Hello! As I’ve probably mentioned too many times already, I’m starting year 13 in September – my second year of Sixth form – so I’ve been stocking up on my stationary throughout August to make sure I’m prepared for the year ahead (also there are so many good back to school deals at this time of year, so I’ve bought *hopefully* enough stuff to last me the whole year).

Some of the stationary I bought last year I am going to re-use this year, so I’ll divide the haul into new stuff and reused stuff just so you can get the whole picture of what stationary I use at Sixth form.


I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good stationary shopping spree?

Papermate Inkjoy set of 8 black pens – Sainsbury’s <£3

I bought these in a sale so I can’t remember the exact price, but it was under £3 I think! Inkjoy just write so smoothly, and their triangular shape is so comfy to hold. As a leftie I love them because they don’t smudge loads, which prevents me messing up all my work and being covered in ink!

Pukka 400-page Refill Pad – WHSmith £3.49

Okay so at the moment these are on sale for £3.49 (down from £4.99), but I bought my a few months ago when they had a good two for one offer, so I have two of these pads and one 200 page pad. Obviously you can get much cheaper own-brand paper, but I love Pukka Pads becayse the quality is good and they read out well (which I find most own-brand don’t). I also buy some really cheap paper from a local diy sort of store to rewrite my notes onto (although maybe I should rewrite my notes onto the expensive paper and use the cheap stuff for rough notes?? Who knows).,

Extra strong file dividers 20 pack – Sainsbury’s £1.50 (down from £2)

These! Are! Honestly! An! Essential! They’re plastic so they don’t rip like some of the card/papers ones do, plus you can label the tabs with little stickers which you can peel of and replace so you can reuse your file dividers!!! Honestly they helped to keep my folders so organised last year and they’re nice colours as well! They come in packs of 20 and I use 10 per folder as they fit nicely, plus it’s an even number to divide units into. One thing I would advise is to stock up on them now (because last year I only​ ly bought one pack, so had enough for two folders and had to buy cardboard ones for the other five) as last year Sainsbury’s didn’t stock them anymore after the back to school period in August/September, so that’s something to bear in mind! (I still need to buy another pack as well so I have enough for French).

Staedtler Rainbow Ball 432 ten pack of pens – Ryman £3.99

I haven’t tested these pens yet, but I’ve heard many good things about them! When it comes to note taking, rainbow ballpoints are my go to (for some reason I just can’t get into fine liners??). I used to always use the Papermate Inkjoy set of 10 rainbow oensy, but now it seems they’ve decommissioned that set and you can only get an 8 pack or a 16 pack (or pay ridiculous amounts for the 10 pack on Amazon) so this year I had to switch loyalties and try out Staedtler. The good thing is, the colours are exactly the same as the Papermate ones! (Also the pens are upside down because I took them out the packet to look at them and couldn’t get them back in the right way).


Sometimes you can save money on stationary by reusing stuff from previous years!

Blue floral pencil case – Sainsbury’s

I cannot remember how much this cost as I got it way back in year 10 for Christmas, but no matter as it’s not available anymore anyway. However I still love it and although it’s went on the corners, it’s still perfectly useable! It’s also just the right size to fit everything I need in but not be too bulky in my rucksack. I actually washed it recently because I didn’t want my new stationary to get dirty 😂 A pencil lcase is definitely an essential though to carry around all your pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers etc.

Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighters 6 Pack – Sainsbury’s £5

I bought these last year for my revision as a treat and also because my other highlighters were running out. They are such lovely colours, are long-standing and really smooth to use! Would definitely recommend. I’ll be keeping them at home this year to use when I’m rewriting notes and revising as I always found that whenever I was doing homework, I would need my highlighters that were in my school bag in the cupboard under the stairs, and me being me couldn’t be bothered to go and get them all the time!

Ring binders (middle) – Wilko £1-£2

Slim ring binders (right) – Staples £1-£2

Lever arch files (left) – free!

All of these folders (+ more) were used in my filing system from last year. I experimented with different ways of organising my notes, and found that all three folder types worked best for me. I have one slim ring binder for every subject, which I use to transport my notes from the last few lessons to college on a daily basis (lessons dependant) then when we’d finished a unit/topic, I would transfer that unit (with it’s own dedicated folder dividers) into the normal width ring binders. I had two normal ring binders for geography (one for human and one for physical) and history (one for Britain and one for America) and one for French (because you take less notes). At the end of the academic year, my dad got hold of some lever arch files for me which his work was (and still is) giving away to employees for free. I transferred all my notes from my normal ring binders into these lever arch files, so I now have one lever arch file each for geography, history and French, meaning all my normal ring binders and slim ring binders are free to use for this year! I’ve but my lever arch files into storage under my bed, and my dad has kindly.got me three more lever arch files that I shall transfer my second year notes into next year. Now I’ve got a good set of varying folders, I’ll keep reusing them throughout my education.

Everyone’s filing system is different – some people keep current notes in notebooks before transferring them to ring binders, others just have one ring binder that they take all their current subject notes in on a day to day basis – there’s so many different ways of doing it! It definitely took me a month or so of trying different things to figure out which I preferred!

Well, that’s the end of my mini stationary haul. There are other things that I use such as post-it notes and index cards, but I thought I’d just cover the essentials (mainly because I need to stock up on the other things)! I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

9 thoughts on “//Sixth Form Stationary Haul//

  1. I Love buying stationery,Em !
    You sound so, so organised.
    I wish I had been like that, instead of being so chaotic at school.
    Your Dad is being very helpful with all the binders , too ! That’s great!

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  2. I’ve seen so many people getting the pastel highlighters but I already have loads that still work so I don’t have an excuse to buy them 😂😩

    Liked by 1 person

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