//What to do with old jeans (and way too much spare time for someone who is in the middle of exams…)//

So today I strangely found myself with loads of spare time on my hands – I woke up quite early and managed to cram in all of today’s and tomorrow’s planned revision in the space of an hour and a half (oops). Considering the weather has been very warm and summery for the past week, I suddenly found myself in need of a more summery wardrobe. Then I remembered a pair of old jeans I had lying in the bottom of my wardrobe that had got too short and decided to make some shorts:


I’m actually quite pleased with how they turned out (sorry about the rubbish photo by the way, I have no clue how to take decent photos of clothes). They didn’t take too long to make – all I did was cut the jeans in half and sew up the hem. But then I was left with a load of spare denim and thought it would be silly to let it go to waste.

My cutting in a straight line skills are just amazing, aren’t they?

So then I decided to make some decorations for my room because I love making my room look nice and themed. I decided to make some little hanging heart thingys and write a quote on them.

First I drew out the hearts on the jeans using a template and a permanent marker:100_8340.JPG

Then I cut out all the hearts so I had 12 hearts, then I paired them together so I had six hearts, each with a front and a back.


I decided to make 3 darker blue ones and 3 lighter blue ones by turning some of the hearts inside out so the inside of what was the jeans was showing. Then I wrote the quote onto the hearts – ‘Be where you want to be’ – I saw it on Pinterest and it really caught my attention so I thought why not? My room has a travel/adventure theme anyway.


Then (this is by far the longest, most tiring part) I sewed the hearts up, attached part of the seam of the jeans as a little handle and stuffed them using the remainder of the denim. I didn’t take any photos of this stage because I was too lazy to go and find my camera, oops.

Anyway, this is the finished product!


Here are some close ups of individual hearts because that picture isn’t very clear:



So that’s basically all I’ve done today but I feel like it’s been a very productive day! I have to go to school tomorrow which sucks because it’s supposed to be the half term break…

Yesterday I had a lovely barbecue with two of my friends and we had a board games evening too which was awesome (although I officially hate the income and super tax in Monopoly as I must have landed on them about 50 times, I couldn’t go past ‘go’ without landing on income tax)!

Hope you’re having a lovely week! 🙂

Oh also I reached 100 followers yesterday!!! Yay! Thank you guys for being so awesome! 🙂

//Look to the sky//


Look to the sky,
The liquid, flowing
Swirling whirlpool.
Flooding, engulfing
All that stare.

Look to the sky,
The hazy pastel,
Molten layers.
Burning, singing,
All that dare.

Look to the sky,
The ominous, dense,
Lilac fog.
Smothering, crushing,
All those who care.

Look to the sky,
The twinkling, glistening,
Sparks of ideas.
Inspiring, influencing,
All that is rare.

Look to the sky,
The sobbing, streaming,
Heavy eyelids.
Drenching, soaking,
More than I can bare.

Haven’t wrote poetry in a while…

I do love writing poems and it’s something I discovered through blogging. I think they are a good way of expressong feelings and emotions whilst still being creative.

This poem is about the sky and how it’s changes make different people feel. I often feel affected by the weather and the way the sky looks which probably sounds really odd – please tell me I’m not alone? Like today for example it’s been very grey and rainy and I’ve just felt exhausted and tired all day where as if it was sunny I would have been more energentic and actually got some work done instead of sleeping and playing ukulele all day.

I think sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and look at the world around us and kind of see how nature is feeling. That’s what I tried to do with this poem.

I hope your weekend has been more productive than mine so far – I’ve been so drained of energy I couldn’t even find the inspiration to write a proper blog post, so you’ve ended up with this, sorry! Hope you are all ok! 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry about me, I’m fine, the last stanza doesn’t represent how I’m feeling right now – I was try to use volta (dramatic mood change at the end of a poem) to make my poems a little more….interesting?

Merci pour lit/lire???? (my French is so bad rn idek, sorry). 🙂

//GCSE French: promoting equality in fashion//

Today I sat my GCSE French reading and listening exams and I have to say I am very impressed with the topics covered by the exams. Although there were the usual questions on relationships and jobs, there were also a few more interesting, current topics such as a UN summit on global warming, selfies, e-cigarettes, the mysterious ‘orange badge’ (which I think may be the French version of the blue disabled sticker for cars in the UK) and Skirt Day – journée de la jupe.

Although I love French, I have to say the course content does seem a bit random and I do feel like I haven’t really developed my conversational French much since I started the course three years ago. However, the relevancy and up-to-dateness (is this a word? Well if not it is now) of the topics included in todays exams really surprised me and made me feel like I am actually applying my French in a useful way and learning more about the world around me – which is why I chose to learn a language in the first place.

The thing that impressed me most about the exam though was the part on equality and fashion where we listened to a girl talking about ‘la journée de la jupe’ (national skirt day). I don’t know if Skirt Day is an ACTUAL thing – I’ve done a bit of research but only came across a French film called ‘La Journée de la Jupe’ in which a French teacher discovers a gun in one of her students bags, accidentally shoots one of the students in the leg then holds the class hostage and one of the terms for letting the students go is having a Skirt Day to allow her to wear a skirt without being criticised by people with conservative attitudes about how women should dress. Apparently one part of the film actually came true – it was requested that La Journée de la Jupe become a nationally accepted day but this was sanctioned by the French Ministry of Education. However, in 2014 27 colleges did take part in a Skirt Day and boys and girls wore skirts to fight against sexism as part of the #JourneeDeLaJupe campaign.

Although the French exam itself didn’t explain this to me, I kind of got the general idea that Skirt Day was about allowing girls and women to wear what they want without being sexualised and criticised. The girl speaking about Skirt Day in the exam herself said things along the lines of: ‘Skirt Day had happened last year and had been a great success’, ‘the idea is for girls to be able to wear what they want’, ‘the headteacher didn’t like the idea of it at first as he thought students would insult each other but changed his mind after seeing that it was a great success’, ‘boys were allowed to wear skirts in support too’ and ‘her boyfriend wore makeup to show his support’.

The whole idea of Skirt Day seems really good to me. Although I don’t exactly live in a very multicultural area so have never experienced a clash of cultures where I may be criticised for wearing ‘revealing’ clothes such as skirts, I have certainly experienced being sexualised because of what I choose to wear and have seen many other girls experiencing the same treatment.

Ultimately, I think Skirt Day represents the fact that everyone should be allowed to wear what they want and what they deem is appropriate without fear of being judged and criticised. Not only does this sort of tension arise between different cultures and religions, it occurs between different sexes too and the stereotypical ways men and women should dress. The fact the this girl who was speaking in the French exam said that some of the boys even wore skirts and makeup to support and that many boys did do just this back in 2014, really interested me because all around us we are exposed to the media which portrays – or dictates – the way we should dress and behave, yet boys were still willing to defy this to support Skirt Day (yes I know the French exam was all fiction, but I have a point, trust me). Perhaps it is because something such as Skirt Day would represent something much more than just allowing women and girls to wear skirts without having to face criticism from people with conservative attitudes. Perhaps it would represent equality in the fashion world – or the need for equality.

It’s not just about women being able to wear skirts, it’s about everyone being able to wear whatever they want without judgement. The fact that the item of clothing in question is a skirt is irrelevant – skirts are just one example of clothing which causes tension within society and Skirt Day would, in my opinion, be a step towards reducing this tension, uniting society and providing greater equality in the fashion world.

Whether you are a female who has faced criticism and sexualisation for wearing skirts and other such clothing or just someone who doesn’t want to conform to the ‘expectations’ of the fashion world and just wants to be able to wear whatever clothes you want – whether they are deemed to be ‘male’ clothes or ‘female’ clothes – freely, Skirt Day would be beneficial to you.

I think Skirt Day should definitely become an accepted day in order to help fight sexism and tension between cultures and religions withing our society. And why not make it International Skirt Day?

I’m really interested to find about more about the #JourneeDeLaJupe campaign now, so merci to the AQA exam board for making my French exams so interesting and inspiring!

//How to host the perfect Eurovision party!!!//

In case you’ve been living under a rock or the past few weeks, this weekend was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. As you may know, us Europeans (and Australian’s who also take part in Eurovision) take Eurovision very seriously so it only seems natural to want to celebrate in style with a Eurovision themed party.

This is the first year me and my family have had a ‘proper’ Eurovision party and it surprisingly went really well so I thought I’d share my tips with you.

1. Pre-Eurovision preparation:

Considering the UK has a track record of being rather cheesy and unsuccessful at Eurovision, we decided that this year we weren’t going to support our national act (you would too if you were British, trust me 😂) and decided to shake it up a bit by each randomly drawing one country from each of the semi-finals which took place on Tuesday and Thursday (I suggest you do this before the actual day of the final to give people enough time to get ready). I drew Malta and Belgium and hence set about listening to their songs and praying that I’d actually picked countries with decent songs and, thankfully, both songs were fairly good.


2. Guests:

If you’re going to invite guests, make sure you let them pick out countries to support too or pick them on behalf of them.

3. Flags:

Flags are essential to Eurovision – what else are you going to wave around when you’re favourite song comes on? This year we ran out of time to make proper flags, although we did make some small flags to decorate the table which you will see later on. You don’t even have to go out and buy flags, you can make them yourself too – whatever works!


4. Food:

Our Eurovision feast!

As well as supporting the countries we drew at random during the contest, we decided to base our food/snacks around those countries too and tried to include a snack from each of the countries we were supporting plus a few extra. Here is what we made:

Malta – Maltese Almond Biscuits (which are VERY easy to make and absolutely delicious – this was my contribution):

Not the best photo but LOOK HOW CUTE THE MALTA FLAG LOOKS!!

Belgium – potato waffles (ok so not strictly Flemish but if we bought Belgian waffles we would have too many sweet snacks so potato waffles were the only alternative! This was also my contribution).

Russia – Russian Tea Cakes (they were very nice and had walnuts and almonds in I think, either way they were lovely and we’ll be definitely making them again some time)


Spain – for Spain we had tortilla chips and a salsa dip which I’m not really sure is Spanish or Mexican but either way they were awesome! But I couldn’t get a photo because they were hiding at the back of the table. 😂

Greece – Greece didn’t even make it to the final, I know, but we still bought some Greek food because why not? (or at least I think it is Greek…it’s all Greek to me). We had falafels and some lamb and chicken thing (I think they were called Koftas but not entirely sure).

This picture is just amazing quality…ANOTHER FLAG YAY! (I have no idea why I find these flags cute, I just do ok)!

Italy –this is kind of a mixture of Italy and France because we had French bread pizza.20160514_185209.jpg

France – bread sticks (not sure if they are really French but just go with it).20160514_185156.jpg

Germany – pretzels which are also shown in the picture above.

Switzerland – Toblerone (of course) even though Switzerland didn’t get through to the final (I could be wrong, I just don’t remember them).

Eastern Europe – we managed to draw a lot of Eastern European countries (or just countries we couldn’t find any recipe’s for) – Armenia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Latvia etc so we just grouped them all together and made Potato Latke (which I think is actually Russian but oh well). They took a lot of preparation before you couold actually cook them but the end result was worth it! We ate them with sour cream and apple sauce which made them even nicer. 20160514_182208.jpg


5. Pre-final entertainment:

I always wonder why the BBC never does a pre-Eurovision show or a Eurovision countdown show because I always end up sitting around and waiting for ages for the show to ACTUALLY start. This year, however, we put on a bit of Abba (who if you read my post about seeing Mamma Mia the Musical, you’ll know I absolutely love) and had a good ol’ chat.


Obviously this is going to be the best bit of the Eurovision party so find somewhere comfy, switch the TV on and sit back and enjoy the show! (Try not to get too stressed out during the results though although I was literally clinging to the edge of my seat yesterday because the new voting system is SO TENSE ARGHHH).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed watching Eurovision – I certainly did although I’m still annoyed the Netherlands (my favourites) didn’t win. BUT OMG THE UK GOT POINTS!!!! LIKE ACTUAL POINTS!!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

This might be my last blog post for a while because my exams start tomorrow so I’ll probably be too busy revising and stressing to blog much. but good luck to everyone else doing exams at the moment – you can do this!!! 🙂

P.S. The featured image does not belong to me.

//MAMMA MIA! (Here I go again… *breaks into song*)//


Ever since I watched Mamma Mia for the first time back when I was 10/11 years old, I have been in love with all the music and dancing and just general vibe the film gives off. And then, naturally, after watching the film 20-something times and knowing all the words and scenes off by heart, I dug out my parents old Abba albums and started listening to them too.

As if that couldn’t satisfy my love of Abba enough, my dad surprised me by taking me and my family to see ‘The Ultimate Abba Tribute Band’ back in 2011 (I think) for my birthday which was an experience of a lifetime. As my first ever concert, it was pretty damn awesome. What with the mostly middle-aged audience of people singing and dancing along to Abba’s greatest hits – and some questionable ’70s Abba-style costumes including an old-ish man wearing a white flared suit which did nothing at all to help disguise the fact that he was wearing a thong, in fact it was practically see-through, but we’ll forget about this rather traumatic sight for twelve year-old me – it was definitely not a night I would forget anytime soon.

Ever since going to that concert, I have been dying to go and see the musical in theater as the ultimate experience for a Mamma Mia/Abba fan like me. Aaaaaand, guess what? Last weekend I managed to persuade my dad to buy last-minute tickets to see Mamma Mia the Musical yesterday evening!!!!!!

My outfit (sorry for the blurriness)

OMG. It was ABSOLUTELY amazing. The actors and actresses were all brilliant and unique – like they weren’t acting in the same way as those in the film. Sky was Scottish for a start and Bill was Australian. But I think this made the musical extra special because I wasn’t expecting that and it was like a whole other take on Abba’s music. Plus there were three extra songs than in the film which meant extra scenes! Yay!

My favourite scenes would have to be dancing queen because Rosie and Tanya were sooooo funny and also the Lay All Your Love On Me scene as all the men were wearing flippers and dancing as if they were swimming (kinda like in the film) plus there were loads of six-packs on display. 😉

Basically imagine this scene but on a stage.


And then at the end, all the cast came back on and did an encore of Mamma Mia, Dancing Queen and Waterloo and the whole audience was stood up dancing and singing along. It was amazing although we were sat on the third tier in literally the highest row of seats we could possibly be seat in so I was a little reluctant to stand up at first, especially because the floor sloped downwards!!!!!

All in all, it was an incredible evening out. I am extremely tired now though as I got home at 11:30pm yesterday and couldn’t get to sleep until about 2:30am as all of the songs and scenes from the musical kept going round my head (as well as Snap Out of It  – Arctic Monkeys, which was stuck in my head before I saw Mamma Mia and apparently watching a musical couldn’t even get rid of it)!

I highly recommend Mamma Mia the musical to EVERYONE, whether you’ve watched the film or not, because it is so funny and entertaining and the songs really make you feel good about yourself (at least I got that vibe anyway)!

Ooh I also managed to do a bit of photography whilst we were waiting to be let into the theater!


Bye for now, hope you all had a lovely weekend! 🙂