Rambling about uni instead of doing the stuff I need to do AHH

Okay, time for another ramble because I can’t seem to keep hold of blogging ideas for more than two minutes before I get distracted by something else AHAHHAH. I’m moving to uni in 10 days (help) so things are a little busy/stressful/hectic at the moment!! I thought I’d take some time to write down my current thoughts about moving out though.

This week has been weird as some of my friends have moved out already and others i’ve met up with for the last time before uni. It’s WEIRD thinking that some of my friends are already at uni. I kind of wish my term started earlier as I’m the last to leave from my friendship group, which isn’t a bad thing but the longer I have to wait, the more nervous/excited I get about moving into my university halls.

At the moment, I’m a bit stressed because I can’t pack anymore than I have done as we don’t have many suitcases/boxes so I have to wait until my sister moves back to uni on Saturday before I can pack anymore, which means I’m a bit restless at the moment because there are lots of things that I need to do before university, but can’t currently do. Also, I still haven’t got my full timetable or chosen my optional modules for French which is stressing me out a bit as I don’t know what’s going on, not to mention I have no clue which induction talks I have to go to in Fresher’s Week because I’m split between two departments. Speaking of Fresher’s Week, I can’t buy my tickets for event until Monday ahhhh. For someone who likes to be organised, it’s difficult having to wait for things to be sorted, but I’m trying to be patient!!

As for moving out itself, I’m quite looking forward to it. I found out my flat number last week and have met a few flatmates online which is reassuring. I’m looking forward to having my own space in my room and being able to cook what I want to eat, although I’m sure cooking will come with it’s own challenges! I am nervous about meeting my flatmates and course mates though – I’m hoping we get on well, but I’m trying to keep an open mind and just embrace everything as it comes.

I’m worried I’m going to forget something whilst packing because although I’ve written a big list, I’m bound to miss something, especially as I’ve been packing for the past few weeks rather in one go, I can’t remember which boxes and bags everything is in, which will make it interesting when I unpack, I’m sure.

I’ve been trying to keep busy this past week or so, meeting up with friends, going on days out and a few goodbye parties. In a way it’s been nice as I feel like I’m making the most of my last few weeks at home, but I haven’t had much time to do important things that need doing before I start, so that’s my plan for next week.

I’m sorry this is a little all over the place – that’s been my constant mood lately -but I think my blog is going to be like this for a while as I’m settling in and adjusting to a new environment, but hopefully I’ll post the odd update here or there!

To anyone that’s starting uni or college this year, I hope it’s goes/is going well!!

Bye for now 🙂

(Also, sorry this post is horribly incoherent and rushed!!)


Trains of thought

We just walked my sister to the train station to see her off one her way back to uni. I love going to the train station – it reminds me of the endless possibilities of travelling and leaving my home behind me for a little while. Over the past year or so, I have waved my sister off on the train many times. The best times are when the sun is blazing between clouds, the sky is blue and everything feels all summery and cheerful. The suns rays merge into little sunset-coloured drops in the corners of my glasses. It makes me feel optimistic and gives me a tiny glimpse of how beautiful the world really is.

The sun is setting as I’m typing this away, but I’m listening to a “2016 summer hits” playlist on Spotify to keep the sun alive. 2016 was a good summer for me and it’s nice to listen to the music that accompanied my many hours of studying for GCSEs and the various places I traveled to.

It’s weird thinking that in less than a year it’ll be taking the train off to uni. The thought of living somewhere new is both exciting and scary but hope I can hold onto this feeling of optimism and longing to explore to get me through all the stress that the coming months will hold.

It may sound stupid, but the run up to summer is one of my favourite times of the year. Sure, revision and exams are stressful, but when as the days get longer and less-cold, I feel more motivated to study, more productive and generally more happy. I’m looking forward to that!

I should probably get back to doing my homework, but I just wanted to document this little collection of thoughts beforehand.

Goodbye for now!

(Do you like my title though, I tried to make a pun)