So yesterday, as you will probably know (if not you have most likely been living under a rock for the past few weeks) was Harry Potter Day for a number of reasons.

1. It was Harry Potter’s birthday.

2. It was the fabulous J.K.Rowling’s birthday – the author of the series I grew up with.

3. It was Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script book release day.

In true wizarding fashion (ok I’m not a wizard but I really, really want to be), I celebrated this magical day by drinking butterbeer. Me and my sister spent the afternoon making homemade butterbeer which was actually surprisingly easy despite the fact we were thoroughly confused most of the time and worrying that we’d mess it up somehow. Luckily we didn’t and the butterbeer turned out to be delicious. It was sweet and creamy and everything I’d hoped it would be, even if it was homemade and not the actual drink you can buy from the studio tour in London and universal studios in Orlando. Obviously I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take photos of the butterbeer.

When I was buying the ingredients for the butterbeer earlier in the day, I couldn’t help but notice the huge stand of Cursed Child books at the front of the store. Before then, I hadn’t been planning on getting Cursed Child for a while yet – I would have probably asked for it for my birthday in a few months – but I got caught up in the Harry Potter hype and, as my sister pointed out, it probably wouldn’t be sold this cheaply again.

It was definitely the easiest time I’ve ever parted with my money. Even though I probably needed that money for the Comic Con I’m going to in a few weeks, I knew I wouldn’t regret it. And, 24 hours later, after having read both parts of the Cursed Child script – probably the fastest I’ve read a book in my life – I definitely do not regret it.

This is probably the first time I’ve really been able to experience the Harry Potter hype. I mean, I’ve been watching the films for as long as I remember but because I hadn’t really seriously got into Harry Potter until a few years ago, I never got to experience watching the films in the cinema as soon as they were released, surrounded by an audience of fellow Potterheads. As far as the books go, I did have some of the books as a child, well my mum did, but I have no idea if she bought them when they were released or not and I hadn’t read them properly until a few years ago. I did however go to the Deathly Hallows book release at the local supermarket where I entered a dressing-up competition and won a copy of the book. But, me being me, I stupidly gave the book to a friend a few years later because I was very young and didn’t realise how much I’d get into Harry Potter as a teen.

If there’s one thing I regret about my childhood, it’s that I was very late in getting into Harry Potter so I missed out on all the film and book releases that happened whilst I was growing up. I wish I could have experienced the hype and excitement that the Harry Potter fandom experienced during this time which is why I’m glad I had that opportunity with Cursed Child and will hopefully be able to experience it again with the release of the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them film later on in the year.

So, that was how I celebrated on Harry Potter Day – how did you celebrate? Have you read Cursed Child yet and if so what did you think? (Please don’t leave any spoilers in the comments).

15 thoughts on “//Celebrating Harry Potter Day//

  1. It’s almost sad that now Harry Potter is definitely over. JKR officially said “Harry is done now”. So I was feeling rally sad after I finished reading. But it was great. It just has too many feels.

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  2. I also kind of feel like I slightly missed out on certain Harry Potter releases. I was four years old when the first film came out, so it was only the later films which I was allowed to watch in the cinema. I remember watching Deathly Hallows Part 1 when it came out, then read the book, and went to watch Part 2. I think I must have been around 14 at the time? But I had watched them all on DVD so I did know what had happened, and I must have seen a couple of them in the cinema before the Deathly Hallows (I just can’t remember when!)

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    1. Yeah, I must have been about 1 when the first film came out and I would have only been around 10 or 11 when Deathly Hallows part 2 came out so I wasn’t even old enough to watch it in the cinema. One of my only memories of my old house I lived until I was 6 is of watching Philisophers Stone on DVD so I did watch them on DVD even if I couldn’t go to the cinema!

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  3. I’m kind of the same. I didn’t read the novels or get into the movies until I was an adult so I totally missed out on all of the other midnight releases. I didn’t do a lot on Saturday but the entire day felt like an important holiday. I did keep the coffee pot brewing all day, wore a HP shirt, and headed out to the bookstore to hang out with my fellow Potterheads. So much fun! I stayed up until about 3 a.m. reading and finished the book the next morning. You have to take it for what it is, but I enjoyed it. I’m surprised by the negative reviews I’ve been reading from fans. Anyway, I published a post with a number of spoiler free things I can share about the book if you’re interested :)! https://megnoglistblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/harry-potter-and-the-cursed-child-11-spoiler-free-things-i-can-tell-you/
    p.s. I love butterbeer!

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    1. That does sound like a good way to celebrate. I really enjoyed the book too, I think some people perhaps just don’t like the fact that it’s in a different medium to the rest of the series or can’t except that the series itself is actually ending (I’m kind of like this too) so wouldn’t be happy with whatever ending to the series anyway. (That didn’t make much sense but ah well). I do think it was really good though because it kind of gave Harry Potter a ‘fresh’ feel and who hasn’t been waiting to find out what happened ’19 years later’ anyway? YES BUTTERBEER IS AMAZING and I’ll take a look at your post – thanks!


  4. that’s great you were making butterbeer, always wanted to try that……if I may ask, are you in pottermore? if so, what house? I’m in slytherin (my friends judge me immensely cuz of that)

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    1. You should try it if you get the chance, it’s quite easy to make and tastes delicious! I am on pottermore and am in ravenclaw! There’s nothing wrong with being a Slytherin at all!


      1. why thank you for saying that!!! that’s what I tried to tell them (after all, albus potter was a slytherin) but all my friends somehow got into Gryffindor…….I personally think they took the test so it would be that way, but that’s just my opinion. I will totally try and find the recipe and make butterbeer for the next big holiday!

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