//A little prom update!!!//

So today I have spent a grand total of 4 hours doing politics, maths and physics revision and I think it is fair to say I am absolutely exhausted! I still have about another hour of maths to do later today too so I’m giving myself a break in between.

Since my hand is killing me from writing like crazy for the past 4 hours – here is the evidence of all my hard-work:100_8027.JPGOh the joys of being left-handed…

Anyway, since my hands were aching and I can’t physically write anything without getting cramp, I decided to try out some hairstyles. For some reason braiding or just generally doing stuff with my hair helps to relax my hand muscles after writing for long periods of time (although it does make my arms ache so kind of a win-lose situation).

I’m still trying to decide what to do with my hair for prom so was searching on the internet (as you do) for some braided half up-do’s and came a blog called Twist Me Pretty and instantly fell in love with this particular hairstyle:15.jpgIt’s called a twisted crown braid and you can find the tutorial here.

So I decided to give it a try and it surprisingly not that hard once you get your head around it! Here is my attempt:100_798811.jpg100_799812.jpgI’m pretty pleased with it for a first attempt!! I actually really love this hairstyle and I THINK I might use it for prom but knowing me I’ll probably change my mind by then! But for now I’m thinking I will do the twisted crown braid but before I actually do that I’ll braid my hair to make it curlier because as you can see it is a little unpredictable and today is one of those days where it has decided to not be very curly. I do need to practice it a bit though as getting the bobby pins to stay in at the back is quite hard when you can’t actually see what you are doing.

Sticking with the subject of prom, yesterday I bought my bracelet for prom!!! So that means I have everything now: the dress, the shoes, the clutch bag (you can see all of these here), the jewellery…now all I need is to buy the ticket!!

Here is the bracelet I bought:100_8021.JPGAnd here are the earrings in case you don’t remember. I bought them a while ago and I’m so happy I managed to find a bracelet that has similar beads to my earrings so they kind of match!100_8020.JPGI’m so relieved to have finally got everything – at least that is one less thing to stress about!

Also this week I have gotten back into art a bit. I did a sketch of some fire tulips (not what they are actually called, but that’s what they look like and I don’t know their actual name) in my living room which I am actually quite pleased with. I don’t normally do still-life sketches so didn’t really know where to start but I got there eventually!
And also yesterday I finished painting the cover of my sketchbook – I painted the front cover a few years ago but have only just got round to painting the back cover! It is inspired by this t-shirt I bought last summer and I am in love with pattern so much I NEEDED to paint it!

This is the t-shirt:

Here is the back of the sketchbook and my version of the bird print:

Here is the front of the sketchbook:

Anyway, so that’s what I have been up to for the last couple of days. It feels odd still being on spring holidays when pretty much everywhere else is back at school. I keep waking up and thinking ‘oh no I’ve overslept – I should be at school’ then realising I don’t have to go back until Monday! It has really messed up my body clock but I guess it will all be alright when I go back to school (didn’t think I would ever write ‘alright’ and ‘school’ in the same sentence but there we go).

Hope you are all ok! Bye! 🙂


Salut! Aujourd’hui je pensĂ© que ce serrait bon Ă  Ă©crit un blog dans français donc je peux vous montrer comment mal je suis Ă  français. Il y avait beaucoup d’erreurs dans ce mais je vais procĂ©der nĂ©anmoins!! Donc, aujourd’hui je me lève plus tard parce que c’est une banque vacance lundi donc je n’ai pas allĂ© Ă  l’école !!! Yay ! Je passe le matin en ville avec mon père et ma sĹ“ur car je regardais pour des bijoux pour ma promo Ă©cole de bal en juin. Malheureusement, les bijoux je trouvĂ© dans l’internet le mois dernier Ă©tait pas en magasin. Nous passé les heures marche en ville mais seulement trouve des boucles d’oreilles puisque la plupart des bijoux Ă©tait bleu clair et ma robe est blue sombre. Cependant, j’adore les boucles d’oreilles particulièrement car ils regarder comme des balloons! Ils ont aussi très confortable au porter et ils regarder bon avec ma robe. Apres aller en ville, nous rentrĂ© a la maison et manger du dejeuner qui Ă©tait genial mais le soupe Ă©tait trop chaud! Puis je fais des revision pour la biologie qui est tres ennuyeux donc je Ă©coutĂ© de la radio au lieu. Ma mère trouver des cassettes lequel ma sĹ“ur et moi fabrique quand nous Ă©tions petits. Ils ont très amusant !!! Depuis j’ai rĂ©visĂ© des français et Ă©crit ce. Merci beaucoup pour lire ce !! DĂ©solĂ©e pour toutes les erreurs !

My, that was stressful!! It’s so hard to get all of the accents and tenses and stuff correct when your computer insists on doing an English spell check on everything! Nevertheless, I MANAGED to write something in French!! Yay! I guess it’s a start to me becoming more fluent in French. Admittedly, I did have to look up a few words/spellings in Google translate but the majority of it came out of my own brain. I’ll type up a translation for those of you who don’t know French.

Hi! Today I though that it would be good to write a blog post in French so I can show you how bad I am at French. There will be a lot of error in this but I will proceed nevertheless!! So, today I woke up later because it is a bank holiday Monday so I don’t have to go to school!! Yay! I spent this morning in town with my dad and my sister because I was looking for some jewellery for my school prom in June. Unfortunately, the jewellery that I found on the internet last month was not in store. We spent hours walking round town but only found earrings because most of the jewellery was light blue and my dress is dark blue. However, I love the earrings particularly because they look like balloons!!

This is a really bad quality photo.

They are also very comfortable to wear and look good with my dress. After going to town, we returned to the house and ate lunch which was great but the soup was too hot! Then I did revision for biology which is very boring so I listened to the radio instead. My mum found some cassette tapes which my sister and I made when we were little. They are very funny!!!

Since then I have revised some French and written this. Thanks a lot for reading this!! Sorry for all the mistakes!

Ooh, I forgot! Today I also rope braided my hair and LOOK AT THE AMAZING RESULTS!!!
ACTUAL. PROPER. CURLS. Not the pathetic excuse for curly my hair usually is!! I’m so pleased with it. I’m definitely going to try this out more often and may even end up using it as a basis for my prom hairstyle. By the way my hair is actually brown, not ginger. I think I used the flash for this photo, that’s why. My hair colour is normally like this:
Dull and brown 😂 but I like the other photo better so I showed you guys that one! 😂

Anyway, hope you all had/are having a lovely day. Back to school tomorrow for me. Ugh. But only for 4 days then I have two weeks off!!!!!! 🙂

//Lace, heels and sparkles//

Okay, so this is my SECOND blog post today! You must all feel like the luckiest people alive (aha…jk). Now, if you read my post earlier (which you can find here if you haven’t), you’ll know that I’m not a very ‘girly’ girl. You’ll also know how much I hate stereotypes so will understand how much it pains me to have to write the words: ‘girly girl’ but…it’s the easiest way to explain it I guess. Basically, I am not the type of girl who likes dressing up in, well, dresses or likes to wear a lot of make-up and make myself look ‘pretty’.

BUT – and this is a big but – I have decided that I want to go to my end of school prom in June. Yeah, i know right? ME wearing A DRESS? As you can tell, this is something totally new to me so I’m feeling a little nervous but also very excited. I thought, considering prom will be the last time I will see most of my school friends, (*insert hysterical weeping here*…I won’t miss ALL of my classmates though, just the decent ones) AND there will be food and music and food and dancing and food, it would be good fun to try it out.

I know, I know, prom is ages away (23rd June to be exact – also the day of the UKs EU referendum if you are wondering) but I couldn’t resist! I guess I just love to be organised so I kinda, maybe, already bought everything…like two months ago.

Actually, I started looking for dresses back in June last year (according to Facebook messenger because I sent my friend a picture of the exact dress I ended up buying in June sometime…oops).

Anyway, I ordered the dress online from Amazon for only £41.99 which I though was pretty decent. AND it had free delivery and returns. The dress only took like 3-4 days to come and it had this online tracking thingy so you could see where it was and guess what? It came from BERLIN a.k.a my absolute-favourite-city-in-the-whole-world-which-I-am-completely-in-love-with. So now I am even more in love with the dress!

Here is the dress on as pictured on Amazon (that’s not me by the way) and you can click here to go to the Amazon page if you too have fallen in love with this dress (and no, I have NOT been paid or asked by the company to advertise them, I am just a customer reviewing one of their dresses but I do recommend the company as they have a large range of beautiful prom dresses that are fairly cheap):

Screen Shot 03-05-16 at 12.04 PM.PNG

And then here are my rather terrible photos of the dress (I found out when I did a Primark haul on my old blog that I am absolutely awful at photographing clothing, so bare with me):


Yes, this IS me. Excuse all the stuff in the background.


Close-up of the lace detailing.

Going along with the navy-theme, I also purchased some heels (I know, another surprise, right?) my friends are going to be so surprised when they find out I am actually wearing heels to prom! The heels were £24.99 I think which is a little more than I wanted to pay (considering they are over half the price of the dress) but they are good quality, comfortable and just what I was looking for. Plus they only have like a  2-inch heel which is perfect for me as I would undoubtedly twist my ankle or trip over wearing heels that were any taller:

To go with the dress and the shoes, I also have a small white clutch bag (is that what you call them?) that belongs to my grandma which I really like because it brings out the silver/white silk backing to the lace bodice (oooh technical dress terms which I will never use again in my life and admittedly had to google):

See? It goes with the shoes too! 🙂
Obviously I will take ANY opportunity to practice my photography skills.

The only things I haven’t bought yet is jewellery and make-up but I have found the jewellery I would like online, I just need to go in to town sometime and hope they have it in store:


Bracelet – £9.00, earrings – £7.00.


As far as make-up goes, I was thinking of just buying some mascara and go for a ‘neutral’ look, maybe some lipstick/gloss too. I’m not very good with make-up though, I mean, I can do winged-eyeliner occasionally but aside from that I don’t wear any other make-up.

The thing I am struggling with is hair at the moment. I just don’t know what to do with it. I’m going to do my own hair so i need to find something fairly simple but effective,  just have no idea! My hair is just passed shoulder-length and is unpredictably wavy. I also have a temperamental fringe and random layers so it’s hard to do anything other than braiding it. I was thinking about curling it so I had proper curls for once but then I’d have to go out and buy curling tongs/iron/wand/whatever the hell I’m supposed to call it. Then I thought about doing an up-do and found some simple-ish tutorials online but I haven’t had time to practice any yet.

This is one of the hairstyles I was thinking about:


Also this one as it’s pretty similar to the other one and might be easier to do:


Also this one but I don’t like it as much:


So as you can tell I’ve been trawling Pinterest for hair tutorials but I’ll have to wait until I try them out to see if I will actually wear my hair like that to prom. I’ll try to upload some pictures when I try them out later on I might just put them up on Twitter (@em_is_lost99) so I don’t have to write THREE posts in one day just to show you guys, so keep an eye out on Twitter!

So, my total amount of money spent on my outfit is/will be…….ÂŁ82.98!!!

+ ÂŁ50.00 for the prom ticket and about ÂŁ10.00 for any make-up/hair accessories I might buy = ÂŁ142.98

And this, everybody, is how to prom on a budget! I think that’s a fairly decent price compared to some people who have spent over ÂŁ200.00 just on their dress!!!

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoyed something a bit different! Is anyone else going to prom this year? If so PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one getting prepared so early on! 🙂