//MAMMA MIA! (Here I go again… *breaks into song*)//


Ever since I watched Mamma Mia for the first time back when I was 10/11 years old, I have been in love with all the music and dancing and just general vibe the film gives off. And then, naturally, after watching the film 20-something times and knowing all the words and scenes off by heart, I dug out my parents old Abba albums and started listening to them too.

As if that couldn’t satisfy my love of Abba enough, my dad surprised me by taking me and my family to see ‘The Ultimate Abba Tribute Band’ back in 2011 (I think) for my birthday which was an experience of a lifetime. As my first ever concert, it was pretty damn awesome. What with the mostly middle-aged audience of people singing and dancing along to Abba’s greatest hits – and some questionable ’70s Abba-style costumes including an old-ish man wearing a white flared suit which did nothing at all to help disguise the fact that he was wearing a thong, in fact it was practically see-through, but we’ll forget about this rather traumatic sight for twelve year-old me – it was definitely not a night I would forget anytime soon.

Ever since going to that concert, I have been dying to go and see the musical in theater as the ultimate experience for a Mamma Mia/Abba fan like me. Aaaaaand, guess what? Last weekend I managed to persuade my dad to buy last-minute tickets to see Mamma Mia the Musical yesterday evening!!!!!!

My outfit (sorry for the blurriness)

OMG. It was ABSOLUTELY amazing. The actors and actresses were all brilliant and unique – like they weren’t acting in the same way as those in the film. Sky was Scottish for a start and Bill was Australian. But I think this made the musical extra special because I wasn’t expecting that and it was like a whole other take on Abba’s music. Plus there were three extra songs than in the film which meant extra scenes! Yay!

My favourite scenes would have to be dancing queen because Rosie and Tanya were sooooo funny and also the Lay All Your Love On Me scene as all the men were wearing flippers and dancing as if they were swimming (kinda like in the film) plus there were loads of six-packs on display. 😉

Basically imagine this scene but on a stage.


And then at the end, all the cast came back on and did an encore of Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Waterloo and the whole audience was stood up dancing and singing along. It was amazing although we were sat on the third tier in literally the highest row of seats we could possibly be seat in so I was a little reluctant to stand up at first, especially because the floor sloped downwards!!!!!

All in all, it was an incredible evening out. I am extremely tired now though as I got home at 11:30pm yesterday and couldn’t get to sleep until about 2:30am as all of the songs and scenes from the musical kept going round my head (as well as Snap Out of It  – Arctic Monkeys, which was stuck in my head before I saw Mamma Mia and apparently watching a musical couldn’t even get rid of it)!

I highly recommend Mamma Mia the musical to EVERYONE, whether you’ve watched the film or not, because it is so funny and entertaining and the songs really make you feel good about yourself (at least I got that vibe anyway)!

Ooh I also managed to do a bit of photography whilst we were waiting to be let into the theater!


Bye for now, hope you all had a lovely weekend! 🙂