This morning, the sun rose bright and early, blinding the sky with it’s rays as sharp as lemons yet as soft as buttercups. The sky…was blue. A faint sort of cold blueness that gradually grew darker and darker as you raised your eyes upwards to observe it’s vastness.

The sun did little to ease the crisp autumn air but the thought of the sun shining down was reminiscent of the summer days long gone and long to return. The sight of the sun’s glow falling deftly on the still, crystalline sea was e t h e r e a l.



The sun set was slow – reluctant – today. It lingered between the trees on the horizon for what felt like eternity, casting a dappled glow on the land and creating a beautiful patchwork of auburn warmth as it weaved itself between fallen leaves.

When it finally let go, and drifted down below the tree line, a band of yellow-ish green clouds remained, making the point where the sky met the sea more visible than ever. The sea was still calm, but the starry curtain that was beginning to drape itself over the last remaining traces of the sun was as alive with light and beauty as ever. It was truly s t e l l a r.

(Description of the sky today as observed by me on my way to and from college on the bus).

//Look to the sky//


Look to the sky,
The liquid, flowing
Swirling whirlpool.
Flooding, engulfing
All that stare.

Look to the sky,
The hazy pastel,
Molten layers.
Burning, singing,
All that dare.

Look to the sky,
The ominous, dense,
Lilac fog.
Smothering, crushing,
All those who care.

Look to the sky,
The twinkling, glistening,
Sparks of ideas.
Inspiring, influencing,
All that is rare.

Look to the sky,
The sobbing, streaming,
Heavy eyelids.
Drenching, soaking,
More than I can bare.

Haven’t wrote poetry in a while…

I do love writing poems and it’s something I discovered through blogging. I think they are a good way of expressong feelings and emotions whilst still being creative.

This poem is about the sky and how it’s changes make different people feel. I often feel affected by the weather and the way the sky looks which probably sounds really odd – please tell me I’m not alone? Like today for example it’s been very grey and rainy and I’ve just felt exhausted and tired all day where as if it was sunny I would have been more energentic and actually got some work done instead of sleeping and playing ukulele all day.

I think sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and look at the world around us and kind of see how nature is feeling. That’s what I tried to do with this poem.

I hope your weekend has been more productive than mine so far – I’ve been so drained of energy I couldn’t even find the inspiration to write a proper blog post, so you’ve ended up with this, sorry! Hope you are all ok! 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine, the last stanza doesn’t represent how I’m feeling right now – I was try to use volta (dramatic mood change at the end of a poem) to make my poems a little more….interesting?

Merci pour lit/lire???? (my French is so bad rn idek, sorry). 🙂

//Longing for Summer//

I long to feel again the spirit of adventure,

Course through my body from peak to foot,

Traversing its meandering course, winding, flooding

Through my veins from the source – the heart.


I long to feel again the Earth’s breath,

As it kisses my cheeks on a long summer’s day,

Knotting the wispy, floating strands

Of my wild, adventurous locks as it goes.


I long to feel again the fiery heat singe my soles,

As I stumble to the sea, anxious to feel,

The sea-salty depths cleanse my parched soul,

As the waves lap at my ankles.


I long to see again the soft apple blades,

Prickling the sky as they waft,

Hypnotised by the fresh breeze,

Dancing under the sun’s spotlight in all their glory.


I long to see again the blazing reds and oranges,

As the sun tears up the horizon – explodes,

Igniting the kindling that lines my soul,

Sparking the fire that burns on and on.


I long to see again ploughed beginnings,

Of journeys and memories engraved, embroidered,

In to the vast, pastel tapestry of sky,

Criss-crossing tracks to endless destinations.


I long to hear again the dawn chorus,

The chirping, squawking, twit-twoo-ing symphony,

Composed by mother nature herself,

And performed to early ears and wakening skies.


I long to hear again the pitter-patter,

The tears that trickle down weather-beaten canvas,

Relief from the merciless summer’s heat,

A steady, melodic lullaby.


I long to hear again the clashing, attrition,

Pummelling of stray soles on pebble beach’s,

The song of the sea amplified by it’s fossils,

Admired by it’s be holders.


I long to smell again the dreamy tang,

Of lusciously scented strawberries and cream tsunami’s,

Warmed by the rays, cooled by the breeze,

Enjoyed with a refreshing citrus fizz.


I long to smell again the vinegar oceans,

That swamp golden, crispy, delicious chips,

And accompany the crunchy, bronze batter,

Encasing the tender flesh of the sea.


I long to smell again unmistakable,

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry –

Heaven upon a cone,

Topped with hundreds and thousands, millions and billions.


I long to taste again the joy of sunny days,

Of days spent at the mercy of sizzling rays,

The adrenaline of time well spent,

Laughing, talking, living.


I long to taste again the meaty air,

That rises elegantly, temptingly,

Anticipation of a feast brews,

Tantalising taste buds, enticing all.


I long to taste again the summer,

The salty skies and fresh meadows,

The zingy sunlight that settles on my lips,

Reminding me of why I love summer.



Just a quick poem – I felt in the mood for poetry for some reason which is a rare occurrence so I thought I should take advantage of it!! I’ve just finished my last day of school before my spring ‘break’. Although it’s not going to be much of a break after all as I have a mountain of homework to do + revision + I have to go into school to do extra revision on some days anyway. 😦 However, it is my 1 year blogoversary on the 11th April and I can’t wait for you guys to see my blogoversary post (which may or may not include a voice recording!!! *fingers crossed*). I’m also planning to do a 20 mile cycle ride next weekend which I am looking forward to and am going to this all-you-can-eat restaurant with cuisines form around the world at some point so that will be relaxing for a bit!

Aside from that, I’m not planning anything for the two-week break due to all the school work I have to do. But, hey ho, I guess the work will help with exams. And OH MY GOSH I HAD THE REALISATION TODAY. Y’know like when you have exams in a few months and you have known about them for ages and have been preparing for them for a while but you have only just realised that this is it, this is all you have been working for for the past 3 years and that it is ACTUALLY happening – in a few months times you would have sat all of your exams and left school? Well…yeah THAT happened today.

Also I got complimented by my French teacher to day which was slightly awkward – she just came up to me and said ‘Ah Em you’ve really bloomed haven’t you? You have really nice skin and you are looking really good.’ It was SO awkward but she is really nice and I one of my favourite teachers so it could have been worse!

Anyway, gotta stop procrastinating now and go and do some Politics revision, hope you’ve had a nice day and have a lovely weekend!