//Longing for Summer//

I long to feel again the spirit of adventure,

Course through my body from peak to foot,

Traversing its meandering course, winding, flooding

Through my veins from the source – the heart.


I long to feel again the Earth’s breath,

As it kisses my cheeks on a long summer’s day,

Knotting the wispy, floating strands

Of my wild, adventurous locks as it goes.


I long to feel again the fiery heat singe my soles,

As I stumble to the sea, anxious to feel,

The sea-salty depths cleanse my parched soul,

As the waves lap at my ankles.


I long to see again the soft apple blades,

Prickling the sky as they waft,

Hypnotised by the fresh breeze,

Dancing under the sun’s spotlight in all their glory.


I long to see again the blazing reds and oranges,

As the sun tears up the horizon – explodes,

Igniting the kindling that lines my soul,

Sparking the fire that burns on and on.


I long to see again ploughed beginnings,

Of journeys and memories engraved, embroidered,

In to the vast, pastel tapestry of sky,

Criss-crossing tracks to endless destinations.


I long to hear again the dawn chorus,

The chirping, squawking, twit-twoo-ing symphony,

Composed by mother nature herself,

And performed to early ears and wakening skies.


I long to hear again the pitter-patter,

The tears that trickle down weather-beaten canvas,

Relief from the merciless summer’s heat,

A steady, melodic lullaby.


I long to hear again the clashing, attrition,

Pummelling of stray soles on pebble beach’s,

The song of the sea amplified by it’s fossils,

Admired by it’s be holders.


I long to smell again the dreamy tang,

Of lusciously scented strawberries and cream tsunami’s,

Warmed by the rays, cooled by the breeze,

Enjoyed with a refreshing citrus fizz.


I long to smell again the vinegar oceans,

That swamp golden, crispy, delicious chips,

And accompany the crunchy, bronze batter,

Encasing the tender flesh of the sea.


I long to smell again unmistakable,

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry –

Heaven upon a cone,

Topped with hundreds and thousands, millions and billions.


I long to taste again the joy of sunny days,

Of days spent at the mercy of sizzling rays,

The adrenaline of time well spent,

Laughing, talking, living.


I long to taste again the meaty air,

That rises elegantly, temptingly,

Anticipation of a feast brews,

Tantalising taste buds, enticing all.


I long to taste again the summer,

The salty skies and fresh meadows,

The zingy sunlight that settles on my lips,

Reminding me of why I love summer.



Just a quick poem – I felt in the mood for poetry for some reason which is a rare occurrence so I thought I should take advantage of it!! I’ve just finished my last day of school before my spring ‘break’. Although it’s not going to be much of a break after all as I have a mountain of homework to do + revision + I have to go into school to do extra revision on some days anyway. 😦 However, it is my 1 year blogoversary on the 11th April and I can’t wait for you guys to see my blogoversary post (which may or may not include a voice recording!!! *fingers crossed*). I’m also planning to do a 20 mile cycle ride next weekend which I am looking forward to and am going to this all-you-can-eat restaurant with cuisines form around the world at some point so that will be relaxing for a bit!

Aside from that, I’m not planning anything for the two-week break due to all the school work I have to do. But, hey ho, I guess the work will help with exams. And OH MY GOSH I HAD THE REALISATION TODAY. Y’know like when you have exams in a few months and you have known about them for ages and have been preparing for them for a while but you have only just realised that this is it, this is all you have been working for for the past 3 years and that it is ACTUALLY happening – in a few months times you would have sat all of your exams and left school? Well…yeah THAT happened today.

Also I got complimented by my French teacher to day which was slightly awkward – she just came up to me and said ‘Ah Em you’ve really bloomed haven’t you? You have really nice skin and you are looking really good.’ It was SO awkward but she is really nice and I one of my favourite teachers so it could have been worse!

Anyway, gotta stop procrastinating now and go and do some Politics revision, hope you’ve had a nice day and have a lovely weekend!


//The beauty of the world//

Today the weather has been absolutely beautiful – the sky is blue as far as the eye can see, not a cloud in sight and it even reached 20 degrees Celsius today! Although autumn has always been my favourite season, spring is rapidly growing on me. The weather this spring as been the best it’s been in a while (mainly because we have only had a few days rain in March so far which is unusual).

I’m so annoyed me and my family have the flu right now because it’s Good Friday so it’s a national holiday here (don’t know about other countries) so usually me and my family would go out somewhere for the day. Last year we went to a beach nearby and climbed up the headland and went to an old WW2 fort on the headland. It was a really beautiful day then, quite like today actually, and I took some really nice photographs which I really wanted to upload on to here but when I turned my old and broken camera on just now it had wiped the memory card! So…no photos from last Easter 😦

However I did manage to go out into the garden this morning and take some photos but guess what? My camera wiped them off of the memory card too. :/ So I just had to go outside and take a load more on my phone but they aren’t as good because my garden is mostly in the shade now.

Oh well, I’ll show you them anyway.

Also today I found my parents old vinyls so naturally sat down for two hours listening to all of their vinyls and taking loads of photos of them.

Honestly though, music sounds so beautiful on vinyls though. I may have kinda got a bit obsessed with them and spent all of my money (which I was saving to buy my friends birthday presents – oops) on a Circa Wave’s vinyl. But honestly though it will be worth it! No one’s gonna be able to drag me away from the record player when it arrives!

Aside from listening to music and doing some photography, I haven’t really done anything else today, mainly because the flu has taken away all of my energy so most of the time I just want to fall asleep!

Hope you guys had a better day than me and enjoy your Easter weekend everyone! 🙂

//Room tour!?//

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved having a bedroom, a space I can call my own. I don’t really spend a lot of time in my bedroom, however I still like to keep it looking tidy and presentable. Recently, I’ve really gotten into interior design so having my own bedroom has given me the perfect chance to personalise and decorate my own little space.

I am really quite fond of vintage things so have tried to give my room a sort of vintage feel to it. I’m really happy with how my room is and when I go off to uni in a couple of years I’ll be so sad to leave it all behind!

Anyway, let’s begin the tour!

First up I want to show you guys my wallpaper because this is what started off the whole vintage theme for me:


I really do love the flowery pattern!

Next up is my desk/chest of drawers which I only got last year I think but I really like it! Before I redecorated my room pretty much all of my furniture was pine and I had had it since I was a baby so luckily my parents agreed to get me a new desk! I still have a pine bed and bookcase though but I might paint my bookcase white or blue in the summer.


I have a few vintage-style ornaments on my desk too like this jewellery stand which I got for Christmas a couple of years ago:


I also have some awesome notebooks – one of which contains my bucket list:




Then I have other random ornaments like my ‘jar of happiness’ and a pen pot made of playing cards these aren’t really vintage style but I love them nevertheless:



Oh I almost forgot! I also have this crossword puzzle book which I display on my desk because I love the pattern on the cover and it kind of goes with my room theme.


Next I’ll show you my walls and wall art:



This is the end wall of my room – I have two white walls and two wallpapered walls. I love the quote canvas I have on this wall which says: ‘Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget’. I also have a canvas on this wall which I painted when I was 8 😂 (on the left).



Also on this wall I have a shelf (which is pine but I’m hopefully going to paint that in the summer too) which also has a canvas I painted on it and my owl clock which I love and other random little ornaments.

Underneath the shelf I have my world map and Scout neckerchiefs:



I’d love to have the map higher up somewhere but I don’t have enough wall space! Also I have a little cupboard here with my jelly bean blue lamp on it which kind of goes along with the vintage theme!

Here is the other wall art in my room (all of which I made myself):









And I also have blue bunting on the white walls too.



And then some other various objects around my room:



Another shelf which was pine but I painted it white.







I love this map box and really want to get more of them!



Owl doorstop.



My money jar which I love! I loved writing the typography on it but it was kind of hard because the jar is curved.





Some sea-themed ornaments on my windowsill.



My keyboard (a.k.a. my baby)!





Owl cushions (I made the one on the right – it’s a double-sided owl).



Here is my bedspread that matches my wallpaper!

Then moving on to my bookcase because why not?



More typography yay!





I also have one shelf of my bookcase dedicated to my Airfix models.



I made an aircraft hanger to keep them in (although they don’t all fit so some are kept downstairs).



Okay so that is it for my room tour!! Sorry for the bad quality photos, I’m off school sick with the flu at the moment so don’t really have enough energy to spend ages taking photos. I hope you are all ok and have a good Easter on the weekend!

Bye! 🙂

//Lace, heels and sparkles//

Okay, so this is my SECOND blog post today! You must all feel like the luckiest people alive (aha…jk). Now, if you read my post earlier (which you can find here if you haven’t), you’ll know that I’m not a very ‘girly’ girl. You’ll also know how much I hate stereotypes so will understand how much it pains me to have to write the words: ‘girly girl’ but…it’s the easiest way to explain it I guess. Basically, I am not the type of girl who likes dressing up in, well, dresses or likes to wear a lot of make-up and make myself look ‘pretty’.

BUT – and this is a big but – I have decided that I want to go to my end of school prom in June. Yeah, i know right? ME wearing A DRESS? As you can tell, this is something totally new to me so I’m feeling a little nervous but also very excited. I thought, considering prom will be the last time I will see most of my school friends, (*insert hysterical weeping here*…I won’t miss ALL of my classmates though, just the decent ones) AND there will be food and music and food and dancing and food, it would be good fun to try it out.

I know, I know, prom is ages away (23rd June to be exact – also the day of the UKs EU referendum if you are wondering) but I couldn’t resist! I guess I just love to be organised so I kinda, maybe, already bought everything…like two months ago.

Actually, I started looking for dresses back in June last year (according to Facebook messenger because I sent my friend a picture of the exact dress I ended up buying in June sometime…oops).

Anyway, I ordered the dress online from Amazon for only £41.99 which I though was pretty decent. AND it had free delivery and returns. The dress only took like 3-4 days to come and it had this online tracking thingy so you could see where it was and guess what? It came from BERLIN a.k.a my absolute-favourite-city-in-the-whole-world-which-I-am-completely-in-love-with. So now I am even more in love with the dress!

Here is the dress on as pictured on Amazon (that’s not me by the way) and you can click here to go to the Amazon page if you too have fallen in love with this dress (and no, I have NOT been paid or asked by the company to advertise them, I am just a customer reviewing one of their dresses but I do recommend the company as they have a large range of beautiful prom dresses that are fairly cheap):

Screen Shot 03-05-16 at 12.04 PM.PNG

And then here are my rather terrible photos of the dress (I found out when I did a Primark haul on my old blog that I am absolutely awful at photographing clothing, so bare with me):


Yes, this IS me. Excuse all the stuff in the background.


Close-up of the lace detailing.

Going along with the navy-theme, I also purchased some heels (I know, another surprise, right?) my friends are going to be so surprised when they find out I am actually wearing heels to prom! The heels were £24.99 I think which is a little more than I wanted to pay (considering they are over half the price of the dress) but they are good quality, comfortable and just what I was looking for. Plus they only have like a  2-inch heel which is perfect for me as I would undoubtedly twist my ankle or trip over wearing heels that were any taller:

To go with the dress and the shoes, I also have a small white clutch bag (is that what you call them?) that belongs to my grandma which I really like because it brings out the silver/white silk backing to the lace bodice (oooh technical dress terms which I will never use again in my life and admittedly had to google):

See? It goes with the shoes too! 🙂
Obviously I will take ANY opportunity to practice my photography skills.

The only things I haven’t bought yet is jewellery and make-up but I have found the jewellery I would like online, I just need to go in to town sometime and hope they have it in store:


Bracelet – £9.00, earrings – £7.00.


As far as make-up goes, I was thinking of just buying some mascara and go for a ‘neutral’ look, maybe some lipstick/gloss too. I’m not very good with make-up though, I mean, I can do winged-eyeliner occasionally but aside from that I don’t wear any other make-up.

The thing I am struggling with is hair at the moment. I just don’t know what to do with it. I’m going to do my own hair so i need to find something fairly simple but effective,  just have no idea! My hair is just passed shoulder-length and is unpredictably wavy. I also have a temperamental fringe and random layers so it’s hard to do anything other than braiding it. I was thinking about curling it so I had proper curls for once but then I’d have to go out and buy curling tongs/iron/wand/whatever the hell I’m supposed to call it. Then I thought about doing an up-do and found some simple-ish tutorials online but I haven’t had time to practice any yet.

This is one of the hairstyles I was thinking about:


Also this one as it’s pretty similar to the other one and might be easier to do:


Also this one but I don’t like it as much:


So as you can tell I’ve been trawling Pinterest for hair tutorials but I’ll have to wait until I try them out to see if I will actually wear my hair like that to prom. I’ll try to upload some pictures when I try them out later on I might just put them up on Twitter (@em_is_lost99) so I don’t have to write THREE posts in one day just to show you guys, so keep an eye out on Twitter!

So, my total amount of money spent on my outfit is/will be…….£82.98!!!

+ £50.00 for the prom ticket and about £10.00 for any make-up/hair accessories I might buy = £142.98

And this, everybody, is how to prom on a budget! I think that’s a fairly decent price compared to some people who have spent over £200.00 just on their dress!!!

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed something a bit different! Is anyone else going to prom this year? If so PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one getting prepared so early on! 🙂

//Is it summer yet?//

View from my window.

Don’t you just love those days when you open your eyes and the sun is shining through your curtains, making your whole bedroom glow? And when you open your curtains, the sky is bright blue for as far as you can see? I do.

These are the days that make you think ‘today is going to be a good day’ and make you wonder if you’ve skipped forward four months and woken up in summer. (Until you go outside and realise it’s still a cold, British winter).

Days like this are the best.

Em @em_is_lost99

//Fresh start//


It’s  such a small word but can have so many meanings and is used around the world millions and millions of times everyday. I think we hear the word ‘hi’ so often we sort of just ignore it and don’t think anything of it. In actual fact, ‘hi’ is often the first word we say when we meet someone new so really shouldn’t just be overlooked because it is what we use to subconsciously form first impressions of people.

I’m not good at introductions and I’m terrible at meeting new people so I rely on saying hi a lot to get me out of awkward silences. Like when you have to buy something from a shop and awkwardly hand over whatever it is so the cashier can scan it without appearing extremely ungrateful or rude. Yeah. Hi has saved me a lot of times.

That’s why I’m going to start this blog by thanking the word ‘hi’ for always being there and having my back.

(By the way I probably should have mentioned I am just a tiny bit weird so you should probably run away now while you have the chance).

Bye, thanks for reading (if anyone actually made it to the end)!

Em. 🙂