Blogmas #22: Roll up! Roll up! Get your festive hat ideas here!

Hats are festive, right? You get the woolly ones, the Santa ones, Christmas cracker hats – in fact, Christmas is really all about hats isn’t it?

Today I’ll be sharing with you some alternative Christmas hat ideas, just so your festive headwear can stand out a bit this year. 

1. The lampshade

I think lampshades make really good hats, especially the ones with the little tassel things around the bottom, very swishy indeed. However it might be best to add a few baubles and a bit of tinsel first, just so people don’t question your choice of headwear for that Christmas party you’re (dreading) going to. On the plus side, if you stand very still at the side of the room, people might even mistake you for a lamp so you can avoid social interaction and enjoy confusing people by stealing snacks whilst they’re not looking.

2. The traffic cone

This one is unique AND practical, especially if you have one of the bright yellow safety cones – you’ll glow in the dark too. Doubles up as protective headwear too on your walk home after a bit of a drink, cars will see you from a mile off! The great think about traffic cones are you can turn them in to so many different types of festive hat. You could go for the classic Santa hat, or add a star on top and call it a Christmas tree! Even an angel could work… probably 😂

3. The origami hat

Nothing can beat a beautifully hand crafted hat. There are so many styles you can make, my personal favourite is the one that looks like a boat. If you’re not a master at paper folding, you can just roll it into a cone shape and put a bit of tape on and voila! (Or if frustration takes over, you may just end up with a scrumpled peice of paper perched atop your head – could be a snowball though right?).

Well, I hope you find my craft ideas inspirational. Just a little bit of fun amongst all the more serious festivities! 

9 thoughts on “Blogmas #22: Roll up! Roll up! Get your festive hat ideas here!

        1. “Breaking news: the Prime Minister has been sighted leaving downing Street with some rather exotic headwear”
          “Could it be, no it couldn’t possibly be the new lamp from Gucci?!”
          “No sir, I think she’s just having a bad hair day”

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