//Cyclists vs dog walkers: the never ending battle//

I love cycling. I always have. It just makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful and happy to cycle along with the world flashing past me and to have like zero responsibilities. Cycling makes me feel free.

The one thing I hate about cycling though is, sadly, dog walkers. Generally, I have nothing against people who have dogs. I just can’t stand those people who think it is ok to let their dogs run wild around cyclists. I’ve had a few close shaves when it comes to cycling near dog walkers. There have been a few instances where I have been forced to swerve out of the way of an uncontrolled dog and nearly fallen of my bike or crashed into something. There was even one time a few years ago when a dog was running round my bike and I had to stop quickly but unfortuantely I caught the dogs tail under my wheel. I felt horrible afterwards but in all honesty there was nothing I could have done. And then the dogs owner who had told me to just ‘carry on cycling, my dog is well-behaved’ when I had originally slowed down to pass them proceeded to have a go at me for injuring her dog.

It’s these types of dog walkers that I can’t stand. They just seel to take no responsibilty for their dogs and expect us cyclists to slow down and be able to dodge their dogs which is extremely hard. I mean, they wouldn’t expect a car to doge out of the way if their dog ran into the road, so why do they expect cyclists to do so on a cycle path?

Seriously though there is a white line down the middle of cycle paths FOR A REASON. Pedestrians walk and one side, and cyclists cycle on the other. So why do they think they can iust let their dogs run around everywhere?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who do keep their dogs under control and have trained them to behave around bikes but the majority of people where I live don’t.

Every saturday/sunday, I wake up at 8 am just so I can go out as early as possible at about 9:30 am to cycle a 4 mile circuit. I try to get up early to avoid all the dog walkers but it seems whatever time of say I go, I have to pass around 30 dogs in the 45 minutes I am cycling for.

Today, for example, I had to break suddenly to avoid a dog that was running straight towards my bike and nearly crashed into my sister. Then we passed a lady with three quite large dogs who were tugging at their leads and barking constantly and terrifyingly at us as we passed only to be told by their owner who had to shout to make herself heard over the noise that ‘my dogs are scared of bikes’. I mean, don’t you train your dogs to be around bikes like you do with cars? I don’t know…

When I was really young, I had a bad experience with dogs and have had a fear of them ever since. Don’t get me wrong, if they are small and calm and well-behaved then it’s fine, I just don’t like it how dogs can be so unpredictable and jumpy.

But I’m not going to give up my weekend cycle rides. I love it too much. I will continue fighting this neverending war between cyclists and dog walkers.

Oh and before I go do some homework, me and a few others are trying to get #TeamHermem trending on Twitter (even though there is like 0.1% probability of this happening) so if you have Twitter, I’d love it if you could join in with the tweeting or just retweet my #TeamHermem tweets. You can find me @em_is_lost99. πŸ™‚

//My taste in music is your face//

So, if you’re a fan of twenty one pilots (which if you’re not you should TOTALLY go listen to them, like right now) you’ll recognise my title is a song lyric of theirs.

I may have only been listening to twenty one pilots for a couple of months, but IΒ  totally in love with their music. Their lyrics are just so truthful and meaningful. They do rap a bit in their songs and before I listened to their music I hated rap, but I now have a new appreciation for it, which I suppose can only be a good thing.

Aside from twenty one pilots, there are PLENTY of other bands I like.

Here is a handy list in case you were wondering:
– Circa Waves
– Walk the Moon
– Bβˆ†STILLE (I can do the triangleΒ Β  A thingys!!)
– Milky Chance
– Kaiser Chiefs
– Vance Joy
– The Kooks
– The 1975
– James Bay

See? There are A LOT.

I can’t really define my taste in music as ONE specific genre. I mean, it would probably end up being called ‘alternative-indie-folk-pop-electronica-rock’.

The one thing I can say about my music taste though, is that I feel really passionately about the bands and artists I like and absolutely love listening to every single one of them.

I also love discovering new music so if anyone has any artists they recommend me listening to, be sure to let me know!

You might be wondering what the point to this post was. Well, I’m getting to that.

Yesterday was a big day for two of my favourite bands – the 1975 and Walk the Moon. They both released new albums:
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, The 1975
You Are Not Alone: live at The Greek, Walk the Moon.

I got so emotional yesterday because I just love their music so much and it makes me so proud when they release new material. I was also really sad at the use time though because last week Walk the Moon played a concert near me and next week twenty one pilots are playing near me but I was unable to get tickets for either.:'(:'(

It didn’t really help the fact that Walk the Moon’s new album is a LIVE album so when I was streaming it on Spotify yesterday all I could think of was what it would have been like if I had got tickets for their concert.

However as some of you may know, I did go to see The 1975 back in November which was absolutely incredible so I have ticked off one if my ‘bands to see in concert’ but I would definitely see them again.

I posted a video of the concert on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/X3mwzMhjHK0

and it made me SO emotional watching through all the clips when I made it, so please take a look!

Here are some pictures I took there too:

It was one of the best nights of my life and I really want to thank one of my best friends who let me go with her as she got tickets for her birthday, it means a lot and I love her so much.

Sticking on the theme of The 1975, here’s a bit of artwork inspired by their song ‘The City’ that I made as a present for said friends birthday.


I really didn’t want to give it away because I loved making it soooooo much.

I have done some other artwork inspired by other bands and artists I like too so here’s a gallery of all of them plus all of their albums (including my signed Dream Your Life Away album by Vance Joy):

There are still so many albums I need to get round to buying though for example:
Talking Is Hard– Walk the Moon.
Employment– Kaiser Cheifs.
The 1975– The 1975.
Listen– The Kooks.
You Are Not Alone– Walk the Moon.
Young Chasers– Circa Waves .
Blurryface– twenty one pilots.

So, that’s my taste in music, what’s yours?

//Leaving parties are the worst//

Bonjour! How are you? I’m feeling a weird mixture of sadness, joy and ill (my year group had a meningitis vaccination yesterday and a lot of people are now feeling ill which is probably not a good).

Yesterday I had an absolutely amazing evening though, despite feeling sick the whole time.

Now, I haven’t mentioned it on this blog yet but I go to explorer scouts and scouting as been a major part of my life for 8 years now. I’ve always been a really adventurous person who loves the outdoors so scouting is literally my life.

Last night my two explorer scout leaders had their leaving party. I have known them for about two years now so it was really sad to see them go. My explorer unit got on so well with them that they were more like friends than leaders so we always had lots of banter but now they have officially left and it’s sad because the dynamic of the group is going to change. On the plus side though our new leaders are nice too so hopefully we will get on with them too.

To celebrate and thank them for their time as our leaders, we went ten-pin bowling. It was absolutely brilliant!

We had a great time just joking around, singing and dancing to the music and taking loads of selfies, as well as actually bowling of course.

It made me realise how much I love my scouting friends and how I could never leave them. As far as bowling was concerned, I wasn’t that great at it in the first game but by the time we played the second game I had got the hang of it and came a respectable third place.

I am so exhausted now though as I got home at like 11 pm and was too hyper to sleep until 1 am. Plus feeling ill from the jab doesn’t really help either.

I did manage to do some photography whilst bowling though.




I hope you all had a relatively good week and are looking forward to the weekend!

I’m going to spend the rest of my evening watching the UK’s Eurovision song contest finals. πŸ™‚

//It’s my future not yours//

Don’t you just hate it when teachers at school keep going on about college and university and careers and futures and what not?
At my school, I have a lot of teachers who just ‘assume’ that we are all going to do maths or chemistry or English or whatever at a-level. Like in maths my teacher often teachers us how to do really hard stuff then says ‘oh but you won’t need to know this until you do a-level maths’. What’s the point in teaching it to us then? Maths is confusing enough as it is but my teacher just assumes we are all going to carry on studying maths after this year just because we are in top set.

And my chemistry teacher, another fine example of a teacher that is constantly telling us all about ‘what we’ll learn at a-level’ as if we are all going to study chemistry. This teacher is always going off on ramblings about science that’s not really relevant to what we are supposed to be learning and to be honest I’d rather just learn the facts from a book.

Science and maths really aren’t my thing. I’m more of a humanities person, hence why I am not picking any maths or science subjects at a-level. I guess people’s brains just work differently which is why we are all better at some things than others.

I used to think my chemistry teacher didn’t like me because I show little interest in lessons and probably don’t put all my effort in. I know I should work harder and I am now because exams are approaching and I do want to get a good grade in science. Anyway, today my opinion of what this teacher thinks of me completely changed:

1. Because he called me by my ACTUAL name yesterday (which I was almost about to write on here for explanation purposes, oops) – instead of saying Miss [insert surname here] or singling me out by reading out my full name in the register and only reading everyone else’s first names. The struggles of having a common name…

2. Because he pulled me over when I was walking through the school yesterday and asked me if I’d be interested on going on a trip to Oxford university in the summer with five of six others from my year group. I was so suprised, especially when he said he thinks I stand a chance of getting in there. Like, WHAT?! ME GO TO OXFORD?! YOU MUST BE JOKING. But no, he was being serious, he’s not much of a joker.
So, yeah, that happened. The teacher I always thought hated me because I hate science invited me to go to Oxford and told me I’m intelligent.

In all honesty, I have no intention of going to Oxford. I mean, sure it would be great to go to possibly the UK’s best university but, the application and interview process would be so stressful and having grown up by the coast, I’d definitely HAVE to go to a university on the south coast to feel even remotely at home for the however many years I’ll be there. I hate being far away from the sea as I’m used to just getting in the car or grabbing a bus for a ten minute journey to the sea so.
Plus I haven’t even got all my GCSE results yet or sat the exams, let alone started college and completed my a-levels so I don’t really need to be thinking about university for a while.

However, I will take up the offer to go and visit Oxford because it’s a free day trip AND it will be after I officially finish school so it will probably be one of the last times I actually see the other people who are going.

I just wish my teachers would stop trying to control and plan out my future so much though, I mean, it’s my future, right? In any case, I certainly know a lot more about myself and what I am interested in than they do. But I guess they just care about their students, which can’t really be a bad thing.

I scheduled this and it feels weird. In case you are wondering, I’m currently having my 6th hour of a 9 hour school day. My school usually finished at 3 pm but on Wednesday I go to English after school until 4pm then Maths from 5:30 until 7:30. So yeah, no time for blogging on Wednesday’s. 😦 And don’t ask about the random photos with my blog posts, I love photography and I always try to find one of my photo’s that links to the post but…yeah, sometimes I don’t have one, as you can tell, so you’ll just have to put up of this photo of a beach. πŸ™‚


Hope you’re having a great day!.

//And here marks the end of my social life//

Not that I have one anyway, a social life I mean, but if I did it would end here.

Basically my exam timetable came in the post today which means time to start revising properly. Great.

Here is said exam list:


I have 17 exams in total but the list is incorrect and only has 15 exams because it’s missing my English and Maths exams.

If it was any other subject, I wouldn’t really be too bothered that my teachers had somehow forgotten to enter me into the exams but it’s English and Maths which are the most important exams I am taking. And my school forgot to enter me for them. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

What’s really annoying is attached to the back of the timetable is a note saying ‘if there are any mistakes with your exam timetable, please contact the exams office before 12th February 2016.’ which, you know, would be fine if I could magically travel back in time 8 days and get my timetable fixed but unfortunately I haven’t graduated from the University of Gallifrey yet so am not qualified to fly a Tardis. Who knows what I’m going to do now…
Anyway on a brighter note (if you can call it that) I did two whole hours of maths revision today. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ I’m actually managing to stick to my revision timetable AND I did a practice maths exam and got 45 out of 54 which was surprising considering maths is my worst subject.

It’s been really rainy and grey the past few days so I haven’t been able to go out much (completely changing track I know but I haven’t talked about the weather in a while). Plus it’s nearly the end of Winter and I still haven’t seen even one tiny speck of snow other than those on my snuggly penguin socks and these cool emojis: ❄❄❄❄❄


(The socks are awesome, right?)
Well I’ll just have to hope that next Winter it will be more snowy in England (or that I win the lottery and spend Winter somewhere cold and snowy but that is very unlikely).

Hope you are having a good weekend so far and better weather than me, bye!

Em. πŸ™‚

//Follow your own path//


I am a strong believer that everyone is capable of achieving
their dreams and that there are many ways of getting there.

Although in the UK it is drilled into us that we need to pass our GCSEs then we need to go to college then university etc, this is not the only way of achieving what you want.

Personally I am more of an academic person so I cope well (ish) with exams and school work and what not. Being at school motivated me to work hard and get the grades I want so I can give something back to my teachers but I know others aren’t like me.

It makes me sad that our education system doesn’t work for everyone. There are too many people in my school and my friendship groups even that just aren’t motivated to work hard because the system doesn’t work for them and some find the sheer work load just too indimidating.

I like to keep on top of my work load but some people get buried under the weight of it all – I expect I will too as we get nearer to exams.

Although I know I will need to work hard and put all my effort into my A-Levels next year so I can go to university and study history, I know that there are other ways to get to a career in history.

I have a plan b and a plan c and a plan xyz – well, I haven’t thought out these plans in exact detail but that’s not the point. The point is that if your first plan fails, it doesn’t matter, there are other ways of getting to your goal for example apprenticeships.

What does annoy me though is when people don’t put effort into their exams because they can’t be bothered and know that they can do a course at college no matter what GCSE grades they get. That makes me very sad because these people will look back and wonder where they could be now if they had tried to the best of their ability. But that’s their problem, not mine.

I can’t wait to go to college and begin the next stage of my journey. Most of my friends are taking different paths to me though and going to different colleges/sixth forms and studying different things. But that’s ok because I know they’ve found they’re own paths and it makes me happy that they have the confidence and determination to pursue their own unique pathways.

What are your next steps in education? Do you want go to university? What career would you like?

I find it interesting to hear what other people want to do so please comment below! πŸ™‚

Now I must get back to revision, I’ve been in town all day with my friends and haven’t managed to do a single piece of work I had planned. Ooops. I did however buy some lush (my West Country accent is showing… 😂) matte dark red nail polish and some really really dark blue skinny jeans so I have done something productive…

Anyway, I hope you’re having/have had a lovely day! πŸ˜‰

Em @em_is_lost99

//Is it summer yet?//

View from my window.

Don’t you just love those days when you open your eyes and the sun is shining through your curtains, making your whole bedroom glow? And when you open your curtains, the sky is bright blue for as far as you can see? I do.

These are the days that make you think ‘today is going to be a good day’ and make you wonder if you’ve skipped forward four months and woken up in summer. (Until you go outside and realise it’s still a cold, British winter).

Days like this are the best.

Em @em_is_lost99

//Fresh start//


It’sΒ Β such a small word but can have so many meanings and is used around the world millions and millions of times everyday. I think we hear the word ‘hi’ so often we sort of just ignore it and don’t think anything of it. In actual fact, ‘hi’ is often the first word we say when we meet someone new so really shouldn’t just be overlooked because it is what we use to subconsciously form first impressions of people.

I’m not good at introductions and I’m terrible at meeting new people so I rely on saying hi a lot to get me out of awkward silences. Like when you have to buy something from a shop and awkwardly hand over whatever it is so the cashier can scan it without appearing extremely ungrateful or rude. Yeah. Hi has saved me a lot of times.

That’s why I’m going to start this blog by thanking the word ‘hi’ for always being there and having my back.

(By the way I probably should have mentioned I am just a tiny bit weird so you should probably run away now while you have the chance).

Bye, thanks for reading (if anyone actually made it to the end)!

Em. πŸ™‚