It’s the end of the year…as we know it!!!

Well hello there. I’m speaking to ye on this the last few days of 2017. And, what a blast this year has been!? I think 2017 has been one of my better years in terms of all the good things (let’s ignore the bad parts shall we?). Tbh I probably say this about every year ever but my memory is atrocious..2016 was thing? Whattt? Sure it’s not all been plain sailing – I finished the first year of A Levels and started the impossibly even more scary and stressful second year, I’ve applied to unveristy (basically signing myself up to £50,000+ worth of debt – have fun with that future Em!), I turned 18 and many other things happened along the way.

I thought I’d do a little summary of my year, ’cause that’s what bloggers do, right? And I’ve even come up with ~fancy~ headings (that are really just rubbish) for each section. Yup, really stepping up my blogging game here 😎 (jk, maybe next year?)

Places I travelled

Let’s start with travel, not because I travelled a lot or very far this year (what do you MEAN the fridge isn’t a foreign country!?!) but I love exploring new places, no matter how far away or (un)exotic they maybe!

I can’t remember the first place that I travelled to this year, but it could possibly be my trip to Portsmouth to visit my sister at uni in the spring. That was fun, but exhausting, 8 hours on various trains really takes it out of you! Of course, I’ve visited Portsmouth several other times this year, and each time we go to pick up/drop off my sister we spend some time exploring the city – this year we went to the historic dockyard and saw the fancy new aircraft carrier, HMS Elizabeth, which is HUGE.

I also went to Marseille with college – my first trip to France! It was such a fun trip, and I loved the city (though not so much the buses 😂).

Other places I’ve explored this year include Southampton and Exeter as I went to uni open days there, Cardiff for a geography trip (which was really cool because we went in the Welsh government building and…so much #geogbanter) and Bath, which I visited for the first time with my friend in the summer – it’s such a beautiful city!

I also went to London twice this year, I hadn’t been for a couple of years and I couldn’t really remember it so I was very excited to go. We visited cousins and went to watch the World Para-athletics Championships at the Olympic Park. My sister and I loved London so much as soon as we came home we booked tickets to go back a few weeks later. That was the first time we’d travelled that far without our parents so it was quite an interesting experience! (We didn’t get lost…much).

Finally I spent a week in Yorkshire visiting family, which was so relaxing and brought back so many memories of visiting as a child. I went to Leeds festival with my sister and died several times whilst watching some of my favourite bands.  

Book of the year

I haven’t read a great deal of books this year as college and other things have got in the way. But! I did read To Kill A Mockingbird for the first time, and surprisingly really enjoyed it, so I think that’s got to be my favourite book I’ve read in 2017 (despite it being released many years ago – I don’t think I read any 2017 releases oops).

Film of the year

It’s got to beeeeeee…Paddington 2! It’s just such a funny and heart-warming film 😍 and you can’t NOT love it??

Favourite memories

This section is a bit random, but y’know sometimes you just have some random memories that really stand out. I have done a lot more with my friends this year than previous years which has been great, from pumkin-carving, to screaming out 80s songs and dancing on the beach in the rain (don’t ask), going to comic con and meeting two of the original Doctor Who’s, holding a funeral for a watermelon, movie days, and just general sixth form banter and laughing for hours about who knows what. I love my friends and I couldn’t be more grateful for being able to spend 2017 with them. 

Plus, I’ve got to express my love for the blogosphere too right? This year I celebrated my first/second blogoversary (I’ve lost track because I confused myself by changing blogs several times) and I’ve met so many new bloggers as well as strengthening friendships with those I’ve known for longer. Watching musicals with the amazing Unicorn Squard 2.0 and collabing with L for Blogmas have definitely been highlights, and I hope next year I can make more bloggy memories. 

Things I’ve learned

Well, hopefully I’ve learnt a lot more about the subjects I’m studying, but mostly I feel like I’ve really learnt a lot more about myself this year. I feel much more comfortable being me, and I feel like I’m starting to figure out who I am, as stupid as that sounds. I’ve gained a lot of confidence since starting college in general, so it’s safe to say I’m much less shy than I was this time last year. I’ve also learnt that there are people around me who care about me and will support me when I need them to by actually opening up to people, so y’know, that’s good. 

On a lighter note, I’ve learnt that you have to use a lot more semi-permanent hair dye than you think for it to survive more than one wash (I dyed my hair blue a few weeks ago, incase you’re wondering!) 😂

I’ve also figured out some sort of direction that I want my life to take me in (that was rubbish English sorry). I realised back in the spring that languages really are my passion and that I want to study them at uni, alongside politics. I’m not quite sure what I want to do post-uni, but that’s a long way away! I would like to live in France for a bit though (mainly just to have fresh, authentic baguettes whenever I want 😉). 

So yeah, a lot has happened this year! I think that’s most of the highlights I can remember, although there were probably many other good memories too. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about my past year, and I’d love to hear some of your favourite memories in the comments!

I guess I’ll be signing out for 2017 (unless inspiration strikes in the last few days) so thank you for following my journey over the past year, and a happy new year to you all! 🎉

Blogmas #24: A French Christmas!

Bonjour! As L and I both study French, we thought we’d set you the challenge of learning a few Christmas-related French words (unless of course you already speak French in which case félicitations vous avez déjà gagné le jeu 🎉).

I’ve concocted a sort of anagram challenge, in which I will give you a French word and the anagram of the English equivalent. You have to solve the anagram of the English word to work out what the French word means. Get it? Right, here we go!

1. Un marché de Noël – thickest rams arm

2. Le sapin – chemist’s rater

3. La dinde – rut key

4. Les lutins – leevs

5. Un traîneau – his leg

6. Joyeux Noël – sherry scam trim

7. L’hiver – wren it

8. Un bonhomme de pain d’épice – meager branding

Comment your answers below! 

Sadly this is the last blogmas post of the year 😦 but hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a good day whatever you’re doing tomorrow!

Blogmas #22: Roll up! Roll up! Get your festive hat ideas here!

Hats are festive, right? You get the woolly ones, the Santa ones, Christmas cracker hats – in fact, Christmas is really all about hats isn’t it?

Today I’ll be sharing with you some alternative Christmas hat ideas, just so your festive headwear can stand out a bit this year. 

1. The lampshade

I think lampshades make really good hats, especially the ones with the little tassel things around the bottom, very swishy indeed. However it might be best to add a few baubles and a bit of tinsel first, just so people don’t question your choice of headwear for that Christmas party you’re (dreading) going to. On the plus side, if you stand very still at the side of the room, people might even mistake you for a lamp so you can avoid social interaction and enjoy confusing people by stealing snacks whilst they’re not looking.

2. The traffic cone

This one is unique AND practical, especially if you have one of the bright yellow safety cones – you’ll glow in the dark too. Doubles up as protective headwear too on your walk home after a bit of a drink, cars will see you from a mile off! The great think about traffic cones are you can turn them in to so many different types of festive hat. You could go for the classic Santa hat, or add a star on top and call it a Christmas tree! Even an angel could work… probably 😂

3. The origami hat

Nothing can beat a beautifully hand crafted hat. There are so many styles you can make, my personal favourite is the one that looks like a boat. If you’re not a master at paper folding, you can just roll it into a cone shape and put a bit of tape on and voila! (Or if frustration takes over, you may just end up with a scrumpled peice of paper perched atop your head – could be a snowball though right?).

Well, I hope you find my craft ideas inspirational. Just a little bit of fun amongst all the more serious festivities! 

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Blogmas #20: The Nativity of Christmas Yet To Come

Hello! I am typing this after having been struck by tinselitis (most likely a cold but it did suspiciously start after we covered the house in tonnes of tinsel the other day, but tinselitis sounds more festive??). Anyway, I’m not quite with it so this could turn out very…interestingly? I’m going to rewrite the Nativity story in the name of Blogmas and put my own spin on it.

The Nativity of Christmas Yet To Come

Bleeep bleep bloop. “Moon to Space Lodge 3000, moon to Space Lodge 3000, do you have a room to spare for the night? My wife saw a shooting star last night and now she’s convinced she’s going to have a child?”

“Blip blip bleeep,” a green and purple spotted creature gurgled done the high-tech futuristic phone me that I can’t be bothered to name. 

“Oh, there’s no room?” The astronaut sighed. “This is the fifth space station I’ve tried now, we don’t have time to travel to the next galaxy!”

“Blip bleeep blip.” The alien replied.

“What was that? You have a crater to spare?” The astronaut took a moment to think, it was their last option, they had to take it. 

And with that, the astronaut and his wife hopped along the moon to find a small, dusty indent with a purple and green flag sticking out of it reading “Space Lodge 3000, over flow carpark”, which they presumed must be the crater the alien was talking about. 

As they made themselves at home in the crater, all sort of multicoloured, long-legged aliens crept over the horizon towards them. 

“Bleep blip blip,” one of them said, heading towards the confused couple.

“You have gifts for us?” The astronaut translated. “For the child?”.

“Bleeep”, the alien moved it’s hands forward and the astronauts could see that it was holding a lump of snoldering asteroid. Two others presented themselves each carrying a lump of moon rock and some space dust.

“Ermm, thanks, I guess,” the astronaut said, accepting the gifts and putting them down beside them. The gaggle of aliens took this as a sign of acceptance and crowded into the crater. Before long, the astronaut and his wife found themselves squished in between a variety of strange creatures, all sitting patiently and waiting.

The astronauts, and the aliens, sat all night, waiting for something to happen. Stars twinkled in galaxies far away, but there was no sign of a child being born. 

Many lightyears later, a bright white light filled the sky and the astronauts wife shrieked that it was the same shooting star that had appeared to her previously.  She stood up expectantly waiting for what it had to say, except she forgot about the lack of gravity and began to float away a bit.

“Terribly sorry to bother you,” the star began saying in an eerie, echoing voice. “It seems that my sat nav malfunctioned. You see, I was meant to take a left turn but took a right by accident and bumped into you. You’re not going to have a child, my mistake.”

The astronaut looked even more confused than he had done the whole time, and his wife was puzzled too. 

“I’ll be going now.” The star said, and just as suddenly as it had appeared, it flew out of sight. 

The alien creatures made a few bleeping noises, and then they started to depart too. The astronaut and his wife were left alone in the crater, confused as ever, and decided they would travel over to Mars, they’d never had any problems with strange folk there, and the exchange rate was a lot better, so that’s what they did.

The end.

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