So, as you can tell from the title, this post is going to be about books. It’s a bit different to what I usually post about (whatever that may be) but right now I’m sat on my bedroom floor, staring at my bookcase and can’t think of anything better to blog about.

Books are very important to me. I’ve been reading for a loooong time. I think as I gradually learnt to read better throughout primary school, my interest in the world of books grew and grew. And now? Now I love books.

I think reading books is such a wonderful thing to do because not only can you ‘escape’ reality and become a part of any fictional realm you choose, reading also helps you develop your vocabularly and general understanding of language.

Before I started blogging, I was sort of embarassed about reading I guess because I didn’t know anyone else my age who actually read books. But then I discovered the world of book bloggers, and, although I’m not one myself, I’m really glad I found actual teenagers who like books and reading.

So, today I thought I’d share with you my all-time favourite books!

The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, Michael Morpurgo.



I read this book at school when I was about 8/9. We read it as a class and spent lessons going over the book and learning about the era it is set in, WW2. I remember loving this book do much that I asked for it for Christmas so I could read it again and again and again. This book, although it is a little too childish for me now, is still very special as it introduced me to Michael Morpurgo and the world of historical fiction. Now I have about 10-12 Michael Morpurgo books, mainly set in the world war’s, all of which made me fall deeply in love with historical fiction as a genre. Now I’m exploring the wider-world of historical fiction but I will always be grateful for Michael Morpurgo and this book for introducing me to this amazing genre!

The Book Thief, Markus Zusak.



I remember picking up this book when I was wandering around town one day as it was on sale and I’d heard about (probably because the movie came out that year). Anyway as soon as I started reading it, I fell in love with Zusak’s writing style and the way the book is narrated from Death’s point of view. Also, this book is set in Germany and in case you didn’t know by now, I am in love with Germany and German culture so would never miss a chance to read more about it. Although the book has a sad ending, it does put the horrors and unfairness of Nazi Germany into perspective and offer a unique view of life in Germany in that era. After reading the book I bought the film and was definitely not disappointed – the film really does do the book justice. I highly recommend The Book Thief – both novel and film – especially if you are studying Nazi Germany for your History exams. I read this book and the following book as ‘revision’ for my History exams last year because the factual content is excellent and reading a novel helps to put everything into perspective and makes it more relatable than reading from a textbook.

Ausländer, Paul Dowswell.



This book is actually what made me start blogging. Believe it or not, a year ago on Monday, I created a blog so I could share book reviews and recommendations of YA historical fiction but…I wasn’t cut out to be a book blogger so the next day I deleted the blog and made a ‘personal’ blog. So…yeah, I guess I have a lot to thank this book for! If I hadn’t had decided to order this book (plus the next book I will talk about and Hitler’s Angel) from Amazon because it was the spring holidays and I didn’t have any books to read, I may have never started blogging – imagine that! Anyway, this book, along with The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany and is composed of just the right balance of factual content and original storyline. Again I highly recommend reading this if you are studying Nazi Germany, it is a really good book for a break in revision and Paul Dowswell is quickly becoming my favourite author.

Sektion 20, Paul Dowswell.



This book isn’t set in either if the world wars (which in case you haven’t noticed is my favourite era of history) but set in the Cold War – an area of history I didn’t know anything about so I was a little wary of it but considering this book (and the last one for that matter) are set in Berlin and I had recently returned home from my Berlin trip with school, I thought I’d give it a try. After reading it, I am dying to learn more about the Cold War and I have found a new era of history that interests me so that’s good! A few months ago I watched a TV series called Deutschland 83 which was set in the Cold War and told the story of an East German border guard who was forced to become a spy in West Germany in order for his mother to have a kidney transplant. Although the story line does get a bit odd what with the main character cheating on his pregnant girlfriend (who also happens to be cheating on him) and multiple messy deaths, the series was really interesting and thrilling and I can’t wait to find out if there will be a sequel!! The programme was in German with English subtitles which made me love it even more, plus the main character is pretty damn attractive:



This post got so side-tracked, oops!

Wolf by Wolf, Ryan Graudin.



Finally, this is my latest purchase that I have fallen in love with. I first saw a review of this book over on Samantha’s blog and after reading it, I though I NEED THIS. So, I asked for ot for my birthday and once I got it, I read it within a few days, which is unusual for me. Although this book is an alternate historical fiction so isn’t based entirely on facts, I was still hooked on it – the plot and the characters are just marvelous. I highly recommend this to anyone who wonders what may have happened if the Nazi’s had won WW2. It really is an interesting read and I can’t wait to read the sequel, Blood for Blood when it comes out later in the year (although I know ARCs have been sent out so anyone who has one is VERY lucky and I may be a tiny bit jealous!!).

Anyway, so that is my top 5 all-time favourites. All of which come under the historical fiction genre and 4 out of 5 of them are set in Germany (I KEEP WRITING HERMANY – SOMEONE SAVE ME). I don’t know many people my age who are really into historical fiction so sorry if this post wasn’t interesting to you! However I still recommend that you give historical fiction a chance because it is probably not what you expect!

Phew, this post has taken me like two hours spread across today and yesterday to write because my family keep interrupting my blogging and today is my mum’s birthday so it’s been a little hectic with family visiting and making a cake last minute (like literally 30 minutes ago, I still haven’t iced it yet).

Also on Wednesday I had a crazy day with friends – first my family friends came round for lunch and we played a lot of board games and, as is our tradition, did an Easter egg hunt around the garden (we still haven’t found one of the eggs!) even though we are all teenagers and perhaps a little too old for it!

Then in the evening I went to a friends house with 3 other friends  and the five of us had a movie and pizza night (although we only watched half an hour of the film before getting distracted and running around the house playing hide and seek – who says teenagers can’t act like kids sometimes?). We all were crazily hyper and ended up sending blind text messages to our friend who is on holiday (who thought we were all drunk) because most of the messages looked like this: hoskw jhows aew tou oboow foh ae wkk.

It was honestly the best night I have had in ages! It just goes to show teenagers don’t need alcohol to have a good time – although many of my classmates would disagree with me I’m sure.

So, that’s my week so far – how has your week been?

There are THREE DAYS until my blogoversary and I can’t wait for you guys to hear the voice recording I made!!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “//Booooooksssssss//

  1. Oooh excited for the voice recording!! I love historical fiction, don’t worry, you’re not the only 16 year old who reads it! I played hide and seek with all of my friends recently and it’s so much fun! Me and my friends never have alcohol at each others parties but the rest of my year does, just like yours I guess. I feel bad that I’ve only read the Michael Morpurgo book on your list so I’m going to give all of the others a try! Loved the post! Jess xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha *gulp* I sound so awkward in it! Really? That’s so cool – I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yeah my friends had a bit of alcohol at a party once but we all decided that we didn’t feel comfortable with it so we’re not going to drink again until we are older (I didn’t drink anything anyway). Aw well at least you’ve read one!! War Horse is a MUST though, and Private Peaceful. xx

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  2. OMG EM HERMANY!! I’M DYING. One day you and Herman will get married and move to Hermany *nods excitedly* Damn you just made me ship Hermem even more. The Book Thief is one of my favourite books as well! I still haven’t seen the film, because I know it will make me cry so I’m dreading it haha. I’ve seen Wolf By Wolf on quite a few book blogs lately, and it sounds so intriguing! I must pick it up. Also happy (belated) birthday to your mum 🙂 And indeed, teenagers don’t need alcohol to have fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, YASS WE SHALL GO TO HERMANY!! Oooh the film is so good but so sad, it is one of the only films that makes me cry but you MUST watch it anyway and share my tears. And yes Wolf by Wolf is so so so interesting and addictive (I literally couldn’t put it down!!). Thank you! 🙂

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  3. Markus Zusak is an amazing writer. You should also check out I Am The Messeger. It’s also by him and it’s out of this world fantastic.


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