//It’s cool to know nothing//


In truth, we live in a society where young people are tested and examined at school on a regular basis. This system works well for some people but for others, the whole prospect of exams can seem daunting and unfair and pointless. For me, exams are a pain. I don’t like them, I don’t enjoy them, but I do accept that they exist and that the easy to deal with them is to work my hardest to achieve the best outcome I am capable of. Some people, however, criticise me for having this attitude towards education. Some would say that I’m a ‘sweat’ or a ‘try-hard’ and all sorts of things that have negative connotations and make me feel as if I should be embarrassed for trying my hardest and wanting the best. I’ve experienced this a lot over my five years of secondary school and even more since I started studying for my GCSEs in Year 9. It seemed whenever I received a good mark in a test, I would be looked down upon and almost felt socially excluded by my classmates just because I put all of my effort in to my school work. I was singled out as being different because I worked hard.

Usually I can deal with it, sure, it is an unpleasant feeling to be mocked because you are doing well in school but at the end of the day I should be happy with my results. The majority of the time, I am, but a few months ago I decided that I had had enough of being singled out for doing well so decided to relax a little and not put as much effort in. I stopped learning the French vocab every week just so I wouldn’t get full marks on the vocab test and would start getting more average marks. I stopped working so hard at maths because I was fed up of my friends constantly saying ‘oh you always get top marks’ and looking at me with almost disgust when they asked me what I got in my maths tests. I stopped trying hard in politics so that my teacher wouldn’t single me out anymore and call me an ‘inspiration’ for doing well at an AS Level a year early. I just stopped trying. Why? Because it’s cool to know nothing.

But is it really? Did I feel any better when I started getting  lower marks in tests? Did the mocking stop? Nope.

If anything, I felt worse. I have a natural desire to push myself to work hard and to do my best and in all honesty not doing this was causing me even more stress than working hard did!

So, I picked up my act and stopped trying to fit in. At the end of the day, it is my future, not theirs, so I can do whatever the heck I want with it. I still get teased and mocked for being smart and working hard occasionally but now I avoid telling people my grades and what marks I got in tests – it just makes it easier.

What I really wanted to talk about though, is what makes people mock those who try their best and want the best they can possibly do? Why do they feel the need to make others feel bad about getting good grades instead of the pride they should be feeling?

I, personally, think it is a way of rebelling against the pressures the adult world put on us. Against the countless exams and tests and ever-hardening curriculum. I think it is because they can’t accept that although school is getting tougher  and, perhaps, more unfair, it is still absolutely necessary to try your hardest and achieve your best in school, now more than ever. We are constantly being told that we need to do well at school and go to university and get a degree to get a good job and earn money. Perhaps some teenagers way of coping this pressure is to just ignore and pretend it is all a hoax adults are playing on us to make our lives a misery. Perhaps some see those who work hard as ‘fraternising with the enemy’ which is why they feel the need to mock and humiliate people who want to do well like me.

I know, I know – it’s in a teenager’s nature to be lazy – I am extremely lazy when I’m not at school – so perhaps some teenagers envy others ability to be able go push aside laziness and get their heads down when it comes to school work and revision.

I really do wish every teenager could have the motivation to work hard and try their best to achieve what they deserve. The thing is, motivation has to come from you. No one else can find the motivation for you. It makes me sad because some teenagers don’t find this motivation until it’s too late. Some of my classmates won’t.

In an ideal world, we would all be encouraged to work hard and instead of being singled out for putting in lots of effort or not enough effort like in today’s society, we would all be commended on our individual abilities. Would this create a basis for greater comparison and competition between student? Who knows…but the way the education system is viewed and reacted to by students in the present day has got to change, especially with the government increasing the frequency and difficulty of examinations.

Well…this was a bit of a ramble, wasn’t it? As you can tell my life revolves almost completely around school and exams right now so I struggle to find inspiration to write about other things!

Thank you for reading! 🙂


//I’m giving up my love, my love to something else//


Omg I am soooo in love with it already! Everything about it is so beautiful gahhh I just can’t stop looking at it and listening to it! I mean, just look at how beautiful the cover is!!

100_7823.JPG100_7806.JPG100_7822.JPGIt has really got me in the mood for summer now! If you want really good summery music, then you should definitely listen to Circa Waves – the whole of their album Young Chasers has a really uplifting, summer vibe that sounds perfect even on rainy days (which is important because there are A LOT of rainy days in Britain). Honestly, their music never fails to cheer me up and get me dancing and singing (only in my room though!).

I literally sat staring at the vinyl cover for like 10 minutes before actually peeling off the plastic cover and taking the vinyl out WHICH IS EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL. It is so shiny and new I almost didn’t want to touch it, haha, but I had to or else I wouldn’t be able to listen to it.

The sound quality though…omg it’s like the best thing ever – all music sounds so much more amazing on vinyl!

100_7802.JPG100_7807.JPG100_7803.JPGSo…sorry this post has just been about me flailing over a vinyl  😂 ARGHH SINCE WHEN DID EMOJI’S GET SO GIANT!?!?!?!

In other news, I’ve braided my hair again but this time I’m going to leave it in overnight to see if my hair will be any curlier then it was when I tried it yesterday. I couldn’t resist doing some hair photography either…100_7814.JPG100_7829.JPGIt’s not that great photography to be honest but I like the second one because my hair actually kind of looks like rope which it’s supposed to because it’s a rope braid.

Anyway, hope your day has been good and less exhausting than mine – going back to school after a break is always tiring!


Salut! Aujourd’hui je pensé que ce serrait bon à écrit un blog dans français donc je peux vous montrer comment mal je suis à français. Il y avait beaucoup d’erreurs dans ce mais je vais procéder néanmoins!! Donc, aujourd’hui je me lève plus tard parce que c’est une banque vacance lundi donc je n’ai pas allé à l’école !!! Yay ! Je passe le matin en ville avec mon père et ma sœur car je regardais pour des bijoux pour ma promo école de bal en juin. Malheureusement, les bijoux je trouvé dans l’internet le mois dernier était pas en magasin. Nous passé les heures marche en ville mais seulement trouve des boucles d’oreilles puisque la plupart des bijoux était bleu clair et ma robe est blue sombre. Cependant, j’adore les boucles d’oreilles particulièrement car ils regarder comme des balloons! Ils ont aussi très confortable au porter et ils regarder bon avec ma robe. Apres aller en ville, nous rentré a la maison et manger du dejeuner qui était genial mais le soupe était trop chaud! Puis je fais des revision pour la biologie qui est tres ennuyeux donc je écouté de la radio au lieu. Ma mère trouver des cassettes lequel ma sœur et moi fabrique quand nous étions petits. Ils ont très amusant !!! Depuis j’ai révisé des français et écrit ce. Merci beaucoup pour lire ce !! Désolée pour toutes les erreurs !

My, that was stressful!! It’s so hard to get all of the accents and tenses and stuff correct when your computer insists on doing an English spell check on everything! Nevertheless, I MANAGED to write something in French!! Yay! I guess it’s a start to me becoming more fluent in French. Admittedly, I did have to look up a few words/spellings in Google translate but the majority of it came out of my own brain. I’ll type up a translation for those of you who don’t know French.

Hi! Today I though that it would be good to write a blog post in French so I can show you how bad I am at French. There will be a lot of error in this but I will proceed nevertheless!! So, today I woke up later because it is a bank holiday Monday so I don’t have to go to school!! Yay! I spent this morning in town with my dad and my sister because I was looking for some jewellery for my school prom in June. Unfortunately, the jewellery that I found on the internet last month was not in store. We spent hours walking round town but only found earrings because most of the jewellery was light blue and my dress is dark blue. However, I love the earrings particularly because they look like balloons!!

This is a really bad quality photo.

They are also very comfortable to wear and look good with my dress. After going to town, we returned to the house and ate lunch which was great but the soup was too hot! Then I did revision for biology which is very boring so I listened to the radio instead. My mum found some cassette tapes which my sister and I made when we were little. They are very funny!!!

Since then I have revised some French and written this. Thanks a lot for reading this!! Sorry for all the mistakes!

Ooh, I forgot! Today I also rope braided my hair and LOOK AT THE AMAZING RESULTS!!!
ACTUAL. PROPER. CURLS. Not the pathetic excuse for curly my hair usually is!! I’m so pleased with it. I’m definitely going to try this out more often and may even end up using it as a basis for my prom hairstyle. By the way my hair is actually brown, not ginger. I think I used the flash for this photo, that’s why. My hair colour is normally like this:
Dull and brown 😂 but I like the other photo better so I showed you guys that one! 😂

Anyway, hope you all had/are having a lovely day. Back to school tomorrow for me. Ugh. But only for 4 days then I have two weeks off!!!!!! 🙂

//Language is freedom//

Languages are amazing if you think about it – they allow us to get our thoughts and views and thoughts and feelings heard and understood. Without them, know one would know what each other was saying – imagine a world where no one can communicate with eachother. Imagine how lonely and isolating that would feel…

I think it’s so important to be able to speak multiple languages, even if it’s just a tiny bit of another language. I think a lot of British people are under the impression that they will never need to leanr another language because the majority of the rest of the world also learns and speaks English. Especially young people, I find. Like, I’d say about 80% of my French class at some point has moaned about how boring and hard and pointless it is to learn another language. Learning a language, however, is the complete opposite of that. How can gaining an insight into another countries culture and identity be boring? How can it be pointless to equip yourself with a valuable skill that can open so many new doors for? Learning a language, however, is hard. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on it! I find learning languages really rewarding as as you gradually go along, you find yourself understanding more and more of that language without even having to think about it! The more you practice a language, the more effort you put in to learning, the easier it gets.

Personally, I have studied French at school for seven years now but only in the last year or so have I actually appreciated the value and importance of learning a foreign language. I really enjoy learning French but, as I said earlier, it seems that most of my classmates do not. They all complain about having to learn vocab each week and having to do writing and speaking assessments and what not. They are not able to see the value of learning another language, of gaining and developing a new skill. This makes me sad.

Especially in today’s society, a language is a valuable skill to have and could be the difference between you getting a job or not. Even if after studying French I slowly start to forget parts of the language because I will be out of practice, the fact that I will have GCSE (and hopefully A-Level) French on my CV will prove that I am capable of learning new skill.

I really, really hope French sticks with me for a long time though. I mean, at the moment I am definitely not fluent in speaking French. I can write better then I can speak it but still not as well as I can read/hear French and understand it. The thing is, pretty much all of my friends who take French dislike it so I never have anyone to peactice speaking it with. I know speaking it moee often would help me understand more and possibly help with my listening exams as I wpuld be able to understand the sometimes difficult pronounciation more, but talking French to yourself is not much fun and feels kind of weird to be honest!

According to Duolingo (the language-learning website I use to revise for French – I highly recommend it to learn any language to be honest) I am currently 46% fluent in French. As the website only tests my reading, listening and writing skills though, I know I am definitely not that fluent in speaking it! I think you can get it to test you on speaking too if you want but you have to download the app on to your phone/tablet and my phone doesn’t have enough space.

Anyway, back to my point (whatever it was – it’s really annoying when I ramble amd get off track sometimes), even though I can’t speak fluent French, I’d like to think that I could understand quite a bit of French if I actually went to French (hopefully or else the past 7 years have been a waste!). I also started learning German on Duolingo last summer and got to about 35% fluent but when I started revising for my GCSE French exams in February, I had to give up German as I didn’t have time to do both but someday I will pick up German again because I have always wanted to learn it (probably due to my obsession/love of Germany and everything German).

But what I’m really trying to say here is that learning languages is good and important and interesting. I think people should really start to value languages more and, especially in my school, show respect towards their foreign language teachers and actually put effort into learning a new language.

Even with my small amount of German, when I went to Berlin last year, I did manage to speak a little bit of German like ‘hello’ and ‘thanks’ and ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and ‘goodbye’ and whatnot. I even managed to order food in German which I was surprised at. So you see, languages make going to foreign countries a whole lot more interesting and fun because it’s so rewarding to make yourself understood in another language.

So, if you have the opportunity to learn a new language, I’d say embrace it! Languages are such a magnificant thing and laguages really are freedom, after all. 🙂

Hope your all having a good Easter weekend, whatever religion you belong to!

P.S. I couldn’t find a related feature image sooo…yeah I kinda just chose one from Berlin! 🙂

//The beauty of the world//

Today the weather has been absolutely beautiful – the sky is blue as far as the eye can see, not a cloud in sight and it even reached 20 degrees Celsius today! Although autumn has always been my favourite season, spring is rapidly growing on me. The weather this spring as been the best it’s been in a while (mainly because we have only had a few days rain in March so far which is unusual).

I’m so annoyed me and my family have the flu right now because it’s Good Friday so it’s a national holiday here (don’t know about other countries) so usually me and my family would go out somewhere for the day. Last year we went to a beach nearby and climbed up the headland and went to an old WW2 fort on the headland. It was a really beautiful day then, quite like today actually, and I took some really nice photographs which I really wanted to upload on to here but when I turned my old and broken camera on just now it had wiped the memory card! So…no photos from last Easter 😦

However I did manage to go out into the garden this morning and take some photos but guess what? My camera wiped them off of the memory card too. :/ So I just had to go outside and take a load more on my phone but they aren’t as good because my garden is mostly in the shade now.

Oh well, I’ll show you them anyway.

Also today I found my parents old vinyls so naturally sat down for two hours listening to all of their vinyls and taking loads of photos of them.

Honestly though, music sounds so beautiful on vinyls though. I may have kinda got a bit obsessed with them and spent all of my money (which I was saving to buy my friends birthday presents – oops) on a Circa Wave’s vinyl. But honestly though it will be worth it! No one’s gonna be able to drag me away from the record player when it arrives!

Aside from listening to music and doing some photography, I haven’t really done anything else today, mainly because the flu has taken away all of my energy so most of the time I just want to fall asleep!

Hope you guys had a better day than me and enjoy your Easter weekend everyone! 🙂

//Room tour!?//

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always loved having a bedroom, a space I can call my own. I don’t really spend a lot of time in my bedroom, however I still like to keep it looking tidy and presentable. Recently, I’ve really gotten into interior design so having my own bedroom has given me the perfect chance to personalise and decorate my own little space.

I am really quite fond of vintage things so have tried to give my room a sort of vintage feel to it. I’m really happy with how my room is and when I go off to uni in a couple of years I’ll be so sad to leave it all behind!

Anyway, let’s begin the tour!

First up I want to show you guys my wallpaper because this is what started off the whole vintage theme for me:


I really do love the flowery pattern!

Next up is my desk/chest of drawers which I only got last year I think but I really like it! Before I redecorated my room pretty much all of my furniture was pine and I had had it since I was a baby so luckily my parents agreed to get me a new desk! I still have a pine bed and bookcase though but I might paint my bookcase white or blue in the summer.


I have a few vintage-style ornaments on my desk too like this jewellery stand which I got for Christmas a couple of years ago:


I also have some awesome notebooks – one of which contains my bucket list:




Then I have other random ornaments like my ‘jar of happiness’ and a pen pot made of playing cards these aren’t really vintage style but I love them nevertheless:



Oh I almost forgot! I also have this crossword puzzle book which I display on my desk because I love the pattern on the cover and it kind of goes with my room theme.


Next I’ll show you my walls and wall art:



This is the end wall of my room – I have two white walls and two wallpapered walls. I love the quote canvas I have on this wall which says: ‘Great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget’. I also have a canvas on this wall which I painted when I was 8 😂 (on the left).



Also on this wall I have a shelf (which is pine but I’m hopefully going to paint that in the summer too) which also has a canvas I painted on it and my owl clock which I love and other random little ornaments.

Underneath the shelf I have my world map and Scout neckerchiefs:



I’d love to have the map higher up somewhere but I don’t have enough wall space! Also I have a little cupboard here with my jelly bean blue lamp on it which kind of goes along with the vintage theme!

Here is the other wall art in my room (all of which I made myself):









And I also have blue bunting on the white walls too.



And then some other various objects around my room:



Another shelf which was pine but I painted it white.







I love this map box and really want to get more of them!



Owl doorstop.



My money jar which I love! I loved writing the typography on it but it was kind of hard because the jar is curved.





Some sea-themed ornaments on my windowsill.



My keyboard (a.k.a. my baby)!





Owl cushions (I made the one on the right – it’s a double-sided owl).



Here is my bedspread that matches my wallpaper!

Then moving on to my bookcase because why not?



More typography yay!





I also have one shelf of my bookcase dedicated to my Airfix models.



I made an aircraft hanger to keep them in (although they don’t all fit so some are kept downstairs).



Okay so that is it for my room tour!! Sorry for the bad quality photos, I’m off school sick with the flu at the moment so don’t really have enough energy to spend ages taking photos. I hope you are all ok and have a good Easter on the weekend!

Bye! 🙂

//#HermEm’s anniversary?!//

A while ago (and The Blog Squad can back me up here) I announced that I was in love with Herman (this is gonna get so weird to explain so bare with). Basically, Herman is a typo (*gasps* in horror – don’t worry Herman, you’re more than just a typo to me!). I meant to type ‘I love German’ but accidentally typed ‘Herman’ without realising until after I’d pressed send and the wonderful Elly created HermEm (our ship name).

Now Herman isn’t just my imaginary typo boyfriend (I’m weird ok…I’ve warned you many times, so don’t you roll your eyes at me!), Herman represents Germany as a whole and my love towards the country.

Therefore I made today, 19th March, mine and Herman’s anniversary considering it is the date that I flew to Berlin last year and fell in love with the city and country.

So, today marks a year of mine and Herman’s relationship!!!!!

To show Herman just how much he means to me, I decided to make a YouTube video dedicated to him. It is a video scrapbook of my trip to Berlin last year and also includes the poem ‘The City That Stole My Heart’ that I wrote a while ago that was inspired by the city.

Here is the video:

Hope you like it, it makes me so emotional to remember all those amazing memories! (And yes I did waste another whole day filming for YouTube again, like I did last weekend, instead of revising for my mock exams…oops).

I should be going off to spend the rest of our anniversary helping out at a Cub Scout sleepover now BUT my mum won’t let me go because I have a cold/virus thingy and she doesn’t want me to ‘infect’ the kids which sucks because I was actually looking forward to going. :/ So I guess I’ll just have to spend the evening reminiscing about Berlin and being sad that I can’t go back for a while.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you had/are having a better day than me! 🙂 ♥