So a while ago I read Tea Lover Jess’ post about doing a make-up swap box with another blogger which inspired me to do my own version of a swap box, but with general stuff relating to our countries rather than just make-up. Fortunately, the amazing and lovely Just A Blank Space also thought it was a good idea so over the past few months we had been collecting stuff for each other, ready to post in August. Well, last week I received her swap box so I thought I’d show you all what she sent!

First things first, this is the box it came in! I really loved it and it was so creative because she made it the colours of the German flag (plus I absolutely love Just A Blank Space’s hand lettering anyway so I was delighted when I saw the front of the box)!

The box was wrapped in this cute wrapping paper!



The first thing I saw when  I opened the box up was the German flag. I managed to find a spare stick for the flag pole and it’s now displayed proudly next to my Somerset and Scottish flag (even though I’m not Scottish lol).



Then there were two little postcards which are really cute and I read these first before I delved any further into the box.


Didn’t realise this was blurred…oops.


Can I just say I love how neat Just A Blank Space’s handwriting its!?!?! I love these little postcards so much that I’ve attached them to the bunting around the edge of my bedroom. (They’re are being held up by wooden owl pegs in case you were wondering).


Now I can’t remember the exact order I took everything out of the box in as it was over a week ago now but I’ll go through each item one by one anyway.

Kinder Country chocolate bar – I’ve always loved Kinder but I’ve never tried this flavour so I can’t wait to try it! I haven’t eaten it yet as I’m waiting for a special occasion – perhaps when I get my exam results in August if all goes well!


Three little paper clips in the shape of an owl, a hand and a foot. As Just A Blank Space said in her postcards, each object represents a different part of her and I’ve been trying to work these three out for a while. The owl, I thought, could either mean that her favourite animal is an owl (which is possible I guess) or that she is very wise which I KNOW is true because anyone can tell that from reading her blog! I thought the hand might represent writing because I know she loves to write but it also looks as though it is waving, suggesting that she is a friendly person which she definitely is. With the foot, I was thinking this could represent swimming because I know she is a swimming coach so she must like swimming, right? I also thought it represent walking because she’s just hiked The Alps OR it could represent the idea that life is a journey. (Sorry if I sound like a stalker knowing so much about you! I promise I’m not, I’m just trying to be a bit ~philosophical~ here)! But anyway, these are really cute and creative and I really like them!


Next was some German fan paint which I think is SO COOL and if I ever go to see Germany take part in a sporting event of any kind, I’ll DEFINITELY wear it!! I haven’t used it yet but perhaps I’ll support Germany in the Rio 2016 Olympics so I can try out the paint!


Then there were some sunglasses in the colours of the German flag. I took these on holiday to Devon with me last week (this is where I took the photo) and they were very useful! I think I WILL put on the fan paint, wear these sunglasses and wave the German flag whilst watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Germany has always been one of my favourite countries after all!


Some American money – a dollar and a quarter dollar – which most of been from her exchange year in America. It was quite exciting to see actual American money because I’ve never been to America myself. Thank you very much for sending this to me!


On the subject of money, she also sent me a euro! I love the way euros look – they are so much more interesting than pound coins. Plus I didn’t manage to bring any euros back from Berlin last year so I’m glad I now have one to remind me of my holidays in Europe.


Next was this little card where I can write my ‘Top 5 Favourite Moments’. I haven’t thought of a moment worthy enough to write on here yet, but I think I’ll have to write doing swap boxes on there at some point because it has been one of the best experiences of my life.


Just A Blank Space also sent me a piece of coral and lava rock that she collected in Hawaii. I find it fascinating how these were once thousands of miles away from here and I love thinking about all the people who have touched or stepped on or seen the coral and the rock before it got to me. It may sound weird but it’s almost as if the dips and the lumps and bumps of them are each pieces of their individual ‘stories’ of how they came to be the way they are today.


Then there was a little cardboard typewriter that I think is so pretty because of how colourful it is. I’ve always wanted to type on a typewriter and love vintage things, it just makes me think about the journey that writing has been on to end up here, today, with me writing on a blog that can be viewed by people all around the world.


There was also a page from a German book, a little sticker saying ‘life is an adventure’ which is very me and I love it, a silver heart and a map of Europe. I loved all of these little things and decided to frame them to make a collage of sorts. One day I’m determined to learn German enough to be able to read the book page!


Here is one last picture of everything all together.


I’d just like to thank Just A Blank Space so much for her generosity, creativity and thoughtfulness. I really enjoyed receiving the swap box and finding out more about you through it. I’ll cherish all of these items forever.

I loved finding things to send in my swap box to Just A Blank Space too and I’m glad you liked everything! You can see what I sent Just A Blank Space here.

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