As summer draws nearer, so does the end of my 12 years at school. Last Thursday was my last official day at school – for the next week or so I’m on ‘study leave’ which means I only have to go to school for my exams and the lessons I still have exams in (which is just science). It’s been pretty scary and weird not seeing everyone everyday and not spending as much time with my friends. I only have 6 out of 17 exams left now, which is scary too. It feels like I’ve only just started exams but I’m already over half way through! To be honest though my brain stopped processing stuff after the mock exams in March so if you asked me what the date is, I’d probably say it was still March!

In 9 days time, I will have finished my last exam. In 10, I will be getting ready for prom. In 11, I’ll be at the leavers festival making a fool out of myself in fancy dress. Then in 12, it will all be over.

This is honestly such a scary thought. Part of me doesn’t want to leave the safety net that school provides and part of me just can’t wait to go to college and take more control over my future.

The whole thing about leaving school has been so surreal – everytime I read through what people have written in my year book I keep having sudden realisations that this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING and in September I won’t see half of these people again.

Not gonna lie though, the whole year book thingy has been pretty cool as I now have loads of little messages from friends amd teachers that I can keep with me forever and whenever I read them it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

The past 12 years of school have been a bit of a rollercoaster but I’ll never forget all the memories and friends I’ve made. It’s scary to be leaving it all behind and there are so many things that I wished I had the confidence to do like staying in the school netball team and becoming a prefect and helping out with open days tours but overall I’m pretty proud of how much I’ve grown. I think everyone should look back and be proud of how they’ve developed and grown as a person throughout school and be able to look forward to what the future brings – I certainly am!

Best of luck to everyone else who is leaving school this year. Sorry for such a short, random post. I have loads of time to blog now I’m on study leave but zero inspiration. I keep starting posts and not finishing them so I have about 50 draft posts right now because I can’t seem to write anything right. I’m hoping this isn’t a sign that I’m falling into a blogging slump *gulp*. I’ll keep working on posts throughout the week though and *fingers crossed* I’ll manage to write something more meaningful by the end of the week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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