Hello! Today I’d like to talk about some of the things I’ve been loving so far this autumn. It’s been a long tine since I last wrote here, so I’m going to use this post to sort-of bring you up to speed with some of the things I’ve been up to lately as well.

Autumn so far has been both uneventful and eventful. I mean, nothing much exciting has really happened – although I have celebrated a few friends birthdays, gone on a few shopping trips and visited my favourite art gallery – but otherwise I’ve pretty much been studying constantly. Year 13 has certainly been more intense than I was expecting, the workload is so impossibly huge that I barely have time to work on the two pieces of independent coursework and my university personal statement that need to be done by Januray, let alone blogging! On top of all that, I was suffering with a nasty cold for two weeks, and last week my phone broke so it’s been shipped off to France where I’ll probably never see it again.. for repairs, and whilst I’m writing this, our wifi at home haa gone down so who know’s when I’ll get to publish it!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for now and I should really start to write about my autumn favourites, which I’m excited to share with you! Autumn is my favourite season, and I’m loving it even more than usual this year, which is great!

I’ve been really getting into fashion this autumn. I may not be the most fashionable person, but I really enjoy putting autumnal outfits together, especially featuring this top and skirt that I bought recently (in the sales of course!) (Sorry for the bad photography)



This is a bit strange, but I’ve been drinking lemon squash a lot recently, and I really love the taste! Although citrus fruits are more summery, my dad bought some lemon squash when we both had colds in a bid to help our sore throats, and I’ve carried on drinking it since – it’s so refreshing.


Yep, you heard correctly. The girl who was saying just a few months ago how much she had fallen out of love with geography has included it on a favourites list…Basically, we’re studying global superpowers at the moment, and it’s so interesting from a political and historical perspective, and something I want to explore more when I study politics at uni next year. I’m so glad I’ve fallen back in love it, because gsography is so demanding and if you’re lacking enthusiasm, it can be a real uphill battle. The coursework is another question, but so far I’m loving the lessons enough to spend time making pretty notes!

(N.B. this was written before I had the end of topic test on Tuesday which was HORRIBLE)


Of course candles are an autumn essential, but in particular I have been using an apple and cinamon candle (which I conveniently forgot to photograph) a lot that my friend got me for Christmas last year. It’s not a yankee candle, but the scent is so powerful and warming.

Make-up Revolution

I bought the Make-Up Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals pallet in August because I loved the pink and orange shades in it, and have never had a proper eyeshadow pallet so I decided to treat myself. I’ve been using it so much over the autumn, as it has some really deep bergundys and oranges that give off an autumn vibe. Although I have nothing really to compare this pallet too, I am very impressed with it as to me the colours seem very pigmented and apply well, and there is a great range of matte and shimmer-y shades. 10/10 would recommend.

ITV Victoria

Ahh! The series finale was on Sunday, but I definitely loved this series a whole lot more than last series. I got so attatched to some of the characters, and to keep this spoiler-free, let’s just say the plot took some interesting turns!

Absolute 80s radio

Music-wise, there haven’t been any particular artists that I’ve really been into, I guess other than HAIM who I listened to a lot last month. That’s because I’ve rediscovered my love of 80s music, so spend most of my music-listening time tuning into Absolute 80s or playing some of my parents records.

Well, I think that’s all I can think of for now, which is good because this post is alreasy quite long. I’ve got plenty of ideas for upcoming posts so hopefully over half term next week I’ll more time to write them. Goodbye for now!

13 thoughts on “//Autumn favourites//

  1. It sucks that you’re really busy with work, I’m sorry ❀ It's great hearing about your faves though; that eyeshadow palette is really pretty and I've been wanting to try some eyeshadow so perhaps I should give it a try! Also, I should DEFINITELY get me some candles, because I don't have any right now and it makes me sad.

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    1. Aaah it’s okay, I should be used to it by now tbh (I keep creating more work for myself tho bc I’m becoming a bit of a perfectionist and can’t settle for doing the bare minimum oops). Yasss it is much prettier in real life! Plus it was only * gbp from superdurg if I remember rightly! The brand has other cool pallets too! Ahh noo Eve you need candles, candles are gr9

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  2. Hello Em! It’s really nice to see a post from you pop up in my Reader. Studying is good (and hehe necessary, especially being in ripe ol’ Year 13!) but make sure to get some zzzzzs! I hope the coursework and ps for your uni application go well. I like your outfit, in particular the colour of the skirt. Lemon squash! YAY the Geography bit made me smile – and you’re so right in saying (to paraphrase) how you need enthusiasm to help propel you through your subjects. Cute notes – and I feel you on the end of topic test sentiment. Mine have been…questionable. (Tragic, basically.) That palette!! OMG VICTORIA I BINGE WATCHED IT ALL AND DIED TWICE OVER and OMG drumfred AHHH. I won’t spoil here but OMG my aching heart.
    I love these update-y posts. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey! Aaah it’d been too long since I posted it was sad, but I’m glad it’s half term so I have more time to think about blogging (even though I probs won’t get round to it). Aah hope it’s going well for you too! I’ve just handed in my second draft for my ps, and my UCAS choices are all set up and ready to go eeek. Thank you! The skirt is so nice I can’t stop wearing it! Yass enthusiasm is definitely key! My French end of topic test was a LITERAL nightmare – the listening activities wouldn’t work so we had to take it in turns to listen to it on the computer, the test ended up lasting two hours and I completely made up the answers to one of the listening activities as I ran out of time – yet somehow I scraped an A?? *shrugs*. DRUMFRED AAAH I DIE THEY WERE SO PURE AND PRECIOUS WHYYYY. Honestly they were the only thing that kept me going each week *broken heart emoji*. Glad you enjoyed and hope you’re doing well!

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  3. ‘geography is so demanding and if you’re lacking enthusiasm, it can be a real uphill battle’ this was my exact problem with geography haha. I didn’t really like it and my dislike for it only grew over the years so my motivation to study for it was… almost non-existent. I did like things like global superpowers like you described, but the focus for some reason was a lot on more physical geography, so with rocks and the weather and stuff (I don’t remember any terms so I hope you understand me πŸ˜‚) It was SO hard to remember everything because I just didn’t care. I’ m glad you’re back to loving it though! Also love your notes (I don’t think I told you but a while ago I gave in and bought the pastel markers anyway lol. My planner looks so pretty and more organised now!)

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been so busy; I hope things will calm down soon ❀️ Also don’t forget to take care of yourself!! ❀️

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    1. Argh I feel you! Physical geography is such a bore for me, I don’t want to study rocks?? Luckily half of what we do is human geography and the next unit we’re doing is migration and identity which sounds really interesting! Aw thanks! And yay for pastel markers!! They are amazing. Aww thank you β™₯ I have the week off now so more tinw to relax!

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      1. Haha yeah exactly! I just couldn’t care about rocks and all that stuff. I chose to continue geography for the human part, because in our first three years there was a good balance and I was expecting the same in our last three years, but nope. Rocks rocks rocks rip Migration and identity sounds really interesting though! Hope you’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚
        Oh glad to hear! Enjoy your week off β™₯

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  4. Oooh, I love the colours in these clothes! I love the embroidery trend in clothes at the moment, it’s so pretty. Geography sounds pretty interesting, I remember when I did it at school it was mostly about the environment, etc, which was kind of cool, but a lot of boring technical terms to remember πŸ˜‚ So it’s cool to see the side of it that effects humans! I bet learning about ‘global superpowers’ would be quite handy in today’s political climate, anyway… glad to hear that you’re keeping up with the small pleasures in life (i.e. candles, fun music, etc), even if work can seem pretty overwhelming! I’ve heard good things about Victoria, I’ll have to watch it at some point!

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    1. Ahh yes I love embroidary, especially on jeans but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to wear them haha. Yeah, I don’t like the sciencey parts of geography, I’d much rather learn about how people interact with the earth and political stuff. Yes it definitely is, there are loads of current example I could bring into superpowers. Thank you, hope you’re well! Yes Victoria is definitely worth a watch!


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