Lately my passion for politics has just come flooding back to me. As you may or amy not know, last year I stuided AS Level Government & Politics, and unexpectedly fell in love with it. Whilst studying for my A Levels this year, I’ve had to push politics to the side and focus on the subjects I’m currently studying, but I think the recent political events in the USA, France and now the UK, my love for politics has returned, as it were.

Today at dinner I was discussing the French election with my family, as you do, and suddenly remembered That Time I Organised a Mock General Election at Scouts™ with my sister. After doing a bit of digging on my old blog, I found the post I’d written about it, so I thought I’d write about it again, because it’s something I’m really proud of (and yet another sign that I was in love with politics without realising??? Seriously for the past few years I’ve been like ‘oh yeah history is my favourite subject and I want to study it at uni’ and somehow completely missed all the signs that I was actually really enthusiastic about politics WELL DONE EM). Funnily enough, I can still remember where the idea came from. Basically at my Explorer Scout group we had to take it in turns in organising the meetings, and as we met on Thursdays, our weekly meeting would fall on the 7th May 2015, which just happened to be polling day for the 2015 General Election. I noticed this when we were at the planning meeting in January to plan the meetings for the months ahead and as our Scout hut is used as the local polling stations, it meant we wouldn’t be able to meet at the hut on that night. it was n’t a problem, because as our leaders said we would just have to meet outside of the hut that night, but it got me thinking. Despite the fact that i wasn’t even studying politics in 2015, and had never studied in school, I remember being really enthused about the General Election, and the fact that our Explorer meeting coincided with polling day was just too good an opportunity to miss in my opinion!

So, I talked to my sister who was also part of my Explorer group, and we came up with the idea of holding a ‘mock’ General Election in which the explorers form their own political parties, come up with a manifesto, present their ideas to the group and then have a secret ballot. So we claimed tha evening as our night to organise and got planning!

As we couldn’t meet at the hut, we decided to meet at the local woods instead (which in hindsight wasn’t The Best™ idea because GNAT BITES ARGHH) and instead of getting the ‘parties’ to right a whole manifesto, we just asked them to come up with policies on the EU, the environment and education. I ended up being part of a party as well, because there was an odd number of Explorers there, and our party was called ‘UK Dependent on Immigration Party’ or ‘UDIP’ for short (political pun intended – I think you can probably guess our politcal standpoint). Overall, the evening went really well! I mean, we came up with some whacky policies that probably would never get us elected, but it was thrilling to feel like we were actually engaging with politics.

The result of the ballot was 6 votes to The Bush Party (don’t ask), 5 votes to UDIP and 1 vote to The Fromage Party. Instead of forming a minority government, The Bush Party opted to form a coalition with The Fromage Party.

I think organising and running this mock election is one of the things I’m most proud of doing in Scouts, because I actually felt like I as helping fellow young people to get involved in politics and to the help them understand more about the way the govenrment works in the UK. Thinking back on it now, I think this could be something I want to go into in the future – educating young people about politics. Whether that be through teaching or campaiging or what, the advocacy of politics in education is something that I’m very passionate about (you can read my post about why politics should be taught in schools here), but we shall see where the future takes me!

6 thoughts on “//That Time I Organised a Mock General Election at Scouts//

  1. Wow. I’ve never really been that into politics. Probably because my parents don’t really discuss it with us. But it was really interesting to see how someone can be really passionate about it. 😊

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    1. Ooh glad you found it interesting! I wasn’t into politics at all when I was younger, in fact when my teacher suggested that I take as level government and politics I was totally against it, but I’m so glad I studied it in the end – it completely changed my perspective!

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  2. Omg Em it’s so cool that you did this and that maybe you found what you want to do in the future 🙂 Also please remember that even though society and schools like to make you feel like you have to decide everything right now, you’re young and you can always change your mind when it comes to your future that’s totally okay ❤

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    1. Yeah! I just wished I’d realised that I was really into politics earlier on 😂 somehow I seems to overlook all the signs haha 😂 awww that’s very true, thank you for reminding me of that 💕 I think it’s easy to get carried away with the idea that you have to have all of your future planned out, but in reality I’m not going to be exactly the same person in five years time as I am now, so perhaps I should take each day as it comes and be more optimistic and open minded 😊

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      1. Yeah it’s really easy to forget that we still have so much time! A lot of people end up in a completely different field than what they studied at uni, and you can always choose something else to study after you’re done as well. There are so many options and possibilities (which is quite maddening) and they’re all still open. And they’ll always will be

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        1. Yeah! That’s true, sometimes it feels like as you go through education and narrow down your choices, the “doors” start closing and you’re options are less open, but you’re right it is always possible to go down a completely different pathway.

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