This morning, the sun rose bright and early, blinding the sky with it’s rays as sharp as lemons yet as soft as buttercups. The sky…was blue. A faint sort of cold blueness that gradually grew darker and darker as you raised your eyes upwards to observe it’s vastness.

The sun did little to ease the crisp autumn air but the thought of the sun shining down was reminiscent of the summer days long gone and long to return. The sight of the sun’s glow falling deftly on the still, crystalline sea was e t h e r e a l.



The sun set was slow – reluctant – today. It lingered between the trees on the horizon for what felt like eternity, casting a dappled glow on the land and creating a beautiful patchwork of auburn warmth as it weaved itself between fallen leaves.

When it finally let go, and drifted down below the tree line, a band of yellow-ish green clouds remained, making the point where the sky met the sea more visible than ever. The sea was still calm, but the starry curtain that was beginning to drape itself over the last remaining traces of the sun was as alive with light and beauty as ever. It was truly s t e l l a r.

(Description of the sky today as observed by me on my way to and from college on the bus).

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