//DIYs to help you stay organised//

Hello! Recently I’ve been loving doing crafty stuff, and have turned my hand to making some bits and bobs that help to keep my room organised and to keep ME organised when school arrives in the next few weeks.

I always like to try to keep my room tidy, but over the past few months the amount of clutter has been growing and growing, so I decided it was time to have a bit of a tidy up because having an organised room will (hopefully) encourage me to be more organised and relaxed instead of despairing everything I walk into my messy room.

So as well as making some school-related DIYs to add to my room, I’ve also made some things that help to tidy up the clutter.

Monthly calendars

A while ago Janet wrote about how she stays organised at university and advised the use of calendars, and as I usually just rely on a small pocket-sized diary to scribble down deadlines and other notes, I thought I’d give it a go. As I didn’t want to go out and but a calendar (and i would only be able to use it until the end of December before buying a new one) I decided to make my own monthly calendar printouts. There are loads available for free on line, but I just simply opened up Microsoft word and made my own.

As don’t have a notice board, I often use my wardrobe as a place to display things, so it was the perfect place to put them. Monthly calendars are so useful as you can write all your deadlines on there and it’s very easy to see when you have important dates coming up, even if they are a few months away, so you don’t end up procrastinating and leaving them until the last minute (in theory). I’ve decided to display four months at a time, as the acedemic year can be divided into three “chunks”: September-December, January-April and May-July (and also it just looks nice with four), but you can display however many you want at one time. The good thing about having calendars in your room is that when you wake up and go to bed, you’ll be able to check all your deadlines and stay up to date, so there’s less chance you’ll forget something important.

(If you would like a copy of the monthly printouts I made, comment your email down below and I’ll send them over!)


As I mentioned before, memos are a great way to stay organised. They don’t take up much space and are always handy for more taking and to-do lists. Last year I didn’t have lessons on Wednesday and Friday, so I used to stay at home and study and the one thing I could have done with is some memos to write up my to-do lists for the day. Although you can buy some really cute memos and sticky notes, I decided to reuse an old notebook by ripping out all the unused pages and cutting them down into quarters. I then fastened them with a bulldug clip to hold them together. It’s so easy to do and it’s great to reuse old stationary, plus you don’t feel guilty about getting rid of them after you’ve used them!

Earring box

This is less directly related to school, but it’s still a great way to stay organised! I don’t know about you but one thing that used to stress me out was having loads of packets of earrings and no way to store them – I literally just had a draw full of them and it was such a mess. However, yesterday I cleared out a load of of earrings and made this little box for the ones I am keeping. It was very easy to make – I just used one of the many jewellery boxes I had that had one set of earrings in (such a massive box, can you believe it) and rolled up some face wipes I’d had for ages that had dried up to create the ridges, then poked the earrings in between. It’s so much neater having them all in one box, and I think it looks really cute too.

Storage pots

This is probably the simplest DIY ever. Whilst clearing out my room, I came across two small round pots that had gems in (first picture) that you’re supposed to stick on your nails. Although I didn’t want the gems any more, the pots were too cute to throw away so I’ve repurposed them and they’re the perfect size to store spare earring backs in (because they always come in handy!).
The second picture shows a bigger plastic pot which used to be a box for cake cases. Before I found this my bobby pins and hair bands were all jumbled up in a draw and it was such a pain to find what I wanted, so I found this little pot and am using it to store them in, which is so much neater!
So, that concludes the DIYs I’ve made recently! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and if you have any DIYs to recommend, please do so in the comments – I love making new things!

(Also it’s almost autumn and I’m sooo excited, it’s by far my favourite season! I was thinking about doing some sort of back to school posts about advice for starting sixth form and maybe a what I wear to sixth form fashion post, so if you’d be interested then please let me know! (I’ll probably end up doing them anyway haha). Also I’m always open for collabs/guest posts – I feel like I don’t say that enough, so if you would be interested get in touch).

//What to do with old jeans (and way too much spare time for someone who is in the middle of exams…)//

So today I strangely found myself with loads of spare time on my hands – I woke up quite early and managed to cram in all of today’s and tomorrow’s planned revision in the space of an hour and a half (oops). Considering the weather has been very warm and summery for the past week, I suddenly found myself in need of a more summery wardrobe. Then I remembered a pair of old jeans I had lying in the bottom of my wardrobe that had got too short and decided to make some shorts:


I’m actually quite pleased with how they turned out (sorry about the rubbish photo by the way, I have no clue how to take decent photos of clothes). They didn’t take too long to make – all I did was cut the jeans in half and sew up the hem. But then I was left with a load of spare denim and thought it would be silly to let it go to waste.

My cutting in a straight line skills are just amazing, aren’t they?

So then I decided to make some decorations for my room because I love making my room look nice and themed. I decided to make some little hanging heart thingys and write a quote on them.

First I drew out the hearts on the jeans using a template and a permanent marker:100_8340.JPG

Then I cut out all the hearts so I had 12 hearts, then I paired them together so I had six hearts, each with a front and a back.


I decided to make 3 darker blue ones and 3 lighter blue ones by turning some of the hearts inside out so the inside of what was the jeans was showing. Then I wrote the quote onto the hearts – ‘Be where you want to be’ – I saw it on Pinterest and it really caught my attention so I thought why not? My room has a travel/adventure theme anyway.


Then (this is by far the longest, most tiring part) I sewed the hearts up, attached part of the seam of the jeans as a little handle and stuffed them using the remainder of the denim. I didn’t take any photos of this stage because I was too lazy to go and find my camera, oops.

Anyway, this is the finished product!


Here are some close ups of individual hearts because that picture isn’t very clear:



So that’s basically all I’ve done today but I feel like it’s been a very productive day! I have to go to school tomorrow which sucks because it’s supposed to be the half term break…

Yesterday I had a lovely barbecue with two of my friends and we had a board games evening too which was awesome (although I officially hate the income and super tax in Monopoly as I must have landed on them about 50 times, I couldn’t go past ‘go’ without landing on income tax)!

Hope you’re having a lovely week! 🙂

Oh also I reached 100 followers yesterday!!! Yay! Thank you guys for being so awesome! 🙂