A few weeks back, I did another swap box, this time with Michelle from The Writing Hufflepuff. I sent her some British things, which you can see in her weekly and monthly wrap-up for July here, and she very kindly sent me some things from The Netherlands!

The Netherlands was a country I didn’t really know much about before starting blogging. It was only when I started to use Twitter for my blog and became friends with Michelle, that I started to learn more and more about the country. Now The Netherlands is definitely a place I want to visit (not just because I have a higher chance of bumping into Douwe Bob there and there are lots of cheese shops) because it looks like such a beautiful country and I’d love to learn more about it’s culture and history.

So, first things first, lets all take a moment to admire how cute Michelle made the packaging. I was surprised that the stickers made it here intact but thankfully they did and it was a nice surprise once my mum had rescued the package from the postwoman got it stuck in the letterbox!

Untitled design
Okay so the photo is a bit blurred but you can still admire the cuteness!! (Also the orange blob was my attempt at trying to cover up my address)

When I opened the package, I was greeted by a mass of Dutch toilet paper which Michelle had use to protect all the items and keep them in place. Being the sentimental person that I am, I just had to keep a little bit of the toilet paper as a memento!


I wish I’d taken a picture of all the toilet paper when I first opened it because it literally looked like I’d just unwrapped a mummy 😂😂

Anyway, I think the first things that I took out of the envelope where the food items (I suppose because they were heaviest they sort of fell out first – either that or I just naturally gravitate towards food which wouldn’t surprise me).


The packet on the left – ‘gemengde peren’ – translates as mixed pears (I kind of guessed the pear bit form the picture, also ‘peren’ looks a bit like ‘pear’). In the middle is a pack of mini stroop wafels or syrup wafels in English. Me and my family tried these the other day – we heated them up and had some vanilla ice cream with them and they were absolutely delicious. I’ve just googled it and apparently you can buy stroop wafels in Tescos (not sure about other British supermarkets) so I’ll definitely be getting more of them soon! Then on the right are some ‘roomboterwafels’ which translates to butter waffles. I opened this packet when I first got the parcel so I’ve nearly finished them now but I can safely say they are very nice (and look like mini Tardis’/LEGO bricks). I haven’t tried the gemengde peren yet but I’ll let you know how they taste when I do!

Next there was a cute paper bag with a little Miffy magnet inside! I used to watch Miffy as a child and I’d forgotten all about it until Michelle sent me this so I’m so glad she reminded me about the little rabbit I used to love.


Also the paper in the shape of Van Gough’s bed is so cool!

Then there was a pair of clogs on a key ring. I think this key ring wins the prize of being the most Dutch key ring ever as it includes clogs, windmills and Delftware. (My friend who is going on a scout camp to The Netherlands next year is determined to bring back clogs and Delftware with her so I expect this isn’t the last I’ll be seeing of it)!


Michelle also sent me a klein Nederlands woordenboek (little Dutch dictionary) which I think is such a lovely idea, especially as Dutch is a lovely language which I’d like to add to the the list of languages I want to learn.


Again I love the usage of stickers in the dictionary and the inclusion of very important phrases such as ‘Ik ben een grote fan (I am a big fan)’ which I will need when I meet Douwe (not that that’s likely but I can dream!) and ‘ Ik hou van Herman (I love Herman)’ who I’ll talk more about later.

Next there was an envelope which was also very cute (EVERYTHING IS CUTE OKAY DON’T JUDGE ME).


Inside was a lovely letter, a cute (again, I really need to find a good synonym for cute) little cat ‘poëzieplaatje’, a picture of some Dutch houses and a completely awesome Em + Herman wearing traditional Dutch clothing bookmark. (If you’re wondering who Herman is, you should probably read this).20160808_131601.jpg

Finally here is everything together:20160808_131819.jpg

To finsih I’d like to thank Michelle so much for sending me all of this because I really love it all so much and I know I keep saying this but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing these swap boxes and I’ll cherish all of these things forever. ❤

You can read about my other swap boxes with Just A Blank Space, Eve, and Rebecca too!

And don’t forget to check out Michelle’s awesome blog. 🙂

8 thoughts on “//Swap box with…Michelle//

  1. aw this was so cute (also need to find a synonym for cute ahah) and it was to interesting to see some things from the Netherlands because I’m from Britain too, great post x

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  2. there’s a kid at the camp i attend every year who comes all the way from the netherlands (to idaho of all places) to come to camp with his cousins, and he taught us a few dutch words and such and let us try some of the dutch candy he brought. i’m pretty sure one of the ones we tried were the pears, and they were quite delicious i have to say.

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  3. Omg I’m so happy to see that the stickers are still on there! I figured that at least a few of them would fall off, so I had taken a picture to send to you just in case haha. Maybe *I* had unwrapped a mummy while packing your stuff 👀😂 I love that you kept some of it haha. I’m super sentimental too so I get it 😛 Anyway I’m so glad you love it all! I hope you’ll like the pears as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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