll keep you updated with it’s progress through blogging and social media too!

So, keep sending in your contributions and keep an eye out for more updates of the projects progress on here and over on Twitter. 🙂


//#HermEm’s anniversary?!//

A while ago (and The Blog Squad can back me up here) I announced that I was in love with Herman (this is gonna get so weird to explain so bare with). Basically, Herman is a typo (*gasps* in horror – don’t worry Herman, you’re more than just a typo to me!). I meant to type ‘I love German’ but accidentally typed ‘Herman’ without realising until after I’d pressed send and the wonderful Elly created HermEm (our ship name).

Now Herman isn’t just my imaginary typo boyfriend (I’m weird ok…I’ve warned you many times, so don’t you roll your eyes at me!), Herman represents Germany as a whole and my love towards the country.

Therefore I made today, 19th March, mine and Herman’s anniversary considering it is the date that I flew to Berlin last year and fell in love with the city and country.

So, today marks a year of mine and Herman’s relationship!!!!!

To show Herman just how much he means to me, I decided to make a YouTube video dedicated to him. It is a video scrapbook of my trip to Berlin last year and also includes the poem ‘The City That Stole My Heart’ that I wrote a while ago that was inspired by the city.

Here is the video:

Hope you like it, it makes me so emotional to remember all those amazing memories! (And yes I did waste another whole day filming for YouTube again, like I did last weekend, instead of revising for my mock exams…oops).

I should be going off to spend the rest of our anniversary helping out at a Cub Scout sleepover now BUT my mum won’t let me go because I have a cold/virus thingy and she doesn’t want me to ‘infect’ the kids which sucks because I was actually looking forward to going. :/ So I guess I’ll just have to spend the evening reminiscing about Berlin and being sad that I can’t go back for a while.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you had/are having a better day than me! 🙂 ♥