//lgbtq+ music I’m loving//

So…I missed Pride month 😥 I mean, June was a very busy time for me with exams and university applications and exams and open days and exams, so I didn’t have time to write anything on here for Pride, which I’m sad about but hey ho.

But! I thought I’d share some lgbtq+ artists and songs that I’ve been loving recently (I say recently, but I’ve been listening to them for months). Most of these were recommended to me by awesome blogger friends, and I’m very grateful because I’ve found some artists that I absolutely adore and can’t imagine how I lived without them (*cough cough DOUWE*). Some of these artists I’m not sure what their orientation is, but they have some songs with lgbtq+ themes, so I thought I’d include them anyway.

Anyway, without further or do, here are some of my lgbtq+ music faves!

Hayley Kiyoko // wlw

I have so much love for Hayley Kiyoko, her songs are so…gentle? And pure? I have quite a few favourite tracks of hers, of course Pretty Girl and Girls Like Girls which are probably her most popular (?) but I also really love Cliffs Edge and Grave to Tempo and the whole Citrine EP ❤

Douwe Bob // bisexual

LOOK AT THE DOG (and Douwe of course)

Douwe is my Eurovision bae. He competed for The Netherlands back in 2016, and I fell in love! His music is so relaxing and calming, but also very catchy! I do wish he sung more of his songs in Dutch though, because Dutch sounds so nice when it’s sung, but netherless he is a very talented artist (who has very cute dogs). He Ho of Bi is one of my favourite lgbtq+ songs ever (the title basically translates as heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual – credits to Michelle for introducing this song to me and for sharing my love of Douwe!!), and I’d highly recommend watching the music video if you can to understand the Dutch better (plus it’s so cute). Both his albums Pass It On and Fool Bar are worth a listen too!

Christine and the Queens // pansexual

What a beauty!!

Okay, so this is turning out to be international music faves as well as lgbtq+, so here is some beautiful queer French music to add to the party! I think I first came across Christine and the queens when Tilted was a big it in the UK, but since she came up in my French listening exam (French exams are rad), I decided to check out more of her music, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint! I really love iT which discusses gender and is just generally such a jam!

Ingrid Michaelson // lgbtq+ lyrics

Ingrid Michaelson – Tickets – The Lincoln Theatre – Washington ...

Although I’m unsure of her sexuality, Ingrid Michaelson’s song Girls Chase Boys (chase girls) is such a beautiful song with lgbtq+ themes. The Way I am is also a joy to listen to.

Shura // gay

Shura: Star of hit single Touch explains why she chose music instead ...

Shura!! Her music is so pretty and peaceful – I especially love 2Shy and Tongue Tied, but she has so many other songs that are so relaxing and just generally nice to listen to! (Shout out to Elly for introducing me to her and the next artist a while ago!)

The Internet // lgbtq+ lyrics

The Internet Pictures | MetroLyrics

I’m going to finish of my faves list with The Internet. A lot of there music is quite slow and gentle, which is also very relaxing to listen to. Again I’m not entirely sure of their sexualities, but lead vocalist Syd’s sings Girl beautifully and I just love her voice! Somthing’s Missing is another of their songs which I love.

So, that’s a round up of some of my fave lgbtq+ artists and songs. Of course there a loads more and more well-known artists who represent the lgbtq+ community, but these are the ones that I really love and can really connect with. If you have any more recs or faves, feel free to share them below 🙂



Author: Em is Lost

I'm a young blogger who loves adventure and the great outdoors. I enjoy writing about a range of topics including education, politics, feminism, LGBTQ+ issues and diversity, not to mention my everyday adventures as a young person in the UK. I currently run a French blog alongside my main site, where I practice my French writing skills.

22 thoughts on “//lgbtq+ music I’m loving//”

    1. So, that includes transgender and non-binary people, slightly different to bisexual although some people who can be attracted to everyone prefer to be called bisexual, it’s really just personal preference

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  1. Ayyyy so much good music!!! I need to listen to more Douwe, but He Ho Bi is catchy, so I’m sure I’ll like his other stuff! Also, Syd from The Internet is a lesbian if I remember correctly, so that’s cool!

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  2. Ahhhh I LOVE THIS POST BLESS. I don’t know all the artists on this list (and I didn’t know Ingrid Michaelson is possibly not straight?) so I need to check them out asap. I also absolutely love Halsey and recently discovered and fell in love with Mary Lambert. I especially recommend Know Your Name because the music video is SO MUCH FUN AND SO BEAUTIFUL

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    1. AHH YAY! Oooh I hope you like! (I’m not sure if she is not-straight, actually starting to think I miss interpreted the song but oh well Girls Chase Boys is a nice song anyway!) Oooh yes I hear good things about them, I’ll have to listen!

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        1. Aww 😂 I’m the same though, like when I hear male artists singing about girls I still think it’s gay (probs because I end up singing along do then I’m singing about girls so it kinda is gay).


  3. Omg, I am SO ON BOARD WITH THIS POST. I love the artists you mentioned which I know, I’m really enjoying Christine and the Queens at the moment. I haven’t heard of The Internet though so I’m definitely gonna check them out. 🙂 I feel like I did a queer music post at some point… one sec..AH HERE oh yeah, I do also really like Tegan and Sara and Brendan Maclean because I like bouncy pop, what can I say haha.

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