Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd’hui, j’ai décidé d’écrire quelque chose un petit peu différent – c’est probablement clair déjà parce que je écris en français, qui n’est pas normal pour moi. Par explication, je suis une étudiante de français depuis environ six ans et je pense que j’ai besoin de plus pratique donc je peut être (plus) facile en français. Alors, je vais écris une poste de blog en français. Pour mes lecteurs anglais et non-francophone, au bas de la poste, il y a une traduction anglaise pour vous.

J’ai voulu parler sur l’élection américaine 2016, comme c’est probablement les plus grandes actualités dans le monde en ce moment et après j’ai étudié le gouvernement et la politique l’année dernière, je m’intéresse à le sujet. Comme tout le monde les sait, le résultat de l’élection était pour Donald Trump et pendant que j’ai mon avis propre sur ce, je veux discuter des tendances d’électeurs différents, comme, par exemple, le pour cent des femmes et des hommes qui ont voté pour chaque candidat.

D’abord, une analyse des tendances des sexes différents et comment ils ont voté. C’est vrai que plus de femmes ont voté pour la candidate démocrate, Hillary Clinton – 54% des femmes se voté, comparé de le 42% qui ont voté pour Trump. Cependant, cette résultat était une surprise car Clinton reçu moins de votes des femmes que Obama dans le deux élections dernières.

Quoi est plus intéressant, c’est le fait que Trump a reçu la plupart de votes du gens qui vivent dans les régions rurales – 62 % – et Clinton a reçu la plupart de votes dans les grandes villes. Je ne sais pas beaucoup sur L’Etats Unis, mais je trouve ça intriguant comment les gens qui vivent dans les régions différents ont opinions différents et si j’ai le temps, je voudrais rechercher pourquoi.

Une autre analyse peut être rendu sur l’effet de l’âge d’électeurs sur leurs tendances. Les statistiques mettent que 55 % des jeunes qui sont âges entre 18 et 29 voté pour Clinton tandis que 53 % des gens qui sont âges plus de 65 ans voté pour Trump. Ce n’est pas une surprise pour moi parce que le résultat est similaire à ça de le référendum de l’UE en juin par le fait que c’était principalement les plus âges qui ont voté pour l’option “plus extrême”.

Et finalement, Trump seulement a reçu le vote de 8 % du gens noir comparé de le 88 % que Clinton a reçu. Je ne suis pas choqué puisque Trump est connu pour son opinions racistes. Trump a aussi gagné la majorité des votes protestants et catholiques, pendant que la plupart des juifs, et des gens de l’autre religion ou non religion, principalement ont voté pour Clinton.

De conclure, c’était une élection de beaucoup de controversé et il y a un grand nombre de gens qui ne sont pas contents de le résultat. Même si je ne suis pas entièrement d’accord avec le résultat moi-même, j’ai trouvé ça intéressant apprendre sur comment les Américains ont voté et les tendances du électeurs.

Hello everybody! Today I decided to write something a little different – it’s probably already obvious because I’m writing in French, which is not normal for me. By way of explanation, I have been a French student for about six years and I think I need more practice so I can be (more) fluent in French. So, I’m going to write a blog post in French. For my english and non-francophone readers, at the bottom of the post, there is an English translation for you.

I wanted to talk about the US 2016 election, as it’s probably the biggest news in the world right now and after I studied government and politics last year, I’m interested in the subject. As everyone knows, the result of the election was for Donald Trump and whilst I have my own opinion on this, I want to discuss the different trends in voting, for example, the percent of women and men who voted for each candidate.

First, an analysis of the different gender trends and how they voted. It is true that more women voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton – 54%, compared to the 42% who voted for Trump. However, this result was a surprise as Clinton received less votes from women than Obama in the last two elections.

What is more interesting is the fact that Trump received most votes from people who live in rural areas – 62% – and Clinton received most votes in big cities. I do not know much about the United States, but I find it intriguing how people who live in different regions have different opinions and if I have time, I would like to find out why.

Another analysis can be made on the effect of the age of voters on voting trends. Statistics show that 55% of young people who are between the ages of 18 and 29 voted for Clinton while 53% of people who are over 65 years of age voted for Trump. This is not a surprise for me because the result is similar to that of the EU referendum in June by the fact that it was mostly the older people who voted for the “more extreme” option.

And finally, Trump only received the vote of 8% of black people compared to the 88% that Clinton received. I’m not shocked since Trump is known for his often racist opinions. Trump also won the majority of Protestant and Catholic votes, while most Jews, and people of other religion or no religion, voted for Clinton.

To conclude, it was an election of much controversy and there are a lot of people who are not happy with the outcome. Even if I do not completely agree with the outcome myself, I found it interesting to learn about how Americans voted and the voters trends.

(P.S. I know this probably seems a it random to be writing about voting trends in the recent US election, as there are many other aspects of the election that I could be writing about that are perhaps more important. However, I just wanted to write about current affairs to help me practice my French and thought analysing voting trends would be an easier way to go about it than going into a full-scale rant about how I feel about the election, which I’m sure is what you all hear all the time these days. But if you do want to share your opinion on the election results, please feel free to leave a polite comment and we can discuss our views if you wish 🙂 Also, appologies for any incorrect French, I’m still learning!)

24 thoughts on “//Les Américains: comment ils ont voté, une analyse//

  1. The French looks good😁😁
    I mean, I don’t understand any thing other than bonjour, Trump, Clinton, Analyze 😉 that was written in the French section, but I think you tried.
    I also think it’s good. I believe it would help strengthen your French.

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    1. Merci!! J’espère être presque parfait en français – c’est mon rêve! I have been studying it for around six year, although I only started learning it properly in September, before that I hadn’t learnt French grammar at all – just vocabulary. But learning grammar is SO helpful, it makes understanding the language far easier. 🙂

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  2. One of the reasons people in rural regions and the Midwest (where a lot of the rural places are) are often conservative is that they’re mostly exposed to one culture. They don’t often interact with people from other cultures/backgrounds. A lot of them voted for Trump because they themselves didn’t see much to lose. The big cities are mostly on the coasts, where immigrants frequently stay, because after all, it’s way easier to just land there and not keep going farther into America. There you see more diversity, and if you live there, you’re more likely to be friends with immigrants (if you are not one yourself. I’m not an immigrant; my parents and many friends are.) This is kinda why not as many people in big cities voted for Trump. I, along with many others, are afraid as to what will happen to us and our loved ones.

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  3. Je peux écrire seulement un petit peu de français, je suis désolé ! Je n’étudie pas ce moment 😦

    I studied French for 2 years but I’m taking Spanish for GCSE instead, alas. (Sorry for any mistakes in my hastily written comment up there haha.) I’d still love to learn it someday though! WOAH THIS IS SO IMPRESSIVE I AM IN AWE. I didn’t understand lots of the French ahaha but I got the general idea so YAY. And then I read the English. I mean, the election itself obviously kind of sucks, but yeah…

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  4. This was such a great post! Your french is sooo good, I’m doing French A-level too and there is no chance that I could be able to write that, I’m really struggling with French at the moment. Like how is everything you write so perfect? It takes me forever to write something like that and I still get most of it wrong. Any tips for French? This was great revision for me but I still had to look at the translation in some parts, oh god I’m so going to fail A-Level French. How are your other subjects going? (you’re doing geog and history right? if i remember correctly) Sorry I haven’t read your blog in a while, I took a bit of a break because of the work my teachers are giving me! Hope you;re doing well, Jess xx

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    1. Hey Jess! Thank you, to be honest I did use bonpatron to check my grammar for me because I’m struggling with grammar at the moment eek. I’d say just take the grammar one step at a time – I hadn’t learnt any grammar at GCSE so it was difficult to get my head round at first. Just make sure you get your hard round one grammar rule at a time and ask your teacher to help clarify it if you’re stuck. But don’t worry, I think it’s only natural to be struggling in French this early on – it’s such a big jump from GCSE and you are doing really well to have lasted this far! Keep persevering and you’ll get there and if you ever need help with French feel free to email me 🙂 History and geography are going ok, I find geography just takes up so much time at the moment – we get so much homework for it. How are your subjects going? Were you doing history and geography too? Don’t worry, I completely understand! Hope you are ok xx

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      1. I might take you up on that email offer! I’ve never heard of the bonpatron, I’ll have to check it out. Grammar is so hard, I thought that was going to be the bit in French I was okay at but relative pronouns are the HARDEST thing ever! omg do I hate lequel, duquel etc. There’s only 2 people in my class, me and one other girl so it’s easy for me to get help. How many are in your class? Geog and history are going fine, but I agree, geography gives so much work! They give me so much extra reading to do and so many exam questions! Hope you don’t have too much work today, Jess x

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        1. Feel free! yes bonpatron is quite good for checking grammar, because it tells you why it’s wrong as well so you can learn from it. Aghh we haven’t learnt relative pronouns yet, but we have done COD and COI (direct and indirect pronouns – not sure if that’s the same thing but with a different name??). Really? There are ten people in my class so I guess we probably don;t get as much individual help, but I do like the size of the class and everyone is very supportive. We also get extra speaking sessions every other week with French teacher where we are in groups of two or three and we basically do mock speaking exams. Last week I had to go to my speaking session on my own because the girls I go with weren’t in and it was SO AWKWARD but I managed to have a (very disjointed) conversation with my French teacher which I would never have been able to do in year 11, so i guess a level French has been useful! I’m glad your geography and history are going well though! Same! My geography teacher makes me do extra reading and a few exam questions every week because he doesn;t think the course is challeneging me enough (as if). History is A LOT of background reading but I tend to get round it by watching documentaries instead as I leanr better from them (watched a documentary on Enoch Powell and the Rivers of Blood Speech earlier and it was actually quite interesting!). I wonder if we are doing any of the same exam boards? I know I’m doing aqa french and I think I might be doing edexcel history and geography. Hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend (as relaxing as it can get doing a levels haha)!! xx

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          1. Wow extra French sessions sounds really good but I’ve had a whole week of lessons before where it was just me in he class! It was so awkward! we’ve done direct and indirect pronouns as well, they’re quite difficult but not as bad as relative pronouns! I’m doing aqa French and edexcel geog but i’m doing ocr history. Have you started the topics in French yet? We’ve just finished family andwere doing charity work now! xx

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            1. Yeah extra French sessions are v useful! Aww I can imagine that must be so awkward. I quite like the size of my class and we all get on really well so it’s like a little French family all suffering together 😂 Agggh I’m dreading when we do relative pronouns then! We’ve been doing l’imparfait this week and as far as tenses go, it’s not too bad. Oooh okay so two of ours are the same exam board at least! Yes we have, we started with topic two, cyber society, and we’ve just finished family 🙂 have to say family has been the best topic so far -we got to do roleplay the other day where one of us had to be a teenager, one of us the parent and the other the grandparent and the teenager and the parent had to argue and the grandparent had to sort it out. Not really sure what the purpose of it was but it was very amusing 😂 I think we are going to be starting charity work next week after the end of unit test (which I will miss because of a geog field trip but ah well). How are you doing with geography? We’ve done tectonics and now we’re about halfway through coastal landscapes and change (although I think glaciated landscapes is the other option so you might me doing that instead?) Hope history is going well too 🙂 xx

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            2. Hi, sorry I haven’t replied in ages but my wifi was broken for a good week so I couldn’t check anything! We are on charity but we skipped cyber society, not sure why but charityy is still quite a good topic. Geography is great, how have you already finished tectonics?!?! there is so much to do but maybe my class is slow. I think we might be starting coasts after christmas which is so late! We’re still on globalisation for human geography and to be honest I think we might stay on that for ages. hope all is well and a levels aren’t too hard at the moment. x

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            3. Ahh that’s okay! We’ve started charity now and it is quite interesting! Haha we have finished coastal lnadscapes now too, although we’re kinding of rushing through so there is parts of the text book we have to self-teach. We’ve also done a week of fieldwork which didn’t really go to plan haha. Ahh I see, we haven’t started globalisation yet – we must be doing the topics in a different order. A levels are getting a bit easier as we reach the end of term – mostly just finishing up units which isnt too bad. Hope you are ok! x

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