//8 ways to have a positive new attitude!//

Hello! Feels like it’s been a long time since I last wrote on here, but that’s because I’ve had such a jam-packed few days with deadlines flying at me from every direction but such is life. Anyway, today I wanted to share with you some tips for how you can have a positive new attitude.

I think it’s safe to say since starting Year 13, I’ve sort of been in a rutt when it comes to mental health, and I think a lot of you will relate when I say sometimes when we’ve got piles of work to do and hundreds of obligations and to-do lists, taking care of our mental health is not a top priority. But, over the past few weeks I’ve realised that mental health absolutely should be a bigger priority in my life. So, I’ve taken the decision to make some changes to my life and mindset, to hopefully take better care of myself and make sure I’m as happy as I can be.

1. Communication is KEY

As a naturally shy person, I’ve also been lacking on the communication front. But recently I’ve decided that I don’t want to be the person who sits there silently, holding back their opinions for fear of judgement as I have important opinions to share and you do too. If you’re sat their thinking, no one cares what you think then you’re wrong because you don’t know how people are going to react to what you have to say unless you take the leap and say it. I’m not saying you should be in polite and say anything on your mind, but you should definitely be scared to voice your opinion in class discussions, to ask the teacher for help, to talk to those people who you’re like sort-of-friends-with-but-do-they-really-lile-me-because-we’ve-only-talked-like-once because trust me, the worst thing that can happen is that someone decides not to reply to you which is their loss. Honestly, for the last few weeks I’ve made every effort to communicate with people around me as much as possible. I’ve joked around with my friends, I approached my teachers, I talked to people I don’t usually talk to, I met new people simply because I was engaged in conversation with my friends and other people decided to come and join in too, without knowing us. It was great. I felt so included and so, so much more confident as I kept reminding myself that it’s just talking and I talk to people every day so I don’t need to make a big deal out of it. Finding the confidence to be less shy and quiet is hard though, so if you need a little bit of help with this like I do, when you’re in class or in big groups of people, just try to focus on talking to one person at a time and pretend the others and their and that they don’t think twice about what you’re saying – or the fact you’re talking – because 9 times out of 10 they don’t.

2. Smiling makes you happy. FACT.

Okay I don’t know all the ~science-y~ stuff behind it, but I do know that we associate smiling with feeling happy and positive emotions. Therefore, I try to smile as much as possible to help me get into a better mindset. It probably sounds really cheesy, but honestly starting of each morning my smiling at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you’re going to have a good day is a great way to start off the day. I don’t know about you butI often feel like my natural face is quite glum-looking and often I think this makes me less approachable as apposed to someone who smiles a lot, so I try to be as smile-y as possible at college to make me feel happier but also make myself appear happier so I feel more confident in myself and socialising.

3. Music makes the soul sing.

My sister has this quote on her bedroom door, and it’s so true. Sometimes I can get so caught up in work, I realise I haven’t listened to the radio or music on my phone for weeks, which is not good! When I listen to music, I genuinely feel a lot happier, relaxed and at ease. It’s something to take your mind off life, and you can let go a bit and sing along.to your favourite tunes. I’m not saying you should listen to music all the time because it might lose it’s effectiveness, but maybe next time your feeling a bit low, stick the radio on or trawl through Spotify, or even have music playing in the background when your studying.

4. Take life one day at a time.

I’ve always found this advice cliché and brushed it off as one of those things people say that doesn’t actually work, but really I’ve found it to be quite useful. By sort of compartmentalising days, it helps me to make sure each day is a little more positive than the previous. For example, if you have a bad day, that’s okay, but try to wake up with the mindset that tomorrow is a new day and you can live it out as if yesterday hadn’t happened, if that makes sense. Basically don’t let bad days blur into bad weeks or months.

5. Write out your thoughts.

When I was younger I used to use diaries to decode my thoughts and emotions, and find a way forward, but somewhere in my teenage years I decided to stop doing this and try to bottle things up, which is not good. I recently started bullet journalling, and I’ve found it to be a really helpful tool to get me to open up and write about my feelings, which I totally wasn’t expecting. Having a space where I can physically write things down allows me to declutter my mind, and I feel like my thoughts have somewhere to belong as my bullet journal is sort of documenting my journey through life. Obviously writing stuff down doesn’t have the same effect as talking to people about issues, but sometimes you don’t want to share everything that’s bothering you, and doing exercises like this can help to remind you that you are strong and have control over your emotions without having to rely on others for help.

6. Positive reminders are underrated.

Somehow through trawling through the internet last week, I discovered Shine Text, which is basically a “bot” that sends you positive reminds and strategies to meet a goal (which you set e.g. building confidence) every morning via message. You can either subscribe via text or Facebook messenger, and honestly it has made such a difference to my mental health already. I’ve learnt so much about how to better look after myself, and so many coping strategies, it’s great! Aside from that, it’s really nice to have little positive reminders each morning, as sometimes you’re too tired or stress to remind yourself to think positively. I’d highly recommend!

7. Give yourself something to look forward to each week.

Since starting year 13 I’ve been really working hard at making sure I have something planned each week that I can look forward to. That way, it’s easier to focus on something nice that will be happening that  week and give yourself something to look forward to, and puts you in the mindset of rewarding yourself as you start to think “if I do this homework and that revision etc, I can do treat myself”. A few things I’ve done so far have been going shopping with friends, going to galleries and even just grabbing a coffee. This is also a really good tip as it makes sure you schedule in a time each week to relax and take your mind of things.

8. Celebrate your achievements, however small!

It’s so easy to overlook our successes, especially in school when your main focus is getting grades so everything else feels irrelevant,but the more you start to take notice and be proud of the little things you’ve overcome, the better you will feel. Sometimes it can be challenging to feel positive all the time but you should definitely make an effort to think about and recognise little positive things you do each day to give them value. 
Well that’s all I can think of for now, but if you have any tips to share, please do so below! I’ll hopefully be posting more frequently now I’ve adjusted to my new timetable and the year 13 workload, so until the next time, goodbye!


This post is inspired by the lovely Zin at Books and Feathers – it really cheered me up just reading her post and I think that writing my own version will make me feel a lot better too. Sometimes after having a bit of a rough day we need to remind ourselves of all the good things in life. I’m a hopeless pessimist – I find it hard to be optimistic about most situations so something like listing all the things that makes me happy really does help! If you’re not feeling the best right now, you should do this too and *fingers crossed* it will make you feel a lot happier. 🙂

  • Sunsets
  • Talking to my internet friends
  • #Teenbloggerschat (an awesome weekly Twitter chat for teen bloggers)
  • Writing good blog posts and making graphics to go with them
  • Doing arty stuff
  • Making artwork for other people
  • Going camping
  • The sea
  • Photography
  • Finding good books and falling in love with them
  • Giving gifts to people and seeing them be happy
  • Listening to the radio
  • Looking at old photos
  • Looking through old notebooks/school books (as I did this weekend and found some very funny things – consult my Twitter feed if you’re interested)
  • My bedroom (which you can seehere)
  • going to theatres
  • Going to concerts
  • Speaking/writing in French
  • Cycling
  • Playing/watching cricket
  • Barbecues
  • Kind people
  • My friends and family
  • The blogging community

Okay that’s quite a lot for now! I’ll be continuing with things that make me happy on Twitter with the #thingsthatmakemehappy hashtag so feel free to join in and help spread happiness all over Twitter! All you have to do is tweet a list of things that make you happy and use the tag! 🙂 Again, I – and I’m sure Zin would be back me up here – would highly recommend writing a list of things that make you happy whether it’s on a blog post or on Twitter or just on a bit of paper, it really does make you feel a lot better so thank you for Zin for coming up with this lovely idea! 🙂

//The happiness tag☀️😄//

This photo is actually terrible but I love this cushion so much so HAD to include it in this post!!

So yesterday the lovely and awesome Tea Lover Jess (I have just noticed – is your blog named after the Pink Floyd song Wish you were here?!😀😂Plus I listened to some Status Quo earlier and they are actually pretty good!;)) nominated me for the happiness tag!

Basically the whole idea of the tag is to talk about what makes you happy which I think is a lovely thing to do and something I need to spend more time doing. Seriously though there are soooo many things that make me happy so it’s going to be hard to narrow it down!

Plus if you have noticed my rather over-the-top emoji use in this post it’s because Diversion3000 showed me this website where you can use emoji’s on your laptop which is totally awesome so thank you!😀

So, here are the rules for the tag:

  • List 5 things that make you happy
  • List 5 songs that make you happy
  • Nominate 5 people to do this tag
  • If possible please smile while doing the tag too 😀

Right, let’s start with the 5 things that make me happy:

1. Blogging (obvs, plus the blogging community too because you are amazing and I love you all 😘)

2. Music 🎶 (playing instruments and listening to music). 

3. Adventure/travelling/just generally being outdoors and exploring 🌄.

4. Reading – I could never live without books! 📚

5. Scouting ⚜ – I’ve been a Scout for half of my life now and Scouting literally makes me soooo happy, again I could never live without Scouting.

And then on to the 5 songs that make me happy (which is gonna be so difficult because there is so much amazing music in the world – how can I just choose five?!):

1. Greatest Day, Take That. – Take That were like the first proper band I got into and this song has so many good memories! (I found out the other day that I still remember all of the words to this song…😂)

2. Good Days Bad Days, Kaiser Chiefs. – This song is really upbeat and catchy and always puts me in a good mood, especially when I need motivating to tackle the mountain of school work I have to do!

3. Pacifier, Catfish and the Bottlemen. – I am absolutely obsessed with the intro to this song- the whole song in fact! I have only been listening to them for a few months but this was one of the first songs of their’s I listened to and after that I was hooked! I bought tickets to see them in the summer which I’m really looking forward too – I hope this song is on the set list!

4. My Love, Circa Waves. – At first I wasn’t really keen on this song but after buying (and constantly listening to) their vinyl it has become one of my favourites!

5. Lush Life, Zara Larsson. – A little different from the rest of my songs, I know, but as soon as I heard this song on the radio I fell in love with it. I don’t know why because I’m not that into pop music but this song is just so summer-y and I guess it reminds me of my friends too because it gets played in PE at school so often and idk I just have a lot of fun with my friends in PE I guess!

Now my five nominations do this tag (no pressure to do it though if you don’t want to!):



Liss and Dani

Just a Blank Space


So, that’s it! There were so many things I could have added on to this though like sunsets, for example, because I honestly can’t resist taking photos of sunsets because they are just so beautiful!100_4654.JPGAnd this:100_5179.JPGAnd this:100_5228.JPGAnd…OK YOU CAN STOP NOW EM!!!

Seriously I just can’t though…😂

I found a load of photos from the Isle of Wight last year and there were so many beautiful sunset photo’s it would be criminal NOT to share!

Anyway, today has actually been a lovely sunny spring day and I actually ventured outside to do some homework which was nice! Tomorrow I’m meeting up with two sets of friends so it’s going to be pretty hectic and I don’t know how I’m gonna have time for revision but for once in my life I’m just gonna go with the flow and enjoy spending time with them (and there is pizza too so all will be fine)!

Bye for now! Hope you are all ok and smiling after reading this cheery post! 😂