Blogmas #18: Christmas Q&A

I’m actually quite excited for this. I don’t think I’ve ever done a Q&A and this one will be Christmassy so what’s not to love?

L and I have been asking you to tweet in and comment your questions for us, which I’ll be giving my answers to today!

What is your favourite Christmas film? – Megan @ Probability Reading and Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff

Arghhh it’s so hard to pick one! In a previous Blogmas post I said that my favourite Christmassy films were Nativity!, The Polar Express and Paddington (loosely linked to Christmas but it’s amazing???). So, if I had to pick out of those I think it would have to be Nativity! based on the fact that I can watch it again and again and still get that heart-warming feeling during the ending! But then I also love Paddington??? Arghhhhh

Do you prefer staying at home for Christmas or going on holiday? – Janet @ The Storyteller

Usually we stay at home for Christmas. When I was younger we used to stay at my grandparents in Yorkshire for Christmas every few years, which I did enjoy as I love Yorkshire and it was nice to spend Christmas with most of the family, but as I’ve grown older I much prefer staying at home as it’s so much less hassle. I mean, if I had the option to go abroad for Christmas that would be pretty cool, although I don’t think I’d want to be away from home on Christmas day but some other time in the Christmas holidays would be fun. (Don’t mind me imaging Berlin a.k.a. my fave place on earth at Christmas…😍).
What’s your favourite ornament on your Christmas tree? – Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff

Oooh this is a good question! As I speak, we haven’t actually got our tree up yet so I’ll have to pick one from memory. I think when I was little I got this green squishy plastic ball shaped bauble, it has sort of holes in it – it’s really hard to describe but I always remember having that on our tree and it reminds me of being a smol child. Although I do also have a little tartan owl decoration that I bought a few years ago and it’s so cute! Arghhh it’s hard to decide!

What would your nightmare Christmas tree look like? – Elm @ Just Call Me Elm or Something

Well, when I was in the bus the other day coming home from college, I saw a Christmas tree in someone’s house that was…rather strange. It had several huge plastic reindeer with a sort of gold coating hanging on the tree. I mean, they were almost the size of small cats. It was borderline creepy! The reindeers were so huge…it just didn’t look right! I don’t know if it counts as a nightmare tree but it was very bizarre. (Tbh my tree is probably some people’s idea of a nightmare tree as we literally just throw stuff on it anywhere and there is no colour-coordination whatsoever 😂).

What would you prefer to be, Santa or an elf? – Elm @ Just Call Me Elm or Something

Oooh I think I’d have to go with an elf. Being Santa sounds too stressful. Although I’m probably too tall to fit in with the other elves, but I have big ears so that might help?
Is there one Christmas tradition you have that if you didn’t do, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas? – Bethany @ Bethany and Books

I think it would have to be putting up decorations. At the moment we don’t have any up and it really doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. I think decorations help with the whole Christmas Vibe (also it’s an excuse to not tidy the house for a while because there are decorations! Decorations everywhere!).

Thank you all for your questions, I had fun answering them! Christmas is almost upon us now eeeek!!

11 thoughts on “Blogmas #18: Christmas Q&A

  1. Every year, whilst we’re putting up our tree, my sister is like: “our tree needs to have a theme”.
    It does, dear sis: Christmas. 😂🎄
    Great post 😀

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  2. I had so much fun reading this Em! Being Santa does sound stressful haha. So many people around the world to give presents to! Nah I’m good I’ll join you and become an elf even though I too am too tall haha

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  3. As I walk down my road I can sometimes see through the windows and one of the houses inexplicably has two giant hands on either side of the living room?? Anyway I don’t know if it was supposed to be seasonal or art or what but I WAS SUPER CONFUSED. Aw I love Nativity too, the songs are such a jam! I was actually watching it at the weekend 🙂

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