Where do I start? This week has literally been the busiest week of my life. It doesn’t even feel like I had my last two exams this week, on Monday and Wednesday – exams feel like they were years ago (well…not quite years but you get the point). I officially left school this week which was sad but it feels good to be free now and actually have time to do the things I love like blogging and sleeping and drawing and sleeping and playing instruments and sleeping…did I mention sleeping? I’m also getting back into rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which I started before exams but had to abandon whilst I was revising. I’m currently waiting to pick up a French copy of Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone from the library and I can’t wait to actually work on improving my French over the summer. Anyway, let me talk you through this week.

Monday: chemistry exam ugh.

Tuesday: t-shirt signing day. It’s a tradition at my school that all the school leavers sign (and basically just ruin) each others school t-shirts. It’s quite cool because it gives you something to remember the school and all the friends you made there by. Also the canteen gave us FREE CAKE. I know, I was as shocked as you. The food at my school is usually REALLY overpriced but here they were handing out unlimited free cake. Amazing.

Wednesday: physics exam. Enough said. It was horrible grrrrrr. BUT in the evening I went to listen to an outdoor James Bay concert (I couldn’t go because my sister had an exam the next day so we stood outside and listened to most of it). James’ voice is actually so beautiful live and it’s made me want to actually go to one of his concerts even more now. I took a few videos which I will *fingers crossed* be editing and uploading on my YouTube channel soon!!

Thursday: PROMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I was so nervous waiting around all day to get ready for prom that the only way I could stay calm was by spending 3 hours sketching James Bay.


I was so relieved when it got to 3pm and I could start doing my hair and makeup which actually turned out exactly how I wanted it!! Me and my friends decided to hire a Buick Electra to take us to prom so we could turn up in style. However our plan kind of failed as we went for a drive along the beach before going to the school and got stuck in rush hour traffic. So we ended up being the last people to arrive at school and by that time the carpark was so crowded that I doubt barely anyone was able to actually see our car arriving. Plus people were too busy taking photos of them and their friends. But the car did do a wheel spin on the way out which turned some heads!!


Prom was honestly the best night of my life. We had to get a coach from the school to the venue but the venue was absolutely stunning and well worth all the travelling. Everyone looked so beautiful at prom and at first it was hard to recognise who everyone was! I kept getting my friends names muddled up throughout the night, probably because I was so tired!

The stage and dance floor


We had a three course meal which was delicious in every way, especially the blackberry cheesecake. Me and my friends literally danced and sang for the whole night. We spent the whole time on the dance floor, dancing like crazy and it was amazing. I think all the other people in my year group who don’t know me that well were really surprised to see me actually dancing because I’m usually really quiet and shy but on the way to prom, something just clicked and I suddenly stopped caring about what people thought of me and I think I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence since then too which is great!

Friday: I felt like a zombie after prom (I ended up going to sleep after midnight) but had to drag myself out of bed to take part in the leavers festival at my school. Another tradition is that all the year 11s dress up in fancy dress and parade tgrough the school on any transport they can think of. Me and two of my friends decided to dress up as super heroes on bikes. I was Captain America so wore a blue t-shirt with a silver star pinned to it and made a shield as well as wearing a blue tutu. It was really fun and surprisingly I didn’t feel at all embarassed, despite having the majority of the school watching us. Afterwards everyone went into the hall for our final leavers assembly where we watched videos that each tutor group had made and watched out official prom photo from the night before. It was quite emotional but definitely a good send off. We hung around in the school for a while after the assembly because we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves now that we were finally free!!

Saturday: yesterday I went to a Catfish and the Bottlemen concert and ahhhhh it was sooooo good!!!! I haven’t been listening for them for too long – about 2 or 3 months – but I fell in love with their music immediately. Seeing them live was absolutely brilliant – they were really lively and their voices wee just as amazing as they are on their albums. Also the band themselves were really nice and cool (and good looking!) and great to watch. The atmosphere of the concert itself was a bit too wild for me – we managed to get in the front row on the right hand side and I’m so glad I wasn’t in the middle of the crowd as I don’t think I would have survived that mosh pit! I am now even more in love with Catfish and the Bottlemen arghhhh they were just soooooo good!! As with James Bay, I took some video clips and am hoping to make a YouTube video out of them too. I took some pictures and they actually came out quite well as we were at the front. I queued for like 20 mins after the concert to buy merch and came hone with a huge (and I mean huge – the only place it fits is on my bedroom door)The Ride poster (their new album which is No.1 in the UK at the moment). Now I’m having concert withdrawal symptoms 😂it was just BEYOND WORDS. What I’ve written could never do justice to it.


So, that’s how busy my week has been!! Despite now being thoroughly exhausted after 4 late nights in a row, I have loved every second of this week and wouldn’t change it for the world. I hope you’ve all had a great week too! 🙂


13 thoughts on “//Concerts, prom and leaving school…//

  1. YAY!!!!! The concert looks amazing!!! I wish I was there, that makes me want to see them live so badly now. I’m sure you had the best time ever. Your prom looked great too. Leaving school is really weird, I feel as if I have no purpose at the minute, I keep thinking I have exams but I don’t and it’s really weird. Looks like you had a great week (maybe apart from the exams! My last exam was Friday and it was Further Maths, omg it was so awful). Loved this post. xxx

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    1. IT WAS!! Yeah you MUST see them live sometime!! It was so so amazing omg I just CAN’T 😂 It does feel so weird! My immediate reaction after finishing school was ‘when can I start a-levels?’ I just feel like I need to be studying and having a break is such a waste of time. Ooh further maths sounds horrible – at leasts it’s over with now though! Thank you xxx

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      1. I’m going to listen to them now, I’m in a catfish mood. I think I might get some work to do over the summer from school for A-Levels, but I don’t want to do it. Are you given work to do over the summer? xxx

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        1. I might too to be honest – I’m still buzzing after last night!! Yeah same – I think we do get given some work to do when we go to a taster day at college in a few weeks. I’m having a bit of trouble with college at the moment as I want to change which a-levels I’m taking but they won’t reply to my emails!! I think I’m mostly going to work on improving/keeping up with French – I don’t want to get out of practice over the summer! I’m going to read French copies of books to try and keep French in my head! I think it’s mainly speaking/writing in French that’s going to be the biggest problem in September though. xxx

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          1. I need to do so much work for French, I’m going to go back over all of the tenses, I’ve just forgotten everything because I’ve been focusing on other things. I’m going to try and read books in French like you are, hopefully I can anyway! xx

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      1. I guess so! My sister is also leaving School this year, I’m sure there must be so many different Feelings. Bad ones and goods, 🙂 Hope you have more of the good ones ❤

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