//The School Routine Tag//

Hello! So the other day Eve did the School Routine Tag over on their blog, and I thought it was an interesting and cool tag to do, so I thought I’d give it a try (even though I go to sixth form college not school but hey ho)! I love hearing about different people’s experiences of school haha.

1. How long does it take you to get to school?

Well, it usually takes between 50 minutes and an hour on the bus for me to get to college, but sometimes it can be a lot longer as the bus service is really unreliable (when you end up stood at the bus stop for 45 mins waiting for a bus service that’s meant to be every 10 minutes…does anyone feel my pain??). When I was at secondary school, it was only a five minute walk away so it’s quite a different journey to back then! The annoying thing is, by car it only takes around 20 minutes to get to college but I don’t drive so have to use public transport (buses are painful argh).

2. What do you like to eat for lunch?

It depends on what I feel like really. I usually pack my lunch the night before to save time in the morning and my lunch usually consists of sandwiches, a cake of some description, a muesli bar, grapes, sometimes dried fruit or an apple as well and sometimes crisps. Although once a week I make myself some pasta with tomato sauce and in the summer I ate pasta and salad a lot, so it really depends on the season and what I feel like eating, and obviously what food we have at home!

3. What classes are you taking?

I’m taking three subjects  – A Levels in French, history and geography. 🙂 In the UK, it’s the norm to take 3-4 A Levels as they are so intense!

4. What’s your favourite subject?

Ahhh this is hard! It’s difficult to pick when you aren’t studying a great amount of subjects, but I’d probably say it changes between geography and French. I love geography because I have a great group of friends in my class and we have really academically-stimulating discussions (as well as laughing at pretty much EVERYTHING) and I just generally love how I feel more connected and knowledgeable on world affairs by learning geography, BUT I really don’t like physical geography, which makes up half of the subject, so it can’t be my favourite if I don’t like 50% of what we’re learning! French is another contender for favourite though as my classmates are really friendly and funny and I feel really comfortable talking French around them, which is very important when learning a language. Plus there are only 6 of us, so it’s a pretty unique experience and I love learning in a small group. The lessons feel more laid-back to my other subjects as you learn languages in a completely different way to everything else, plus the topics we do are very up-to-date and interesting, like at the moment we are learning about diversity and marginalized groups of people in France and french-speaking countries. But obviously sometimes I find French very hard and stressful, which takes a bit of the enjoyment out of it she says whilst mere weeks away from applying to do French at university.

5. What’s your least favourite subject?

Regrettably this would have to be history. For the whole of my secondary school life, I was convinced I wanted to be a historian, but to be honest I’ve sort of been put off by A Level. I mean, the A Level programme is well structured and there is a lot of flexibility over what your teachers can choose to teach you, but I haven’t had the best experience. For one I don’t really feel comfortable around my classmates , not to mention the fact that we had three teachers last year because they kept leaving and we ended up being taught the same stuff multiple times and missing out huge chunks which meant I had to spend ym summer catching up. So yeah, history isn’t my favourite, but I am enjoying it a bit more this year as we’ve got a good teacher and we’re learning about the witch craze, which is so strange but surprisingly interesting lets not mention my 4000 word assignment due in in two months that I haven’t started yet.

6. What grade are you in?

I’m in year 13, so the last year of compulsory education in the UK! (Although I am going to go to university next year because I clearly haven’t had enough of studying)

7. What time do you get out of school?

Because I go to a sixth form college that isn’t attatched to a school, we don’t operate a normal school timetable. So, the times I go to and leave college are different each day – Friday’s I don’t go in at all! – and everyone has a different timetable dependent on subjects, so some of my friends I hardly see because we’re in at different times. So Monday’s I finish at 12pm, Tuesday’s I finish at 4:30pm, Wednesday is the same as Monday and Thursday I leave at 4:30pm. Some of these days are half days though, except Thursday which is 9-4:30pm.

8. What do you like to wear to school?

I usually go for a pair of comfy jeans and a t-shirt or shirt, depending on how cold it is. Sometime I’ll wear my denim jacket over my t-shirt for a bit of extra warmth and in the winter I tend to wear woolen jumpers and hoodies. Occasionally I’ll wear a dress, skirt or shorts with tights.

9. How early do you have to wake up for school?

If I’m starting at 9am, which is three ays a week, I have to wake up at 6:30am *sighs* because I have to get the bus at 7:40am. But on days where my lessons don’t start until after lunch, I don’t set an alaram so I usually wake up between 8am and 9am.

!0. What’s your favourite item in your backpack?

I’m probably gonna have to copy Eve on this one and say my pencil case. I’ve had it for about three years and I love the design so much, plus stationary is one of my favourite things in life and I couldn’t survive at college without my pencil case! (Mainly because I wouldn’t be able to make my notes pretty).

That was quite fun to do so if you want to give it a go, consider yourself tagged!

5 thoughts on “//The School Routine Tag//

  1. Argh at bus frustration, that really sucks! I’m not doing Geography anymore, although when I did I really preferred the not physical geography stuff like river formation. YASS STATIONERY IS THE BEST. *high fives* Also just to let you know, I prefer they/them pronouns. 🙂

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