Last week I did my last swap box with Elly from A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts!! It was a bit sad to send off the last parcel but I’m glad I won’t have to visit the Post Office again for a while because 5 trips in a month is too many! I really enjoyed finding things to send to Elly, as I did with the other four, but it was definitely harder to find things to send to bloggers within the UK than it was to send them abroad – I actually had to go in the touristy shops in town and buy some souvenirs which was an odd experience. Anyway, this is what Elly sent me all the way from Yorkshire!

Firstly, she sent me a lovely little notebook with a kind-of map of the Yorkshire Dales on it. I loved this because a) I love maps b) I love exploring and c) the hiking sheep is really cool! I haven’t decided what I want to use the notebook for yet (I have so many notebooks I haven’t started yet because I don’t want to ruin them with my ramblings) but I did take it away with me to Wales last weekend with the intention of doodling/sketching some of the scenery but in the end I was so busy, I didn’t have a spare five minutes to draw (sad times I know).


Attempt at an artsy macro photo but my camera wouldn’t focus *sigh*

Next there was a pen and a pencil from York Castle Museum inscribed with the phrase ‘the truth and nothing but the truth…’ which in case you didn’t know is part of the oath you have to say when giving evidence in court. I think these are really cool and I’ve put them with my ‘awesome stationary from awesome places’ collection (I always try to buy some stationary whenever I go somewhere new because ~memories~).


Elly also sent me a pair of quote mark earrings which she bought on her trip to Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birthplace). THESE ARE SO CUTE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They have also now become my ‘lucky earrings’ because I wore them to both the A Level and GCSE results days and both days went really well (you can read about my GCSE results day here). Elly also has a pair of these earrings which I think is really cool and ultimate #internetfriendshipgoals.


Moving on to the edible part of the swap box, Elly sent me some delicious-looking chocolate with ‘chocolate beans’ a.k.a. Smarties in! It looks sooooo nice. I haven’t tried any yet because I had to wait until I’d taken the photos for this post but  now I’ve written this I can, and will, eat it! *Disappears for a couple of hours*. 


She also sent me some strawberry (or is it raspberry? My mind has gone blank. I’m guessing strawberry because raspberry would be blue) bonbons which are some of her favourite sweets apparently! I’ve never tried this flavour of bonbons before so I can’t wait to see what they taste like.

THIS IS SO BRILLIANT I CAN’T. Siriously though, look at how awesome this Harry Potter ‘Always’ sign with the Deathly Hallows symbol is!!!! And it’s in my favourite colours, I just love it so much! Thank you Elly! I have a little fandom corner in my bedroom and this fits in perfectly (you can never have too much Harry Potter stuff, am I right?).


Lastly was a little card that Elly painted when she was younger of typical Yorkshire scenery. I think it’s really pretty and reminds me so much of the view from my grandparents house in Yorkshire. (Also Elly’s handwriting is just handwriting goals. It’s sooo nice).



Here’s a picture of everything she sent me altogether (well almost everything – I forgot to take the Harry Potter sign off of my wall so it’s not in the photo).


I’d like to thank Elly so much for everything she sent me because it is all so lovely! I’d also like to thank Just A Blank Space, Rebecca, Eve and Michelle again who I also exchanged swap boxes with over the summer. It has been a really great experience and I’m so glad I have such amazing blogger friends who were willing to take part!

I think swap boxes are something I’d want to do again at some point in the future but perhaps when I have a job because I kind of accidentally ended up spending around £40 on everything (including postage) of the money my grandparents gave me for the summer holidays. Oops. But I’m pleased I spent my summer money on doing this because I think giving gifts to people is such a lovely thing to do and I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot more about my blogging friends and their respective countries and counties through doing the swap boxes and I’ll cherish everything they sent me forever. So thank you again guys! ❤

You can read about my other box swaps here:

Just A Blank Space




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