The Power of Talking; breaking mental health stigma

(I’m living life on the edge right now trying to type this out before my laptop restarts for yet another Windows update).

I met up with a friend today, spontaneously, but messaging her and asking if she wanted to meet up was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. I think I wrote in this post, about how I haven’t been feeling at my best for some time and of how I started isolating myself from people, being trapped in my mind and quite honestly driving myself mad from overthinking. I made a promise to myself to get out of that phase, to interact more with my friends, to be more open and honest about my feelings, but since half term started, I’ve become more and more isolated and lonely and have just generally been feeling awful.

However today I decided to reach out to my friend, who I haven’t seen in quite a while, but for a moment I stopped overthinking that I wasn’t worthy of anyone’s time and sent her a message. When we met up, I didn’t want to pressure myself to talk about how I was feeling – even thought that’s why I wanted to see her, just to be able to talk to someone who has been by my side for a long time and who I trust – so I just said to myself that whatever happens, I must be honest. And I was. I almost had a breakdown in the middle of a park but we had some really deep conversations about overthinking and anxiety and social pressure, and I’m proud of myself for actually giving an honest answer when she asked how I was, instead of the usual “good, thanks”.

Through talking to each other, we discovered that we’d been going through similar things and we understood eachother, which really meant a lot. As I’m used to bottling up my emotions, the world can sometimes seem a little mad because I overthink so much that nothing makes sense in my head and eventually nothing makes sense in real life either. But talking, casually, about mental health whilst walking in the fresh air – and eventually over a box of chicken nuggets – made it seem normal and okay.

Some of the advice my friend was giving me really made me think. She can be very philosophical in her outlook on life, and although it probably won’t have as much as an impact once translated into my words, I want to try to share some of her insights in life here, so maybe it can help others too.

One thing we were talking about was the pressure of social media, because I explained how social media is becoming a huge source of overthinking for me. It’s the pressure of being constantly social, and active and talking to other people. This need to be constantly in touch with the virtual world can make us presume that if someone hasn’t replied to a message then they automatically don’t like us, don’t want be friends with us and don’t care about us anymore. This is becoming a big problem for me, because I almost constantly pick apart all my friendships based on people’s activity on social media – it’s a downward spiral, a trap. Sometimes if a friend doesn’t reply to a message, but I can see they have been active on social media, I will think that’s it, the friendship’s over, they don’t care about me anymore, I’m not worthy of anyone’s time, there’s no point contacting other friends stop because they won’t want to talk to me either, I’m just being annoying, none of my friends really like me and so on. It’s ridiculous that social media controls my emotions in such a destructive way, and that my friend – and probably many of you – could relate. Although it’s hard to avoid social media and the pressures that come with it in the world we are living in, I need to find a balance between real life and the virtual world to be free from this pressure. I do want to have social media in my life, because I have met some amazing people as a result of it, but I also want to live in the present and for social media to be a positive addition to my life, not a negative obstacle that holds me back.

I admitted that some of the problems social media was causing me were due to the fact that I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere, because I don’t really have a set friendship group anymore and I’ve been feeling a bit lost. But I know now that that’s okay, because people come and go through our lives and I understand now that, to borrow my friend’s analogy, even if you keep watering a dead flower, it won’t come back to life. That is to say, you can keep trying to hold onto friendships that are falling apart and friends that are drifting away, but there comes a point where you need to let the flower die – for both individual’s sake – because this makes room for new flowers – or friends – to come into your life and blossom. I may feel like I’ve lost a lot of friends, but I still have a few “flowers” who I can always count on, and that’s what matters. I will meet new people and make new friends, just as the people who have slipped out of my life will or already have.

We also talked about anxiety and the stigma surrounding mental health. I explained how I’d been suffering with anxious feelings for the past month or so, probably the result of stress and pressure from college combined with social pressures, all of which has contributed to this constant overthinking and worrying about what other people think. It’s tiring – draining – to feel this way; it’s been a long time since I felt like I could do something with ease, in a relaxed way without my mind constantly racing with all sorts of irrational scenarios and thoughts. It was comforting that my friend understood and we could talk about it freely, it really showed to me that it was okay to talk about mental health, because we all have mental health and the sooner we break down the stigma around discussing it, the better it’ll be for everyone. No one should have to face mental health alone – we are so much stronger if we tackle it together.

Now I feel so much lighter after discussing all this with someone I admire and respect a lot, and I think it helped her too. Although I don’t see many of my friends often, I am now a little bit more reassured that they still do care and the friendship is still there. I can’t express enough how much today has changed my perspective on life. Although my thoughts aren’t coherent and I’ve still got a long way to go, I took a risk in reaching out to a friend for help, and it paid off. Life’s all about taking risks, we don’t always know which ones will be worth taking until we’ve taken them, but we always learn in the process.

Here’s to more opening up about mental health, on my part and yours.


//Swap box with…Eve//

So, as you’ll know I also did a swap box with Just A Blank Space which I talked about here but as well as that, I did one with the lovely Eve (appletaile) from A Twist In The Taile (actually I did five in total so expect to see more of these posts over the next week or so)!

The parcel arrived two weeks ago today but I’ve only just got round to writing the blog post up (I have no excuse – I’m just feeling very lazy at the moment). So, without further or do, here is what I received from Eve!

Firstly I opened the package up to find this awesome bag from The Wimbledon Shop. *Fun fact *: I have a collection of plastic bags from interesting places such as The Doctor Who Experience and Le Tour De France Shop. I’ve added this bag to the collection too!


Inside the bag was a Wimbledon key ring (which I have already decided is going to be attached to my house key when I eventually find it). I’ve never watched Wimbledon (except from on TV) but it is definitely something I’d like to do in the future!


Then there was also a Soapasaurus Butter Beer lip balm which is absolutely amazing and it’s smells so lovely and is, in my opinion, a genius idea because not only can you taste Butter Beer when you apply it, the scent is so powerful it makes you smell like Butter Beer too!! I love this so much and I’m so grateful for Eve to have sent this to me!


Alongside the key ring and the lip balm, there was also a cute little pin badge that said ‘Blog Squad’ on it. I love it because it makes me think of the lovely Blog Squad themselves – a group of teen bloggers on Twitter who I am so grateful to have as friends. Shout out to the Blog Squad and to Eve for making this!! ❤


Now I can’t remember if this was in the Wimbledon bag too or not but next there was a rubber from the Tate Modern in London which I went to ages ago (when I was like 8 or something) so can’t really remember it – which, of course, is a good reason to go back some time! I love any kind of stationary to be honest and, knowing me, this will probably join my collection of ‘ceremonial stationary’ which I use purely for display purposes in my bedroom as they are just too pretty to actually use.


Next there was a map of the tube in London which is very helpful because I find over ground trains confusing enough as it is and last time I was in London I had no clue which line to get on and where to get off at. Also I haven’t quite mastered tube etiquette yet so this will probably be helpful with that too (well at least I can look like I know where I’m going instead of being a confused tourist).


Then there was a pocket map of London that I can colour in and customize myself! I love maps and exploring new places very much and I also really love colouring so I’m going to really enjoy colouring this in and finding out more about London (it’s really bad – I barely know anything about my own capital city but I guess now is as good a time as any to learn)!



Lastly, there was a copy of a July edition of TimeOut London magazine.


Not knowing much about London itself, I wasn’t even aware that this magazine existed but now I’ve had time to read it through – I love it! There are some really interesting articles in their (particularly the below interview with Matt Smith) as well with just general news about London and ideas of things to do in the city. When I was reading this, I actually started to feel a bit like an actual Londoner, or at least someone who knew more about London other than the fact that it was the capital of Britain and was very huge.


There was also a rather interesting newspaper in the middle of the magazine The Unusual Times.


It had many surprisingly useful articles in it (and some that were just very odd – like the unusual horoscopes – but were still a good read). I also found the Cucumber Facts feature to be particularly useful.


I mean, I wouldn’t of known a cucumber was a portal into another dimension if it wasn’t for The Unusual Times!!

Eve also sent me a lovely little letter (which wasn’t too rambly at all). It was very cute and it was so surreal to be reading something that someone I’d only ever talked to online before had written!

Here’s a picture of everything in Eve’s swap box together:


All that’s left to do is to thank Eve very much for everything she sent me – I love it all and I’m so grateful that they wanted to do a swap box with me because I have absolutely loved learning more about London and feeling more connected to my internet friends! 🙂 So thank you Eve!

Also don’t forget to check out Eve’s blog because they are awesome and their posts are so intriguing and are well worth a read!

//Swap box with…Just A Blank Space//

So a while ago I read Tea Lover Jess’ post about doing a make-up swap box with another blogger which inspired me to do my own version of a swap box, but with general stuff relating to our countries rather than just make-up. Fortunately, the amazing and lovely Just A Blank Space also thought it was a good idea so over the past few months we had been collecting stuff for each other, ready to post in August. Well, last week I received her swap box so I thought I’d show you all what she sent!

First things first, this is the box it came in! I really loved it and it was so creative because she made it the colours of the German flag (plus I absolutely love Just A Blank Space’s hand lettering anyway so I was delighted when I saw the front of the box)!

The box was wrapped in this cute wrapping paper!



The first thing I saw when  I opened the box up was the German flag. I managed to find a spare stick for the flag pole and it’s now displayed proudly next to my Somerset and Scottish flag (even though I’m not Scottish lol).



Then there were two little postcards which are really cute and I read these first before I delved any further into the box.


Didn’t realise this was blurred…oops.


Can I just say I love how neat Just A Blank Space’s handwriting its!?!?! I love these little postcards so much that I’ve attached them to the bunting around the edge of my bedroom. (They’re are being held up by wooden owl pegs in case you were wondering).


Now I can’t remember the exact order I took everything out of the box in as it was over a week ago now but I’ll go through each item one by one anyway.

Kinder Country chocolate bar – I’ve always loved Kinder but I’ve never tried this flavour so I can’t wait to try it! I haven’t eaten it yet as I’m waiting for a special occasion – perhaps when I get my exam results in August if all goes well!


Three little paper clips in the shape of an owl, a hand and a foot. As Just A Blank Space said in her postcards, each object represents a different part of her and I’ve been trying to work these three out for a while. The owl, I thought, could either mean that her favourite animal is an owl (which is possible I guess) or that she is very wise which I KNOW is true because anyone can tell that from reading her blog! I thought the hand might represent writing because I know she loves to write but it also looks as though it is waving, suggesting that she is a friendly person which she definitely is. With the foot, I was thinking this could represent swimming because I know she is a swimming coach so she must like swimming, right? I also thought it represent walking because she’s just hiked The Alps OR it could represent the idea that life is a journey. (Sorry if I sound like a stalker knowing so much about you! I promise I’m not, I’m just trying to be a bit ~philosophical~ here)! But anyway, these are really cute and creative and I really like them!


Next was some German fan paint which I think is SO COOL and if I ever go to see Germany take part in a sporting event of any kind, I’ll DEFINITELY wear it!! I haven’t used it yet but perhaps I’ll support Germany in the Rio 2016 Olympics so I can try out the paint!


Then there were some sunglasses in the colours of the German flag. I took these on holiday to Devon with me last week (this is where I took the photo) and they were very useful! I think I WILL put on the fan paint, wear these sunglasses and wave the German flag whilst watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Germany has always been one of my favourite countries after all!


Some American money – a dollar and a quarter dollar – which most of been from her exchange year in America. It was quite exciting to see actual American money because I’ve never been to America myself. Thank you very much for sending this to me!


On the subject of money, she also sent me a euro! I love the way euros look – they are so much more interesting than pound coins. Plus I didn’t manage to bring any euros back from Berlin last year so I’m glad I now have one to remind me of my holidays in Europe.


Next was this little card where I can write my ‘Top 5 Favourite Moments’. I haven’t thought of a moment worthy enough to write on here yet, but I think I’ll have to write doing swap boxes on there at some point because it has been one of the best experiences of my life.


Just A Blank Space also sent me a piece of coral and lava rock that she collected in Hawaii. I find it fascinating how these were once thousands of miles away from here and I love thinking about all the people who have touched or stepped on or seen the coral and the rock before it got to me. It may sound weird but it’s almost as if the dips and the lumps and bumps of them are each pieces of their individual ‘stories’ of how they came to be the way they are today.


Then there was a little cardboard typewriter that I think is so pretty because of how colourful it is. I’ve always wanted to type on a typewriter and love vintage things, it just makes me think about the journey that writing has been on to end up here, today, with me writing on a blog that can be viewed by people all around the world.


There was also a page from a German book, a little sticker saying ‘life is an adventure’ which is very me and I love it, a silver heart and a map of Europe. I loved all of these little things and decided to frame them to make a collage of sorts. One day I’m determined to learn German enough to be able to read the book page!


Here is one last picture of everything all together.


I’d just like to thank Just A Blank Space so much for her generosity, creativity and thoughtfulness. I really enjoyed receiving the swap box and finding out more about you through it. I’ll cherish all of these items forever.

I loved finding things to send in my swap box to Just A Blank Space too and I’m glad you liked everything! You can see what I sent Just A Blank Space here.

//Concerts, prom and leaving school…//

Where do I start? This week has literally been the busiest week of my life. It doesn’t even feel like I had my last two exams this week, on Monday and Wednesday – exams feel like they were years ago (well…not quite years but you get the point). I officially left school this week which was sad but it feels good to be free now and actually have time to do the things I love like blogging and sleeping and drawing and sleeping and playing instruments and sleeping…did I mention sleeping? I’m also getting back into rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which I started before exams but had to abandon whilst I was revising. I’m currently waiting to pick up a French copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone from the library and I can’t wait to actually work on improving my French over the summer. Anyway, let me talk you through this week.

Monday: chemistry exam ugh.

Tuesday: t-shirt signing day. It’s a tradition at my school that all the school leavers sign (and basically just ruin) each others school t-shirts. It’s quite cool because it gives you something to remember the school and all the friends you made there by. Also the canteen gave us FREE CAKE. I know, I was as shocked as you. The food at my school is usually REALLY overpriced but here they were handing out unlimited free cake. Amazing.

Wednesday: physics exam. Enough said. It was horrible grrrrrr. BUT in the evening I went to listen to an outdoor James Bay concert (I couldn’t go because my sister had an exam the next day so we stood outside and listened to most of it). James’ voice is actually so beautiful live and it’s made me want to actually go to one of his concerts even more now. I took a few videos which I will *fingers crossed* be editing and uploading on my YouTube channel soon!!

Thursday: PROMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I was so nervous waiting around all day to get ready for prom that the only way I could stay calm was by spending 3 hours sketching James Bay.


I was so relieved when it got to 3pm and I could start doing my hair and makeup which actually turned out exactly how I wanted it!! Me and my friends decided to hire a Buick Electra to take us to prom so we could turn up in style. However our plan kind of failed as we went for a drive along the beach before going to the school and got stuck in rush hour traffic. So we ended up being the last people to arrive at school and by that time the carpark was so crowded that I doubt barely anyone was able to actually see our car arriving. Plus people were too busy taking photos of them and their friends. But the car did do a wheel spin on the way out which turned some heads!!


Prom was honestly the best night of my life. We had to get a coach from the school to the venue but the venue was absolutely stunning and well worth all the travelling. Everyone looked so beautiful at prom and at first it was hard to recognise who everyone was! I kept getting my friends names muddled up throughout the night, probably because I was so tired!

The stage and dance floor


We had a three course meal which was delicious in every way, especially the blackberry cheesecake. Me and my friends literally danced and sang for the whole night. We spent the whole time on the dance floor, dancing like crazy and it was amazing. I think all the other people in my year group who don’t know me that well were really surprised to see me actually dancing because I’m usually really quiet and shy but on the way to prom, something just clicked and I suddenly stopped caring about what people thought of me and I think I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence since then too which is great!

Friday: I felt like a zombie after prom (I ended up going to sleep after midnight) but had to drag myself out of bed to take part in the leavers festival at my school. Another tradition is that all the year 11s dress up in fancy dress and parade tgrough the school on any transport they can think of. Me and two of my friends decided to dress up as super heroes on bikes. I was Captain America so wore a blue t-shirt with a silver star pinned to it and made a shield as well as wearing a blue tutu. It was really fun and surprisingly I didn’t feel at all embarassed, despite having the majority of the school watching us. Afterwards everyone went into the hall for our final leavers assembly where we watched videos that each tutor group had made and watched out official prom photo from the night before. It was quite emotional but definitely a good send off. We hung around in the school for a while after the assembly because we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves now that we were finally free!!

Saturday: yesterday I went to a Catfish and the Bottlemen concert and ahhhhh it was sooooo good!!!! I haven’t been listening for them for too long – about 2 or 3 months – but I fell in love with their music immediately. Seeing them live was absolutely brilliant – they were really lively and their voices wee just as amazing as they are on their albums. Also the band themselves were really nice and cool (and good looking!) and great to watch. The atmosphere of the concert itself was a bit too wild for me – we managed to get in the front row on the right hand side and I’m so glad I wasn’t in the middle of the crowd as I don’t think I would have survived that mosh pit! I am now even more in love with Catfish and the Bottlemen arghhhh they were just soooooo good!! As with James Bay, I took some video clips and am hoping to make a YouTube video out of them too. I took some pictures and they actually came out quite well as we were at the front. I queued for like 20 mins after the concert to buy merch and came hone with a huge (and I mean huge – the only place it fits is on my bedroom door)The Ride poster (their new album which is No.1 in the UK at the moment). Now I’m having concert withdrawal symptoms 😂it was just BEYOND WORDS. What I’ve written could never do justice to it.


So, that’s how busy my week has been!! Despite now being thoroughly exhausted after 4 late nights in a row, I have loved every second of this week and wouldn’t change it for the world. I hope you’ve all had a great week too! 🙂



This post is inspired by the lovely Zin at Books and Feathers – it really cheered me up just reading her post and I think that writing my own version will make me feel a lot better too. Sometimes after having a bit of a rough day we need to remind ourselves of all the good things in life. I’m a hopeless pessimist – I find it hard to be optimistic about most situations so something like listing all the things that makes me happy really does help! If you’re not feeling the best right now, you should do this too and *fingers crossed* it will make you feel a lot happier. 🙂

  • Sunsets
  • Talking to my internet friends
  • #Teenbloggerschat (an awesome weekly Twitter chat for teen bloggers)
  • Writing good blog posts and making graphics to go with them
  • Doing arty stuff
  • Making artwork for other people
  • Going camping
  • The sea
  • Photography
  • Finding good books and falling in love with them
  • Giving gifts to people and seeing them be happy
  • Listening to the radio
  • Looking at old photos
  • Looking through old notebooks/school books (as I did this weekend and found some very funny things – consult my Twitter feed if you’re interested)
  • My bedroom (which you can seehere)
  • going to theatres
  • Going to concerts
  • Speaking/writing in French
  • Cycling
  • Playing/watching cricket
  • Barbecues
  • Kind people
  • My friends and family
  • The blogging community

Okay that’s quite a lot for now! I’ll be continuing with things that make me happy on Twitter with the #thingsthatmakemehappy hashtag so feel free to join in and help spread happiness all over Twitter! All you have to do is tweet a list of things that make you happy and use the tag! 🙂 Again, I – and I’m sure Zin would be back me up here – would highly recommend writing a list of things that make you happy whether it’s on a blog post or on Twitter or just on a bit of paper, it really does make you feel a lot better so thank you for Zin for coming up with this lovely idea! 🙂

//I’m leaving school – what!?//



As summer draws nearer, so does the end of my 12 years at school. Last Thursday was my last official day at school – for the next week or so I’m on ‘study leave’ which means I only have to go to school for my exams and the lessons I still have exams in (which is just science). It’s been pretty scary and weird not seeing everyone everyday and not spending as much time with my friends. I only have 6 out of 17 exams left now, which is scary too. It feels like I’ve only just started exams but I’m already over half way through! To be honest though my brain stopped processing stuff after the mock exams in March so if you asked me what the date is, I’d probably say it was still March!

In 9 days time, I will have finished my last exam. In 10, I will be getting ready for prom. In 11, I’ll be at the leavers festival making a fool out of myself in fancy dress. Then in 12, it will all be over.

This is honestly such a scary thought. Part of me doesn’t want to leave the safety net that school provides and part of me just can’t wait to go to college and take more control over my future.

The whole thing about leaving school has been so surreal – everytime I read through what people have written in my year book I keep having sudden realisations that this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING and in September I won’t see half of these people again.

Not gonna lie though, the whole year book thingy has been pretty cool as I now have loads of little messages from friends amd teachers that I can keep with me forever and whenever I read them it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

The past 12 years of school have been a bit of a rollercoaster but I’ll never forget all the memories and friends I’ve made. It’s scary to be leaving it all behind and there are so many things that I wished I had the confidence to do like staying in the school netball team and becoming a prefect and helping out with open days tours but overall I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve grown. I think everyone should look back and be proud of how they’ve developed and grown as a person throughout school and be able to look forward to what the future brings – I certainly am!

Best of luck to everyone else who is leaving school this year. Sorry for such a short, random post. I have loads of time to blog now I’m on study leave but zero inspiration. I keep starting posts and not finishing them so I have about 50 draft posts right now because I can’t seem to write anything right. I’m hoping this isn’t a sign that I’m falling into a blogging slump *gulp*. I’ll keep working on posts throughout the week though and *fingers crossed* I’ll manage to write something more meaningful by the end of the week! 🙂


So, as you can tell from the title, this post is going to be about books. It’s a bit different to what I usually post about (whatever that may be) but right now I’m sat on my bedroom floor, staring at my bookcase and can’t think of anything better to blog about.

Books are very important to me. I’ve been reading for a loooong time. I think as I gradually learnt to read better throughout primary school, my interest in the world of books grew and grew. And now? Now I love books.

I think reading books is such a wonderful thing to do because not only can you ‘escape’ reality and become a part of any fictional realm you choose, reading also helps you develop your vocabularly and general understanding of language.

Before I started blogging, I was sort of embarassed about reading I guess because I didn’t know anyone else my age who actually read books. But then I discovered the world of book bloggers, and, although I’m not one myself, I’m really glad I found actual teenagers who like books and reading.

So, today I thought I’d share with you my all-time favourite books!

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, Michael Morpurgo.



I read this book at school when I was about 8/9. We read it as a class and spent lessons going over the book and learning about the era it is set in, WW2. I remember loving this book do much that I asked for it for Christmas so I could read it again and again and again. This book, although it is a little too childish for me now, is still very special as it introduced me to Michael Morpurgo and the world of historical fiction. Now I have about 10-12 Michael Morpurgo books, mainly set in the world war’s, all of which made me fall deeply in love with historical fiction as a genre. Now I’m exploring the wider-world of historical fiction but I will always be grateful for Michael Morpurgo and this book for introducing me to this amazing genre!

The Book Thief, Markus Zusak.



I remember picking up this book when I was wandering around town one day as it was on sale and I’d heard about (probably because the movie came out that year). Anyway as soon as I started reading it, I fell in love with Zusak’s writing style and the way the book is narrated from Death’s point of view. Also, this book is set in Germany and in case you didn’t know by now, I am in love with Germany and German culture so would never miss a chance to read more about it. Although the book has a sad ending, it does put the horrors and unfairness of Nazi Germany into perspective and offer a unique view of life in Germany in that era. After reading the book I bought the film and was definitely not disappointed – the film really does do the book justice. I highly recommend The Book Thief – both novel and film – especially if you are studying Nazi Germany for your History exams. I read this book and the following book as ‘revision’ for my History exams last year because the factual content is excellent and reading a novel helps to put everything into perspective and makes it more relatable than reading from a textbook.

Ausländer, Paul Dowswell.



This book is actually what made me start blogging. Believe it or not, a year ago on Monday, I created a blog so I could share book reviews and recommendations of YA historical fiction but…I wasn’t cut out to be a book blogger so the next day I deleted the blog and made a ‘personal’ blog. So…yeah, I guess I have a lot to thank this book for! If I hadn’t had decided to order this book (plus the next book I will talk about and Hitler’s Angel) from Amazon because it was the spring holidays and I didn’t have any books to read, I may have never started blogging – imagine that! Anyway, this book, along with The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany and is composed of just the right balance of factual content and original storyline. Again I highly recommend reading this if you are studying Nazi Germany, it is a really good book for a break in revision and Paul Dowswell is quickly becoming my favourite author.

Sektion 20, Paul Dowswell.



This book isn’t set in either if the world wars (which in case you haven’t noticed is my favourite era of history) but set in the Cold War – an area of history I didn’t know anything about so I was a little wary of it but considering this book (and the last one for that matter) are set in Berlin and I had recently returned home from my Berlin trip with school, I thought I’d give it a try. After reading it, I am dying to learn more about the Cold War and I have found a new era of history that interests me so that’s good! A few months ago I watched a TV series called Deutschland 83 which was set in the Cold War and told the story of an East German border guard who was forced to become a spy in West Germany in order for his mother to have a kidney transplant. Although the story line does get a bit odd what with the main character cheating on his pregnant girlfriend (who also happens to be cheating on him) and multiple messy deaths, the series was really interesting and thrilling and I can’t wait to find out if there will be a sequel!! The programme was in German with English subtitles which made me love it even more, plus the main character is pretty damn attractive:



This post got so side-tracked, oops!

Wolf by Wolf, Ryan Graudin.



Finally, this is my latest purchase that I have fallen in love with. I first saw a review of this book over on Samantha’s blog and after reading it, I though I NEED THIS. So, I asked for ot for my birthday and once I got it, I read it within a few days, which is unusual for me. Although this book is an alternate historical fiction so isn’t based entirely on facts, I was still hooked on it – the plot and the characters are just marvelous. I highly recommend this to anyone who wonders what may have happened if the Nazi’s had won WW2. It really is an interesting read and I can’t wait to read the sequel, Blood for Blood when it comes out later in the year (although I know ARCs have been sent out so anyone who has one is VERY lucky and I may be a tiny bit jealous!!).

Anyway, so that is my top 5 all-time favourites. All of which come under the historical fiction genre and 4 out of 5 of them are set in Germany (I KEEP WRITING HERMANY – SOMEONE SAVE ME). I don’t know many people my age who are really into historical fiction so sorry if this post wasn’t interesting to you! However I still recommend that you give historical fiction a chance because it is probably not what you expect!

Phew, this post has taken me like two hours spread across today and yesterday to write because my family keep interrupting my blogging and today is my mum’s birthday so it’s been a little hectic with family visiting and making a cake last minute (like literally 30 minutes ago, I still haven’t iced it yet).

Also on Wednesday I had a crazy day with friends – first my family friends came round for lunch and we played a lot of board games and, as is our tradition, did an Easter egg hunt around the garden (we still haven’t found one of the eggs!) even though we are all teenagers and perhaps a little too old for it!

Then in the evening I went to a friends house with 3 other friends  and the five of us had a movie and pizza night (although we only watched half an hour of the film before getting distracted and running around the house playing hide and seek – who says teenagers can’t act like kids sometimes?). We all were crazily hyper and ended up sending blind text messages to our friend who is on holiday (who thought we were all drunk) because most of the messages looked like this: hoskw jhows aew tou oboow foh ae wkk.

It was honestly the best night I have had in ages! It just goes to show teenagers don’t need alcohol to have a good time – although many of my classmates would disagree with me I’m sure.

So, that’s my week so far – how has your week been?

There are THREE DAYS until my blogoversary and I can’t wait for you guys to hear the voice recording I made!!! 🙂


//Leaving parties are the worst//

Bonjour! How are you? I’m feeling a weird mixture of sadness, joy and ill (my year group had a meningitis vaccination yesterday and a lot of people are now feeling ill which is probably not a good).

Yesterday I had an absolutely amazing evening though, despite feeling sick the whole time.

Now, I haven’t mentioned it on this blog yet but I go to explorer scouts and scouting as been a major part of my life for 8 years now. I’ve always been a really adventurous person who loves the outdoors so scouting is literally my life.

Last night my two explorer scout leaders had their leaving party. I have known them for about two years now so it was really sad to see them go. My explorer unit got on so well with them that they were more like friends than leaders so we always had lots of banter but now they have officially left and it’s sad because the dynamic of the group is going to change. On the plus side though our new leaders are nice too so hopefully we will get on with them too.

To celebrate and thank them for their time as our leaders, we went ten-pin bowling. It was absolutely brilliant!

We had a great time just joking around, singing and dancing to the music and taking loads of selfies, as well as actually bowling of course.

It made me realise how much I love my scouting friends and how I could never leave them. As far as bowling was concerned, I wasn’t that great at it in the first game but by the time we played the second game I had got the hang of it and came a respectable third place.

I am so exhausted now though as I got home at like 11 pm and was too hyper to sleep until 1 am. Plus feeling ill from the jab doesn’t really help either.

I did manage to do some photography whilst bowling though.




I hope you all had a relatively good week and are looking forward to the weekend!

I’m going to spend the rest of my evening watching the UK’s Eurovision song contest finals. 🙂