Look to the sky,
The liquid, flowing
Swirling whirlpool.
Flooding, engulfing
All that stare.

Look to the sky,
The hazy pastel,
Molten layers.
Burning, singing,
All that dare.

Look to the sky,
The ominous, dense,
Lilac fog.
Smothering, crushing,
All those who care.

Look to the sky,
The twinkling, glistening,
Sparks of ideas.
Inspiring, influencing,
All that is rare.

Look to the sky,
The sobbing, streaming,
Heavy eyelids.
Drenching, soaking,
More than I can bare.

Haven’t wrote poetry in a while…

I do love writing poems and it’s something I discovered through blogging. I think they are a good way of expressong feelings and emotions whilst still being creative.

This poem is about the sky and how it’s changes make different people feel. I often feel affected by the weather and the way the sky looks which probably sounds really odd – please tell me I’m not alone? Like today for example it’s been very grey and rainy and I’ve just felt exhausted and tired all day where as if it was sunny I would have been more energentic and actually got some work done instead of sleeping and playing ukulele all day.

I think sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and look at the world around us and kind of see how nature is feeling. That’s what I tried to do with this poem.

I hope your weekend has been more productive than mine so far – I’ve been so drained of energy I couldn’t even find the inspiration to write a proper blog post, so you’ve ended up with this, sorry! Hope you are all ok! 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine, the last stanza doesn’t represent how I’m feeling right now – I was try to use volta (dramatic mood change at the end of a poem) to make my poems a little more….interesting?

Merci pour lit/lire???? (my French is so bad rn idek, sorry). 🙂


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